Collaboration Opportunities & Ad Space

Rates as of January 2017

Are you interested in purchasing ad space or sponsoring a post or giveaway on If so, please review the opportunities below or email with any questions.

We currently work with a number of different brands (too many to list) and marketing companies such as LinqiaBlogher, etc. on sponsored posts and content. We work hard to ensure anyone we work with has the same standards in regards to content integrity and honesty!

Note: Payments for any of the following types of ads or posts are required before services are delivered. Once you determine the type of sponsored collaboration you'd like to complete with us we'll invoice you based on the details provided. Posts will be published within an agreed upon amount of time.

Quick Info:

  • is over 6 years old
  • Readers include both men and women (our men's section is also 5+ years old and managed by a male blogger)
  • Traffic is specific to beauty and male grooming (primarily luxury and high-end), luxury and some family/travel 
  • 30,000-50,000 blog views per month depending on the month/season
  • Content quality is of the utmost importance
  • All links in posts will be no-follow ONLY

Please note, prices for ad spaces and sponsorship are subject to change based on growing demand and were originally calculated using Google Adsense. Once you purchase your ad spots you will be locked in for whatever period you purchase (different opportunities below run for different time periods) at that price. Once your subscription is over you will have to purchase new ad spots at the updated rate.

The following ad spaces and sponsorship opportunities are available, please email directly if you would like to purchase a spot/promotion ([email protected]).

Please note: Regular reviews in which products are sent for my consideration are not paid for. All opportunities below do not fall within this category. If you would like to send products for review please contact BeautyPopStop directly.

Sponsored Post or Guest Post Provided for Publishing - Sits at top of posts for 24 hours ($450+/Post)

If you would like to feature a pre-written, sponsored post on my blog it is now a possibility!

This post will be the only one published that day on this blog so it receives maximum attention. For this slot, all content must be provided and may not include crude or adult content of any kind (text or images). It must be spell-checked and of high-quality (not keyword saturated to the point of poor quality). The subject of the post must be limited to a topic related to the focus of this blog (beauty, cosmetics, fashion, health-related beauty, etc.) and may not suggest I have reviewed or endorse this product. It may include up to 3 no-follow links only. This post must be informative regarding the products it discusses only. I recommend including at least 1 image in your post, but up to 5 may be included. The rate varies based on the length, number of links/images, brands mentioned, etc. Contact me directly with any questions or for an actual estimate at [email protected].

Giveaway 14-Day Running Giveaway - Promoted 1x Per Day via Facebook ($750/Giveaway) 

Would you like to sponsor a giveaway that will reach my audience of beauty-loving followers? Now's your chance! You provide the products (including shipping to the winner in most cases) and we provide the post complete with widget and promotion via twitter and facebook 1x per day each. Rates vary based on the type of products and any additional responsibilities that would be required of us.

Sponsored Blog Feature - Written by BeautyPopStop ($500+/Post)

If you'd like for me to write an informative feature for my blog on a topic, brand, service or product from an unbiased point of view and without claiming I have had a personal experience with it, this may be the option for you! The post will not promote claims or mislead readers into believing I use any specific products/brands/services, but simply state factual information. It can include up to 4 links within the text (must be provided). May also include up to 2 images if provided by the client (contact if you would like to include more). The entire text will be limited to 300 words at most and may be less if I feel less is more appropriate based on the information provided. Contact me if you are looking for a longer feature.

Facebook Mention to 5k+ Follower-Base ($75/mention)

Trying to reach new audiences of beauty-lovers? This slot will give you 1 mention regarding a sale or product release (under 300 character) with an image (optional) and a link.

Instagram Image Posted to Following ($50/Mention)

Would you like to have an image for your product or sale featured on my instagram account (which is completely made up of cosmetic junkies)? Now you can! You can view my instagram account at @BeautyPopStop

Super Wide Top Spot Below Menu 1100 x 90px Banner ($125/month)

This spot is located directly under the header of my blog where everyone is guaranteed to see it! Runs for 30 days from start.

Large Right Sidebar Top of Ads 300x250px Banner ($75/month)

This ad features a large advertiser space that sits at the top of the sponsored ads in the right sidebar. Seen each time someone reads a blog post! Runs for 30 days from start.

Long Ad Lower Right Side Bar 160x600px Banner ($50/month)

This ad is on the lower portion of the left side bar and is easily visible as readers scroll to read posts on my blog! Runs for 30 days from start.

Professional Copywriting Services (Contact for Rates)

 I have worked as a professional copywriter (in addition to my blog) as my "day job" for over 10 years--contracting with a number of high-end luxury brands, marketing firms, etc. If you are interested in copywriting services for product content, websites, blogs, etc. please head over to my professional site for information and rates along with examples of my professional work. I have worked in a multitude of industries including cosmetics, legal, travel, education, literature, retail, technology, etc.

I look forward to potentially working with you!