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Doria - Founder/Editor of BeautyPopStop

Twitter: @BeautyPopStop
Instagram: @BeautyPopStop

"I remember the first personal cosmetic purchase I made for myself. I was 4 and I found the most horrible avocado eye shadow compact (complete with sponge applicator and ultra-shalky consistency) at a drugstore while my mom was shopping. I clutched it to my chest and explained to her it had to be mine. After a little bit of debate back and forth, she finally gave in (on the condition it was for play-only) and my love affair with makeup was born! Since then I have spent the last few decades indulging in this love for cosmetics. I've worked retail at a makeup counter (as so many of us have--discount!), freelanced as a makeup artist, and provided countless tips and tutorials for friends. As the constant go-to for all things makeup with my friends, I was encouraged to start a beauty blog.

My goal has always been to provide helpful and useful information on cosmetic products and techniques based on my personal experience. I try to anticipate the questions of both makeup pros and newbies so that when you stumble upon my blog you walk away with fewer questions than you started. I am always honest with my readers, which means that occasionally I rave and occasionally I rant. I do quite a bit of research on old and new products/techniques so that I can offer you something worth reading. Hopefully my blog will entice you to return again and again as I continue my pursuit to find the best of the best in the cosmetic industry. Happy reading!" - Doria

Fun Facts: Most inspired by the 40s and 50s, especially the Golden Age of Hollywood! If she could only have 2 makeup items for the rest of her life it would be a good black eyeliner and falsies.

How does Doria define the art of applying makeup? She believes that the application of makeup is a form of self-expression that one wears on his or her face, which can alter and/or enhance one's physical appearance. She believes makeup is an extremely personal subject for those that adore using and collecting it. She doesn't believe there are any set rules, but plenty of guidelines--many of which you have to alter and make up as you go. She encourages others to "Be confident and be yourself!".

Makeup Gigs
Doria is occasionally available for freelance makeup gigs, although she is currently only available for jobs in parts of MA (unless otherwise discussed). Contact her to discuss future engagements, projects, etc.

Hope - Blog Contributor

The newest contributor to BeautyPopStop, Hope offers a fresh, young, 20-something perspective to the site!

As the younger sister of a makeup artist and addict (BeautyPopStop founder and editor Doria), Hope has been well-versed in the beauty industry since she was very young and has an impressive makeup collection to prove it!

She has a style all her own and enjoys sharing her beauty experiences with others.

Fun Facts: Hope loves the color purple and is quite the artist. 

Patrick - Male Grooming Blogger

He's often pegged as what many people would refer to as a "manly-man" with his dense beard and daily uniform of jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie, but Patrick has never been afraid of taking care of his grooming needs. Up for anything, he will try almost any product--which he's proved time and time again over the years. He doesn't feel ashamed by his willingness to explore new products and techniques and encourages other men to do the same. 

Fun Facts: Patrick is a U.S. citizen, but was raised in Indonesia for the majority of his childhood and teen years. He is most inspired by the men's looks of the 20s and 30s. Aside from blogging and exploring new products, Patrick's interests include his 2 sons (and wife of course!), cars, carpentry, XBOX, and general dude-like fun.

Please note: Every product that has been and will be reviewed is done so with an open mind, without any sort of monetary motivation and without predetermined agreements. Each review is my personal opinion and all information provided has been discovered through research and personal experience alone.