New Anna Sui Lipsticks & BB Cream for Spring 2015

I snapped a few shots of these goodies while down in Florida to share. So pretty!

Anna Sui Spring 2015

You guys know I absolutely adore Anna Sui. Everything she does is feminine, whimsical and downright gorgeous in my opinion!

This spring is no exception as she recently launched her new Lipstick G shooting star lippies and BB Cream. I first caught wind of these right before I left in late February and they kindly sent a few items for me to try out, but as I was traveling when they launched, I had shared a bit about them on instagram. Then of course I came home with the flu, which I'm still recovering from, but I wanted to make sure I highlighted these for you guys because they are too fabulous to miss out on!

Sorry guys, I've been so incredibly sick so I'm in no position to post face swatches, but I'll be sure to share on Instagram once I'm doing a bit better so you can see these in action ;) 

Anna Sui BB Cream

Anna Sui's new BB Cream is part of her Beach collection and will launch in April of 2015. It is meant to offer the benefits of a primer, foundation, UV protection and skincare all in one. It is meant to have a smooth, semi-matte finish once set.

It will come in 2 shades--01/light beige and 02/medium beige.

Anna Sui BB Cream 02 Medium Beige Review

Shade - moderately deep medium beige (leaning slightly on the warm side)
Finish - semi-matte
Flavor/Scent - MAC's traditional vanilla
On the Face - velvety; smooth; not super lightweight, but not heavy
Price - $28 retail 
Where to Buy - b-glowing.com in April of 2015
My Thoughts - This is probably one of the thicker BB Creams I've tried, but it was not super heavy on the face. Not as lightweight as thin, watery formulas, but not mask-like either! As far as evening out my complexion (which is largely what BB Creams are meant to do) this did the trick. I always find the difference between a good BB Cream and foundation is that a BB Cream will even out your natural complexion while a foundation will partially cover it (hopefully to match!). I liked that it offered UV protection, which is delivered through a powder ingredient according to the brand, but as a specific level of protection was not listed I can't share that info with you. Regardless, I have always been taught by veteran pro MUA's and always recommend myself that you use a sun protecting product separate and for the sole purpose of UV protection in addition to the rest of your skin care and makeup routine.

As per how this shade worked on my complexion, it was a bit war for me (I'm more neutral to slightly cool), but I was able to make it work. It was about the same depth as my own complexion (I fall between NC 25-30 most of the year). 

As you know, I have dry skin (especially in later winter/early spring). I didn't find this drying, but as with any matte or semi-matte finish face product I made sure to really prep my skin well with a good, thick moisturizer. This wasn't so matte that I found it flaking or cracking on my dry skin as the day went on. I was also in 86 degree humid weather when I wore it and felt it wore pretty well!

All in all, a nice product if you fit within the complexion range offered!

Powder Pink Lipstick
You can see our view from our
balcony in the background!

Anna Sui Shooting Star Lipstick G

Anna Sui does some of the cutest molded lipsticks ever! Remember the Minnie Mouse ones? These shooting stars were first launched in fall of 2014 I believe I read, but I hadn't seen them before this collection and fell completely in love! The spring Lipstick G lippies come in 7 different shades of which I have 2. They are all beautiful and meant to have a holographic effect similar to Inglot's holographic glosses. They're very multi-dimensional, which is fun!

Anna Sui Lipstick G 350 Powder Pink Review

Shade - holographic light pink
Finish - metallic, multi-chromatic
Flavor/Scent - floral
On the Lips - smooth, metallic finish; not super pigmented, but does add a nice reflective, multi-dimensional pink lash
Price - $30 retail 
My Thoughts - This was a super fun lipstick. If you want something different without a lot of color then Powder Pink is for you! The overall finish was more metallic-flash and less fine-glitter than 850 (which I'll discuss below), but super fun all the same! This could be warn on its own for a more subtle effect or over an existing lipstick or lip liner to add additional dimension. Really in love with these, I need to get my hands on the rest of the shades!

Anna Sui Lipstick G 850 Glitter Gold Review

Shade - glittery metallic gold
Finish - sparkly metallic
Flavor/Scent - floral
On the Lips - smooth feel with glittery golden effect
Price - $30 retail 
My Thoughts - Way back when I was in junior high I secretly purchased and hit a light metallic gold lipstick, wearing it when I left the house and quickly scrubbing it off before I got home. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup out of the house (my parents were pretty strict) until I was in high school. I loved that lipstick and I'm so excited to see so many gold lipsticks come back in vogue once again! I suppose the 90s were good for something aside from good Hip Hop and neons ;) 

This lipstick has a more glittery effect (as the name suggests) than Powder Pink, but the formula is super smooth and not at all gritty. Overall, I think the effect is beautiful both on its own and over another lipstick or liner. I think gold lipstick looks particularly beautiful over nude and natural lip colors alongside bronzed/tan looks. Love, love this lipstick!

Final Thoughts

Overall, loving these new products from Anna Sui! I'd have to say, the lipsticks probably thrilled me the most, partially because of that too-cute shooting star shape and partially because the effects were unique and fun. The BB Cream is nice, especially for easy-breezy makeup days. I'm sure the fact that it has a semi-matte finish will be a huge plus for all the combo and oily girls out there!

Definitely check these goodies out!

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand for consideration. All opinions are my own based on my experience.

MAC Bao Bao Wan Restock!

MAC Forbidden Sunrise is Back!

It seems MAC is doing little surprise restocks here and there from different collections. The other day, Romantic Breakdown from Bao Bao Wan restocked and now it looks like Forbidden Sunrise has!

Hurry if you want to grab it since the last restock sold out SUPER fast!


Rejoining the Land of the Living! Pixiwoo Real Techniques, MAC Julia Petit and more...

I have been so sick since my return from my recent trip as many of you already know. I have asthma and managed to get the flu on the way back, which resulted in a really bad chest infection among other things. I'm happy to report that I'm about 75% better and have some exciting new product and things to share with you later this month!

Unfortunately, Kotex samples are officially no longer available, but keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming offers and deals.

I saw that MAC Julia Petit launched this morning online, but it looks like it sold out almost instantly! I have Petite Red and will be sharing it on Instagram and maybe on here as well!

I also recently received one of the Bold Metals Real Techniques brushes designed by the Pixiwoo sisters. I've never been a huge Real Techniques user, but this brush looks pretty good for personal use! It's fairly large (larger than most pointed crease or pencil brushes I own) and the head is synthetic and soft/dense. If you have small eyes like me, you may find it a little more difficult to use, but for average size eyes I think it could work well.

bold metals real techniques crease brush pixiwoo

I think that covers it for now. Check back soon for new products, updates and spring posts soon!