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MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Duo in Pale Yellow, Pale Pink Review & Swatches


MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Duo in Pale Yellow, Pale Pink

MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Duo in Pale Yellow, Pale Pink

MAC recently released a collection of products meant specifically for perfecting complexions. Included in this launch were these neat little conceal & correct duos, which I think seem best suited for undereye correction. They launched 4 duos--pale, medium, medium-deep and deep--which each include 2 blendable shades; a 1 blue/purple corrector (from pink all the way to orange) and 1 shade of yellow (from pale yellow all the way to ochre). I received the Pale duo, which includes a Pale Pink and Pale Yellow. 

Note: Just a little color-theory tip! To neutralize a color, use the color opposite it on the color wheel. 

I spent a few days testing this out on myself. While I would be better suited to the Medium concealer/corrector duo given the depth of my complexion, I was still able to get a reasonable idea of how the formula and shades function. I look forward to trying them on fairer complexions down the line as well. 

MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Duo Pale Yellow, Pale Pink Review

Product Type - liquid corrector duo
Shades - pale pink, pale  yellow
Under the Eye - lightweight; blendable; light coverage; moderate dry time in very thin coats
Price - $25 retail
Where to Buy - MAC/ 
My Thoughts - For starters, I think the feel of this formula is fantastic! I hate super thick, dry formulas for delicate undereyes and this is lightweight, silky and very blendable. It dries down to a skin-like finish, not chalky matte--also a plus. The coverage is light and while you can apply multiple thin layers, I don't think you can achieve correction for super intense undereye pigmentation. The dry time on this formula is moderate when applied in thin layers, but should you apply more than a thin layer (which I don't personally recommend in general) it will not set very quickly. From the moment I first worked with this I could tell it had a reasonable amount of silicone in it, which I tend to prefer. There was only a small amount of creasing for me after a day of wear in the reasonably deep crease I have under each eye.

Overall, I think the formula itself has some great aspects such a the blendability, texture and finish. The small amount of creasing I experienced by applying super thin layers and allowing them to set between was great and I loved that it didn't get dry or cakey with wear. I like that I was able to mix the two colors to create a nice light salmon color and the packaging is compact. The coverage is light to maybe moderate if you build it up gradually, which may not be enough for those with fairly dark undereye circles. I need to get my hands on the other shades before I can fully determine just how effective these duos can really be on medium to deep complexions. For someone with a fairer complexion and lighter undereye circles, this Pale Yellow/Pale Pink duo may do the trick!

For reference, I am roughly an NC 25-30 depending on the time of year and I think the medium would probably best suit my complexion.

The question is: will I be adding these to my kit? I'll definitely have to try out a few of the deeper shades on some deeper complexions before I can make a final decision. They may be nicer for lighter correcting, so we'll see!

Have you tried any of MAC's new Conceal & Correct duos? What did you think?

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions above are my own and based on my personal experience. 

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