Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 New Year's Resolutions

This holiday season has been a whirlwind and I'm both happy and sad to see it come to a close and a new year begin. I wanted to share some of my 2015 New Year's Resolutions with you as I do every year and would love to hear some of yours :)

Resolution 1: Health

Continue to work out 5x per week and continue to do my best to stay away from some of the sugary things I tend to overdo (my weakness!). I know it's incredibly cliche' to have a health resolution, but I tend to promise myself each year that I'll either restart or maintain this resolution. I'm happy to say that in 2014 I definitely stayed very close to my goal of working out 5x per week and eating well. I have arthritis in my upper back and if I'm not careful I end up with a lot of pain and find it difficult to move around as well. There were moments of weakness where I caved and didn't eat as well as I wish I had, but one day can't undo all the good days and you just have to keep moving forward! Overall, I'm proud of the way I stuck to my resolution in 2014 and plan to continue to do the same in 2015.

Resolution 2: Pursue My Dreams without Questioning Myself

I was fortunate enough in 2014 to be able to attend some truly amazing workshops that I know took my makeup artistry to a better level by firming up my foundation. I've been working for a very long time to become a better artist, but certain things over the years have delayed or discouraged me. Living in an area where the beauty industry is treated as almost a "second-class citizen" to many other industries here, it can be tough to get the things you need--education, supplies, etc. I don't want to ever let that stop me again! I want to push harder and continue to work towards building my makeup artistry business once again without allowing any doubts to get in my way. 

Resolution 3: Don't Allow Other People's to Drama Distract Me

I'm not an overly sensitive person most of the time, but I do find it hard to brush off things people do when they're close to me. I feel like 2014 was full of a lot of other people's drama and some of it really brought me down. I don't want to be like that! I'm steering clear of people who are making unhealthy choices or bringing me down. I generally try to do this, but this year I'm sticking to my guns! If someone's negativity or bad choices are bringing you down, just take a break or limit how much you see them. Sometimes it's amazing how peaceful and focused you can become when you shed some of the negativity :)

Resolution 4: Focus on Myself

I don't mean focus on myself in a self-absorbed way, more of a don't look over at what the other person is doing and get discouraged to the point I lose focus. I think there's definitely a healthy level of competitiveness that can drive us to work harder and better towards our goals, but if we're so busy looking at where someone else is in any aspect of their lives and we lose focus on ours ... sometimes we achieve less. I want to keep it positive and keep moving forward no matter whether those around me are doing better or worse. 

Resolution 5: Prioritize Carefully

I tend to be one of those people that takes on a lot and being a perfectionist, it stresses me out if EVERYTHING isn't done super well. I really want to prioritize the things I want to accomplish and focus on this year very carefully. I've been feeling for a while that although there are many benefits to maintaining my blog as much as I always have, that sometimes I don't love it as much as I used to. I'm 4 years in on January 4th and sometimes I feel as though it's starting to show when I think about reviewing items and I never want to post with less enthusiasm than when I started. I also find sometimes I sacrifice time with my 2 little guys in order to get reviews or launch info up by a certain time. As many of you know, my 2 little guys both face different challenges and I'm very actively involved in coordinating their education, therapies, medical things, etc. They're getting older and I can't sacrifice the energy I need to make sure I do my best at that (and just being a mom in general) in order to ensure I post Mon-Fri here. There were times over the last few years when my blog was "me time", but things have changed as my little guys have gotten older and their needs have shifted. It's such a critical time in their lives and I know we can get them to where they need to be if I put everything I can into what's going on with them now. 

I'm not ready to let my blog go by any means because it has been an amazing outlet for me and it makes staying on top of the beauty industry much easier (a benefit when it comes to my makeup artistry), but I think 2015 will be more about reviewing or sharing techniques I'm super excited about and less about making sure I share a certain volume of posts each month. I understand some people want to check blogs several times a week or even daily and see new material and my blog may not be a great fit if this is what you prefer; but if you're still interested in hearing my opinions, seeing what products I'm most excited about, learning about makeup artistry projects I've been involved in, etc. please check in every so often! 

Those are some of my biggest resolutions this year that I wanted to share :) I want to make 2015 GREAT! Tell me what some of your resolutions are for this year--I'm dying to know!

And just remind yourself, one bad day or one day of not sticking to your resolutions doesn't undo all the days you did stick to them. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and start over again :)

Love you guys!

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