Japonesque Liquid Light Swatches & Review - Shades #1, #2, #3


japonesque liquid light review

Japonesque Liquid Light

Japonesque released new liquid highlighters this year. As of right now, 3 shades are available through retailers like Ulta/ These are meant to be placed over makeup to highlight the highest planes of the face or all-over on its own as a makeup base. 

Japonesque Liquid Light Swatches - #1, #2, #3

These were all swatches on clean skin. It was actually really difficult to capture all of the reflective shimmer in these.

japonesque liquid light highlighter bronzer swatches #1 #2 #3
L to R: Japonesque Liquid Light #1, #2, #3

Japonesque Liquid Light Review - #1, #2, #3

I want to note that I was a bit sad not to see a shade that was super light (even translucent white) with a pink reflective quality for those with super cool and/or very light complexions. Perhaps in the future!

Japonesque Liquid Light #1 Review

Product Type - liquid highlighter
Scent - light clean scent
Shade - rosy metallic champagne
On the Skin - extremely shimmery; thin formula once applied; moderate tinting
Price - $28 (.84 fl oz)
Where to Buy - Ulta/ 
My Thoughts - This is a rosy champagne with a lot of metallic shimmer to it that is pretty reflective, especially up close. The formula is interesting as it's almost gel-like, but less opaque than I thought it would be looking at the bottle. Speaking of the bottles, they are very heavy and made of glass if you're unfamiliar with Japonesque packaging--great for the top of your makeup table and nice in your hand, but too heavy in my opinion for a kit. I recommend depotting if you plan to travel with this. The actual pump part feels a bit cheap in comparison to the substantial bottle and makes it a tad difficult to pump out small bits of product vs. a full pump, though it works well enough if you plan to use a lot of product. A little of this spreads out quite a bit, so I suggest using a light hand and layering if you want more of a dramatic effect. The more product you use the longer it will take for this to dry down and set. It can become a little uneven if too much product is applied as it tends to slide around quite a bit while wet. The metallic shimmer in this is most comparable to me to the finish you get (in terms of reflective particles) to some of  MAC's Mineralized Skinfinishes with more metallic, frosty finishes. It is not quite as fine a shimmer as Benefits liquid highlighters or Face Atelier's Ultra Sheers. 

Tip: Put a pump of this into your body lotion for some added dimension

All in all, I think these are best for looks where you want a high-shimmer effect or for use over your body when mixed with lotion. The price is really reasonable for the amount of product you get, which may make them appealing to those looking to try liquid highlighters or who want something tinted.

Japonesque Liquid Light #2 Review

Product Type - liquid highlighter
Scent - light clean scent
Shade - peachy metallic light gold
On the Skin - extremely shimmery; thin formula once applied; moderate tinting
Price - $28 (.84 fl oz)
Where to Buy - Ulta/ 
My Thoughts - My thoughts on the general formula, finish and packaging above apply to all of these. This color in particular is perhaps the most versatile as it's slightly lighter than the other 2 shades and may complement even slightly fairer complexions. I think this could potentially be nice for warming up the face when mixed with foundation or applied under foundation. This was as shimmery as the other two, though the tint in the base was lighter as you can see above. A nice color and my favorite of the 3 overall.

Japonesque Liquid Light #3 Review

Product Type - liquid highlighter/bronzer
Scent - light clean scent
Shade - bronzey gold metallic 
On the Skin - extremely shimmery; thin formula once applied; moderate tinting
Price - $28 (.84 fl oz)
Where to Buy - Ulta/ 
My Thoughts - My thoughts on the general formula, finish and packaging above apply to all of these.  This shade is the one I'd say is definitely more of a bronze-highlighter of the three. It has a distinct bronze effect in addition to its warm brown base. The base is a tad more orange leaning, which I find common in bronzers. I think this is the type of product you'd most reach for in the summer if you're medium to medium-light complected or year-round if you have a deeper complexion. I'm not sure how well this would translate on fairer complexions, but the orange hue may be a bit too strong. I think this shade in particular would make for a fabulous all-over body bronzer/highlighter when mixed with body lotion. It could also be nice on tan faces for highlighting. 

What do you think of these newer liquid highlighters from Japonesque? Would you consider purchasing them? Which shade do you like best?

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions are my own.


LUSH Halloween 2014 Collection Review - Includes Wizard Hat Gift Set


lush halloween 2014 collection review

LUSH Halloween 2014

You guys know I live for LUSH's holiday collections. Remember last Halloween's amazing collection? I loved it and I have to say, I may be even more in love with this year's collection (except Pumkin Mumkin, he's my boo and I will forever love him above all else!). 

The second I saw this collection I was totally thrilled. A wizard hat? The return of one of my favorite bath bombs? Yes, yes, yes!

I know I gave you guys a little teaser before I traveled last week, but I'm happy to say I have now had the chance to review each item and jot down my thoughts for you.

What better way to spend the night after taking the little guys trick-or-treating or hitting up a fabulous Halloween party? Halloween bath time, here you come!

LUSH Halloween 2014 Individual Products

lush halloween 2014 fairy ring soap
LUSH Fairy Ring Soap

LUSH Halloween 2014 Lord of Misrule bath bomb
LUSH Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

LUSH halloween 2014 Northern Lights Bath Bomb review
LUSH Northern Lights Bath Bomb

lush halloween 2014 sparkly pumpkin bubble bar review
LUSH Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

LUSH Halloween 2014 Wizard Hat Products 

lush halloween 2014 wizard hat products review
LUSH Halloween Wizard Hat Contents

LUSH halloween 2014 Sparkler Bath Bomb review
LUSH Sparkler Bath Bomb

Lush star light star bright bath melt
LUSH Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt

lush halloween 2014 wizard bubble bar review
LUSH Wizard Bubble Bar

LUSH Halloween 2014 Product Review

LUSH Fairy Ring Soap

Product Type - bar soap
Scent - jasmine floral scent
On the Skin - nice slip; cleanses well; leaves soft scent behind
Price - $7.95 (3.5 oz)
Where to Buy - LUSH stores/
My Thoughts - First of all, I'm a huge fan of LUSH's soap, which tends to be one of the only soaps we keep by the sinks in our bathrooms. This smells beautiful! The Jasmine scent is strong enough to easily detect, but soft and lovely. I love the name of this soap, too! If you're not familiar, several European cultures have different folklore about Fairy Rings or circles of mushrooms that spontaneously occur. The Hub's family is Irish and Celtic tradition believes these are left behind by dancing pixies or elves. Super fun! The fact this soap is made using fresh mushrooms and has a name related to such a whimsical idea is perfect in my opinion.

LUSH Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

Product Type - bath bomb
Scent - vanilla and patchouli
In the Bath - fizzes well; pop rocks crackle making it a run experience; mix of green, silver and magenta colors swirl together
Price - $6.95 (7.1 oz)
Where to Buy - LUSH Stores/
My Thoughts - If you missed my raving review last year, I'm a HUGE fan of this bath bomb. While I'm actually not a fan of patchouli, the scent of this bath bomb is so perfectly constructed that it's actually one of my all-time favorites. Inspired by the Feast of Fools, it's fun to use with it's multiple colors and popping candies, but even better, it smells so lovely and fills the entire upstairs with its scent when we use it. This is a must in my opinion!  

LUSH Northern Lights Bath Bomb

Product Type - bath bomb
Scent - floral (same scent as last year's Chrismas Eve Bubble Bar of Christmas Past)
In the Bath - fizzes well; dissolves from purple to blue to green
Price - $5.95 (3.5 oz)
Where to Buy - LUSH Stores/
My Thoughts - This is easily one of the prettiest looking bath bombs I personally think they've done judging by both its appearance before you use it and while it fizzes! It's so Halloween-perfect I can't even stand it :) If you look close you can see these adorable little stars, too. Just so cute! The scent is very floral so if that's your jam you'll probably be a fan of this one.

LUSH Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Product Type - bubble bar
Scent - citrus and berry (think a citrus-y sangria)
In the Bath - creates amazing bubbles; gold shimmer will need to be rinsed off
Price - $7.95 (3.5 oz)
Where to Buy - LUSH Stores/
My Thoughts -  LUSH's bubble bars are fantastic if you're the type that like commercial-worthy mountains of bubbles in your tub. The scent on this bubble bar is so fun--it really does smell like a citrus-y sangria to me! While the shimmer does require some rinsing off of both you and your tub, it comes off pretty easily. Overall, a super yummy smelling bubble bar if you don't mind some extra rinsing afterward!

LUSH Sparkler Bath Bomb

Product Type - bath bomb
Scent - Rose Jam (one of my favorites!!!)
In the Bath - fizzes well; popping candy make it extra fun; dissolves into mix of yellow and rosy red-brown colors
Price - $6.95 (3.5 oz)
Where to Buy - LUSH Stores/
My Thoughts -  If you love the Rose Jam scent don't think twice, just grab this bath bomb! It is one of my favorite scents from LUSH and anything they release in this scent has to come home with me. Delicious, perfect scent aside, this bath bomb is super fun between its dayglo exterior, popping candies and sparkly rosy layers. This is one of those bath bombs that is just as amusing to watch fizz as it is lovely to soak in. Super, super amusing for the little ones as well in my experience.

LUSH Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt

Product Type - bath melt
Scent - lime with a hint of ginger zing
In the Bath - dissolves into hot water and softens the water beautifully; silver shimmer requires extra rinsing from tub and body
Price - $6.95 (1.5 oz)
Where to Buy - LUSH Stores/
My Thoughts -  If you don't mind a little extra work, this bath melt turns water into hydrating, silky, silver loveliness. The shimmer will get on everything though, so be warned ;) The scent on this is super yummy if you like citrus.

By the way, anyone else hear "Lucky Star" by Madonna when they read the name of this bath melt? Child of the 80s ;)

LUSH Wizard Bubble Bar

Product Type - bubble bar
Scent - citrus with something slightly spicy at the end
In the Bath - mounds of bubbles if you can bear to break him apart
Price - $7.95 (1.5 oz)
Where to Buy - LUSH Stores/
My Thoughts -  I swear LUSH knows how to make the world's cutest bath products. I can now add LUSH's Wizard to my ever-growing list of bath products too cute to use--right up there with Pumkin Mumkin, the Bunny from East and the Christmas Penguin. This little wizard is too precious for words! *sigh* He smells lovely as well and should you choose to use him in your bath, he will conjure up a magical amount of bubbles. He's just too darn cute!!!! My little guys went nuts over him, too.

LUSH Wizard Hat Gift Set

Product Type - Halloween bath set
Products Included - Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt; Wizard Bubble Bar; Sparkler Bath Bomb
Price - $27.95
Where to Buy - LUSH Stores/
My Thoughts -  This is seriously such a cute set! Is it just me or does that hat remind you a little of the wizard hat from Fantasia during the Sorcerer's Apprentice bit? Where are my dancing, cleaning brooms?! The packaging is fun, but the products inside do not disappoint either. And to top it off, the cat can actually be warn as a wizard hat if you add some string. So darn cute and well worth the purchase. 

Now all I can hear in my head is "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"... 

What do you think? Will you be nabbing any of these fun Halloween goodies? Which are your favorites?

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions above are my own.


Mini MAC Cosmetics Giveaway - US & Canda Only

I'm back! Sorry I've been absent for the last week or so, I've been traveling and there was literally NO time to update the blog. To thank you all for your patience, I thought it'd be fun to do a mini giveaway with a couple MAC items that released this fall! This prize includes 1 bottle of MAC Before Dawn nail polish and 1 Black Brilliance  Fluidline Eye Pencil.

Because one of these items is a nail polish and shipping them overseas can be miserable, I've limited this to a US and Canada giveaway only. But don't worry international readers, I won't forget you in future giveaways!

Entering is simple and can be done through the rafflecopter widget below.

This giveaway is for those in the US and Canada (or those who have US or Canada mailing addresses) who are 18+.

Once this giveaway ends, the randomly chosen winner will be notified via the email they supply when entering and will have 48 hours to reply with their mailing address in order to claim the prize. Should they not respond in time, another winner will be selected under the same conditions. This pattern will continue until a winner claims the prize within the allotted time.

Good luck!

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MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank-n-Furter Lipstick Swatch & Review


mac franknfurter lipstick review and swatches rocky horror picture show

MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show

As you probably already know, MAC released a collection inspired by the cult classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show. I don't think I've seen a collection sell out as quickly online this year as this one. It flew off the virtual shelves! I've heard it has been very hard to find in-store as well--though with some digging I know some have been successful finding it at some MAC counters and locations.

I received Frank-n-Furter to share with you and I have to say, I'm so glad I did! It is a beautiful color and while the original description isn't one I would have been drawn to, the actual shade is beautiful!

MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank-n-Furter Images

As usual, blogger has done odd things to my skin when uploading pictures with vibrant colors as the primary focus so ignore that. The color is as accurate as I could capture in terms of the actual lipstick!

mac franknfurter lipstick review and swatches rocky horror picture show
MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank-n-Furter

mac rocky horror picture show frank-n-furter lipstick swatches and review
MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank-n-Furter

MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank-n-Furter Lipstick Review

Product Type - lipstick
Finish - matte
Shade - slightly berry-toned, cool red
Scent/Flavor - traditional MAC vanilla
On the Lips - pigmented; comfortable and lightweight; not drying on well prepped lips
Packaging - limited edition packaging
Price - $17.50
Where to Buy - and MAC counters/stores (sold out online as of the time of this post, but perhaps it will be restocked so keep an eye out!)
Final Thoughts - This color is super pretty and not nearly as dark on the lips as it looked in the tube. It's actually a perfect fall red in my opinion. MAC described it on the site as a deep raspberry wine and while I do see the slight berry hue, it isn't what I'd consider wine or deep. Keep in mind, my lips are not very pigmented. The lipstick itself looked slightly satin on my lips and I found it to be very creamy for a matte lipstick. It was very lightweight and not at all drying on lips that were well prepped prior to application with exfoliation and balm. I love the packaging on these lipsticks--then again I'm a total LE packaging hoarder ;) This is definitely a must-buy if you can get your hands on it in my opinion!

Did you grab anything from MAC's Rocky Horror Picture Show collection?

Note: This product was sent by PR/the brand. All opinions are my own.


Traveling? Grab These Handbag and Travel Must-Haves For Less!


Handbag and Travel Must-Haves

I'm traveling next week so I'm in full-on prep mode! Lists are being made, laundry is being done, my kit is being packed ... and so is my handbag! Whenever I travel I try to make sure I have everything I need and that includes having all my bases covered. I previously discussed 5 of my top hangbag must-haves, but I realized these products were all really applicable to packing for travel as well!

1. U by Kotex Click Tampons

These U by Kotex Click Tampons are perfect for travel! They're super slim and the applicator is very compact. I always tend to grab a few and keep them in whatever bags I'm traveling with just in case.

Tip: Make sure to pack tampons and/or pads in your carry-on/purse as well as your suitcase. You never know whether or not your luggage will be unavailable to you when you need it most ;) Through October 2nd you can score coupons from Walmart and U by Kotex! Perfect timing for me.

2. Kleenex Slim Pack

It's cold and flu season, which can be a miserable time to travel if you're not prepared, In addition to keeping vitamin C and zinc supplements on me, I always keep tissues as well! These new Kleenex Slim Packs are cute and super convenient for travel. You can purchase them individually or score a pack on specially marked packages of U by Kotex pads and tampons

Tip: Always keep tissues in your carry-on/purse. They're perfect for runny noses, messy hands (when napkins aren't available) and quick blotting when you've forgotten your blotting papers. Score a fabulous coupon from Kleenex and Walmart through October 2nd to save even more!

3. Hershey's Kisses

I always keep little treats on me when I travel--and not just for my little guys! You never know when you're going to need a little quick pick-me-up if food isn't available. Chocolate is my kryptonite and I pretty much always keep a little on me! All things in moderation, right? ;) Walmart has a great selection of purse and carry-on worthy treats!

4. Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in Red Extreme

I'm so thankful Walmart carries a huge selection of Milani products (some of the only drugstore beauty products I tend to love). These amazing liquid lipsticks by Milani are as good as, if not better, than any other lip products I've tried. They're also travel-perfect because they wear great in my experience. And this red? Killer for fall! 

5. EOS Lip Balm

This is an essential for me year-round, but especially in the cooler months. EOS lip balm keeps my lips moisturized and dry skin-free all Fall long. I hate dry lips, but I swear it makes me extra nutty when my lips get dry while traveling--especially if I can't do anything about it. I generally keep a few lip balms on me in my handbag or carry-on. EOS is also available at Walmart.

What are some of your travel bag must-haves?

Thank you Walmart and U by Kotex for sponsoring this post.