Spring Beauty Break Down - Mean Girls 10th Anniversary "So Fetch" Pink Makeup Look

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"On Wednesday we wear pink." - Regina George

If you're between the ages of 12 and 30-something (or the mother of a girl in this age range) you're probably at least familiar with the movie Mean Girls, which is actually celebrating its 10th anniversary today!

While I was really generation Clueless, I did watch Mean Girls when it first came out (by then I was in college and a huge Rachel McAdams fan) and thought it was pretty amusing. I switched from private to public school for a few years in junior high and it was really that vicious of an atmosphere so I related to a lot of the scenarios they depicted! Believe it or not, there were literally days where the "popular" girls (who actually befriended me after my initial few months of horrible hazing) would all dress in theme. I kid you not! The head of the popular girl's group would tell us all "tomorrow we're wearing skirts and mary janes". Sure enough, the next day the popular girls would all be wearing skirts and mary janes. I've always marched to the beat of my own drum, however, so it wasn't long before I ended up with my own tight-knit group of eclectic friends that didn't feel the need to all buy the same Gap cardigan in various colors (seriously, this would happen in my school as well).  

Side note: I've been watching Lindsay Lohan's docu-series on OWN the last few weeks and I've really gotten sucked in. She seems like she genuinely wants to recover, but it's hard for any addict let alone someone in the public eye. I hope she can get things together and go back to doing what she does best--making estrogen-charged movies filled with satire! 

Many of the movie's fans are wearing pink today to celebrate Mean Girls' 10th anniversary. I thought it would be fun to create a wearable pink look to honor the movie that hit so close to home back when I was younger! 

mean girls 10th anniversary so fetch pink makeup look tutorial

mean girls 10th anniversary so fetch pink makeup look tutorial

mean girls 10th anniversary so fetch pink makeup look tutorial
I thought the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls merited some hot pink glitter!

As you can see, this look is soft and wearable, but hopefully pink enough to pass even Regina George's standards!

Mean Girls "So Fetch" Pink Makeup Look Beauty Break Down

I've broken this look down and included the key products below along with quick reviews for each! 

mean girls 10th anniversary so fetch pink makeup look tutorial

1. Sugarpill Diamond Eyes Eyeshadow

Product Type: pressed shadow
Shade: frosty brilliant white with slight pink tint
On the Eye: soft, buttery shadow; for prior swatch/full review click here
Price: $12
Where to Buy: 

2. Lit Cosmetics Hunny Bunny S2 Shimmer Glitter

Product Type: small hex cosmetics glitter
Shade: vibrant Barbie pink
On the Eye: works very well with Lit Cosmetics clearly liquid glitter base; super sparkly
Price: $12.95 retail (Lit Cosmetic site) 

3. Sugarpill Sweetheart Palette

Product Type: pressed eyeshadow palette
Shades: Dollipop (used in look), Afterparty, Midori, Tako
On the Eye: extremely well-pigmented and vibrant; does stain without a base
Price: $34 (full palette) or $12 (individual shades)
Where to Buy: 

4. Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow Duo #2 Lip & Cheek Color

Product Type: versatile cheek and lip cream colors
Shades: Pravella/Janelle
On the Cheek: well-pigmented, creamy, blends flawlessly over and under foundation
Price: $28
Info available on 

5. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Herbs, Aloe & Rosewater

Product Type: hydrating facial spray for refreshing skin or setting makeup
On the Face: I actually use this to moisten my makeup sponge instead of straight water. This is super refreshing on the skin. 
Price: $7 (4 oz) $12 (8 oz)
Where to Buy:

6. Soap & Glory Super-Color Sexy Mother Pucker  Lip Plumping Gloss in Baby Doll

Product Type: plumping lip gloss
Shade: light, transparent pink
On the Lips: There's a slight delay, but these tingle like nothing I've felt before. It's not painful, but super noticeable for at least 10-15 minutes after application. Plumping was great. The chocolate-raspberry flavor was interesting. 
Price: $18 (.23 oz)
Where to Buy: Sephora/ exclusive

So tell me, is this look "so fetch" or what? Will you be commemorating the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls today by watching it? 

Stay tuned, you will be seeing some of these products (and more) in additional spring features!

Note: Some of the products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions stated above are my own are based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand. 


Rant: Why We Will Never Purchase Directly from Canon Again Updated

I want to preface this by stating that this is not a normal post for us (so please ignore it and wait for the next post if you're only interested in our regular posts), but we feel it is important to share this with our readers who look to us to share our honest experiences and opinions on certain products and brands. Given that cameras and camcorders are regularly discussed in the blogosphere, this is not completely unrelated. The following is a detailed description of a personal experience we have had (and are currently in the middle of) with Canon USA--told from our point of view. To the best of abilities, this has been told as accurately as possible. While we generally review other types of products and service, cameras and camcorders are certainly something many of us (especially bloggers) invest a good deal of money in and Canon in particular tends to be one of the favorites. It as the only brand we remained faithful to until now. We are sharing our experience to explain why we personally will no longer continue to purchase from Canon after many years of being faithful customers and buying multiple devices--cameras, camcorders, printers, etc. Hopefully if this reaches Canon they will reconsider their policies for situations such as this and train their departments to provide more effective customer service that demonstrates that they put quality control and customer satisfaction and resolution first.

On to our experience...

About a week or so ago we made the decision (Patrick and I), after a great deal of research and debate, to purchase a particular Canon camcorder as a gift. It had good ratings and all the functions and features we were hoping to find. As I mentioned above, we have been fans of Canon products for many years. In fact, all of the cameras I've ever used here throughout the years have been Canon cameras. I've also been a fan of Canon printers (for coloring printing) for a long time. The problem was, this particular model only came refurbished. We debated between purchasing a different new model or this particular model refurbished. We reviewed Canon's refurbished certifications and policies (which can be seen HERE). Here's a screenshot of their description of what to expect when you purchase one of their refurbished products.

The page goes on to show a video and then this...

Now, I have to be honest, we're not generally fans of refurbished products. I (Doria) tend to like new products as I find I get more long-term use out of them. At the same time, some companies have great refurbishment procedures and products are practically new by the time they're done with them. After reviewing Canon's blurb on their refurbishment procedures and emphasis on quality control, we chose to not only purchase direct from Canon (not something we've done in the past), but purchase the refurbished model we liked best.

As you can see above, Canon states that they put their refurbished products through specific testing and requirements they've established to ensure customers receive quality products. They also guarantee that refurbished products are fully functional. If you can't see it above, this is what the site states:

"Look no further. At Canon U.S.A., Inc. ("Canon"), nothing speaks more to the quality of our company than the quality of our products. We take pride in our commitment to product excellence and service to our customers.
Products that are refurbished must pass a comprehensive quality assurance inspection before final packaging and shipment. Rigorous function and cosmetic inspections are performed by trained Canon technicians so that each refurbished product meets operational specifications and strict cosmetic standards that we have established.
All refurbished products:• Are fully functional • Come with a 1 Year Refurbished Limited Warranty • Include selected accessories, and all refurbished printers include a full set of new ink tanks or cartridges"

We interpreted the information on Canon's site to mean they took the quality of their refurbished products very seriously. We also assumed, because of the information above, that they inspected each unit's physical appearance as well as functional capabilities. While they don't list out a specific checklist, I would hope this includes checking all of the functions of each product--for example, the display, zoom, recording, mic, etc. Our product did NOT meet the advertised guarantees and criteria above based on our experience with it.

We put our order through and received the camcorder a few days later. We opened it and inspected it visually and it looked like new. We put it back in the box and set it aside to wrap. The day before yesterday, we realized it would be nice to charge the battery so that when the recipient received it they could test it out immediately. Patrick read the manual for this camcorder and plugged it in that night. The little light went on to signify it was charging and we assumed that meant things were doing what they were meant to. Given our experience with electronic with rechargeable batteries and after reading the manual this came with, we allowed the camera to remain plugged in over night so that it would have a full charge its first time charging.

The day Patrick unplugged the camera and went to wrap it. Just before wrapping it he decided to turn it on just to be sure everything worked properly. He pressed the on/off button ... and nothing happened. He tried it again ... still nothing. He then had me come over and showed me. He tried it again in front of me and still nothing. We then tried plugging it in and sure enough, while plugged in we could get the camera to turn on. Clearly something was not right.

We immediately called Canon--it was approximately 5:05pm EST.

The long and short of it was we were passed around for about an hour from basic sales rep to the "supervisor" to tech support. Never once did we receive an apology. Tech support determined the camera was defective--not the battery. We were informed that the only resolution the "supervisor" could offer to us was sending us a return label in the next 24-48 hours after which they would initiate a replacement being shipped which would then arrive in roughly 3-5 business days. This meant the replacement wouldn't even hit our doorstep until roughly early next week. Given that this gift was meant to be given that day, we didn't want to or feel it was reasonable to have us wait roughly a week to receive a replacement while expecting us to return the original defective camera. Many other companies we've dealt with over the years have typically sent out replacements with return labels for the defective product and then if products weren't returned within so many days they bill your credit card for not returning the original. We asked if this could be done instead so that we could get the replacement ASAP and we were told it wasn't an option. They didn't want to send out a second product and risk us not returning the original (damaged and non-functioning) camcorder.

I hate to break it to Canon, but we have no personal use for one of their damaged products, as attractive of a paperweight as it may make.

We brought up the fact that Canon clearly states they "rigorously" go over both the cosmetic and functional integrity of refurbished products. We asked how this could be true when the camera didn't even turn on to test? We were told there were a number of reasons it could have happened, but that they couldn't come up with a reasonable one to share with us.

The "supervisor" then offered to send us a label the next day, then once they saw UPS had our returned product they would initiate a replacement being sent rather than waiting for the returned item to arrive. Problem was, as has been our experience and Canon did not disagree, UPS can take 24 hours to update products in their system and the replacement from Canon could take a day to ship out, so we were looking at about the same time frame. We asked how this was any different?

We were then told that the only thing they could do was pass us off to their "corporate escalation" department as they might be able to provide a more "out of the box" solution ... but unfortunately they weren't available until the next day. The only departments available then (it was now almost 6pm EST) were sales and tech support.

Apparently Canon only employs actual customer service reps from roughly 9-5 EST according to the "supervisor" we spoke with that night. For such a large, internationally popular company this was surprising.

By this point we were late for the party and resigned to having their "corporate escalation" department calling us the next day. We were told it would be within 24-48 hours. We insisted it was the next morning and were told they would get to us as quickly as possible, but did not commit to the next morning. This morning rolled around and we waited. Finally, 10am EST came rolling around and still no call.

Patrick finally called and after speaking with a customer service rep (who like everyone else we had dealt with the night before talked over him constantly) finally sent him over to "corporate escalation".

After going over everything for the 4th or 5th time we were offered the same thing we were offered the night before. They would send us a label, then once they saw UPS had our returned product they would initiate a replacement being sent. The problem was, they had to check inventory which would take until later today or possibly the next day to verify they had it in a warehouse to send out. We explained that this was the same offer we had been given the night before, which we didn't feel addressed our issue in the timeliest manner. This was a gift, it was already going to be late, they already had our money. We wanted to understand not replacing it as fast as possible.

The "corporate escalation" rep then argued and stated we hadn't been offered this same thing the night bfore. We again affirmed this was identical to what the "supervisor" from last night had told us. She wouldn't listen.

We asked why they couldn't send out a replacement immediately and send a return label at the same time and the packages would literally pass each other along the way if they were so concerned with us holding on to this damaged camcorder. She stated again that we could keep both units. We brought up that many other companies will resolve issues like ours (defective products being sent) in this manner. She stated that, that was only in cases of warranties. Really? I've never been told this when we've had issues with defective electronics in the past. And regardless of how you label it, a product that is clearly defective was sent to customers. Shouldn't the emphasis on resolution be salvaging the experience and getting a working unit into the customer's hand as quickly as possible?

By now nearly an hour on the phone had gone by. We told her to send us the return label. She said she would look into replacement inventory and get back to us. When Patrick pressed her for a timeline on the return phone call, she said possibly later that evening. Patrick stated he felt 2-3 hours was more reasonable, she again stated she'd try to get back to use by later that evening.

Since getting off the phone we've now received the return label, but no word on whether or not the replacement is available and when it will be sent.

I'd like to point out that as of right now we've spoke with roughly 5 Canon employees ranging from sales to tech support to "corporate escalation". Every single one (except tech support) spoke over Patrick continually. It was the craziest thing. We would try to explain the problem and they would immediately interrupt and speak at length over him. To me that's customer service 101--don't speak over your customers.

So, now we wait.

Needless to say, we have been incredibly disappointed with both the camcorder we purchased and the way in which our issue has been handled thus far. Based on our personal experience, I would recommend that if you purchase a Canon product you do so from another retailer that has better policies. For example, I've found Staples (at least in MA and NH) have amazing replacement and return policies. I would also recommend considering purchasing additional warranty policies that cover the product for an extended period so that you aren't necessarily at the mercy of Canon's customer service if an issue arises.

I'll update as things progress. At this point, I don't intend to purchase from Canon again if this is how they deal with such a basic problem for which they bear the entire responsibility.

Update 4/29 11:48am - A replacement has been found. We now have to send off the defective item and once UPS updates and shows it's in transit they will initiate the replacement and overnight it.

While I'm glad we should have the replacement within a few days, I think that spending 2.5 hours on the phone and initiating multiple phone calls on our part to rectify this was unacceptable. Clearly this product did not meet any of the claims they make on their refurbished products. And again, had they initiated the replacement last night and sent out the label first thing this morning our entire experience would have been different.

Canon, this experience was not a positive one and I can only hope you've sent us a replacement in good working order that meets the refurbished criteria you advertise on your site.

I will update once the replacement reaches us and we've had a chance to test it.

Update 4/30 7:30pm - We received the replacement today (having sent the malfunctioning one off yesterday). We've been charging the "new" on since 11am this morning and it's still not holding a charge or able to be turned on while unplugged. We're going to let it sit overnight charging, but at this point according to the manual it only takes 2.5 hours to recharge so it seems we got yet another malfunctioning one. This is ridiculous at this point in my opinion. Wow. Just wow.

Will update once we get a hold of Canon customer service yet again to rectify this. Pathetic.

Update 5/1 9:49am: We called both last night and then again this morning trying to get some sort of resolution. We finally just got a call back and they are now over-nighting us a new battery to see if that fixes the issue. The "corporate escalation" rep that returned out call never once apologized or gave any sort of explanation for now having been sent TWO defective camcorders. Originally the rep wanted to have a battery sent to be tested and then ship to us (so again asking us to wait until next week for a working unit). We insisted that these should already be tested as their refurbished certification statement advertises and she finally consented to overnight one to us.

Sorry, Canon, you've failed big time in just about every possible way thus far.

Update 5/2 3:20pm: The replacement battery arrived at roughly 10:30am. We charged it in the camcorder and unfortunately the batter will only give us about 83 min of charge instead of 2.5 hours (as was described in the manual). We contacted Canon ... again ... and they're sending a second battery and external charger for it. *sigh* The saga continues.

Worst experience with an electronic device ever and now it's an almost week-late birthday gift.


Nail Polish Grab Bags Available!

Okay, guys, I have to slim down my stash so I'm doing some mystery polish grab bags! 

What's in it?

Each one will be filled with 5 non-drugstore polishes I've purchased over the years--some of the brands included are OPI, Zoya, butter LONDON, A-england, etc. Every bag will have a minimum value of roughly $50 or (in most cases) more. In general, most polishes have been used for 1 or 2 manis at most. Some have never been used! 

What's it cost?

The cost of each bag is $20. This includes shipping with tracking via USPS to a US address, but does not include insurance. If you'd like to put insurance on your purchase please request it and I will add $2. I currently have 6 of these available :)

How do I get one?

To purchase a grab bag email me at [email protected] with your paypal address. I cannot hold bags, so pleaes be ready to purchase as I'll send an invoice right away. Please check that your shipping address is correct in your paypal payment as this is what I will use to ship. All grab bags will ship out within 2-3 business days!


Limited Edition MAC Proenza Schouler Blush Swatches & Review - Ocean City, Sunset Beach

Purchased by Me

mac proenza schouler ocean city and sunset beach blush swatches and review

MAC Profile

MAC, my original high-end makeup love that first caught my attention over 14 years ago, produces both pro and general consumer makeup products that range from prep to finish along with quality makeup tools. 

MAC recently released their much anticipated collab collection with fashion label Proenza Schouler. I purchased several items from that collection and will be rolling out reviews this weekend. I previously reviewed Mangrove lipstick and will be reviewing Pinkfringe soon. This review focuses on the two blushes released in this collection--Ocean City and Sunset Beach.

For reference, I am roughly between NC25 and 30 right now. I swatch on the underside of my arm as it is the fairest area and tends to allow me to more accurately swatch colors. 


These retail for $30

Where to Buy

These are currently listed as "coming soon" on the MAC website, which makes me wonder if they'll be re-stocked. They were released Thursday at MAC stores and counters and I've heard people have been finding them in different cities, so I would call around if you're hoping to grab one. 

Note: I know MAC had a fairly large shipping glitch with these blushes and quite a few customers received the wrong blushes. From what I understand, MAC is working to rectify the issue with those customers. This did not personally happen to me, however. 

Limited Edition MAC Proenza Schouler Ocean City Blush Swatch & Review

mac proenza schouler ocean city blush swatch and review
While I'm sure there may be a tiny bit of variation in the proportion of colors from pan to pan, this is a picture of my Ocean City ombre blush, which seems consistent with the other images I've seen others post.

Product Type

This is an ombre blush--part of the limited edition collaboration collection with Proenza Schouler. 


This had a soft satin finish.


This blush transitions from hot coral to a warm tan. When mixed the shades created a lovely papaya pink-orange. 

mac proenza schouler ocean city blush swatch and review
L to R: bottom shade alone, top shade alone, mixture of 2

On the Cheek

While I've seen some describe this blush as "hard", I don't personally feel it's any firmer than MAC's regularly blushes, which I always find a little on the firm side (unlike Extra Dimensions and pro pans which tend to be a little softer and/or more pigmented in my experience). Pigmentation on the deepest bottom shade was great and fairly good on the lightest shade. The tan shade on top is actually fairly close (but warmer) than my skin tone so I had to swatch it heavily so that is showed above. The mixture of the two colors is beautiful and well-pigmented. 

My Thoughts

I think I will probably most often use this blush with either a mixture of the two colors or just the bottom color--the top color alone wouldn't really suit my coloring. I think this blush is beautiful and the packaging is amazing. The compact is a little strange to open because the tiny protruding lip on the front is actually on the bottom half of the compact and tends to be hard to grip, but if you know this ahead of time I've found it helps avoiding any broken nails or dropped compacts. All in all I like this blush and think it offers several beautiful spring and summer cheek shades. I think this compact could work well for those with medium to potentially deeper complexions as well as those with fairer complexions if a light hand is used. 

Limited Edition MAC Proenza Schouler Sunset Beach Blush Swatch & Review

mac proenza schouler sunset beach blush swatch and review
As I mentioned above, my blush's gradient seems consistent with other pictures I've seen. I did notice that my Sunset Beach had small white-ish spots of discoloration in the lighter color on top. It doesn't seem to have affected its performance. 

Product Type

This is an ombre blush--part of the limited edition collaboration collection with Proenza Schouler. 


This had a soft satin finish.


This blush transitions from a deep pink on the bottom to a lighter blue-based pink on top. The combination of the two colors create a pretty fuchsia.

mac proenza schouler sunset beach blush swatch and review
L to R: top color alone, bottom color alone, mixture of the two

On the Cheek

This blush has a similar consistency to Ocean City. Again, I didn't feel it was any firmer than most of MAC's regular blushes. Pigmentation on the deepest shade on the bottom was fabulous and good on the top shade, though it's lighter so I had to swatch it moderately heavily above so it showed well on my skin tone. The combination of the two shades was absolutely beautiful and well-pigmented. 

My Thoughts

This blush is lovely and I think all 3 shades that can be created from it could be very flattering on a variety of skin tones from fair to moderately deep. I will personally use any of the 3 shades this compact can create and look forward to using it this spring!

Final Recap


These retail for $30

Where to Buy

These are currently listed as "coming soon" on the MAC website, which makes me wonder if they'll be re-stocked. They were released Thursday at MAC stores and counters and I've heard people have been finding them in different cities, so I would call around if you're hoping to grab one. 

Final Thoughts

I am really glad I grabbed both of these blushes! They are extremely different from one another and I think both could be flattering on a wide variety of complexions. I honestly couldn't pick between these two myself, but I think Ocean City is probably the more unique of the two so if you can only grab one you may want to focus on that one. On the other hand, Sunset Beach is probably the one that will fall in most people's comfort zones, so if you're a little more conservative about your blush and looking for something super "wearable" you may find yourself drawn to that one instead. 

All in all, I don't think you can go wrong by grabbing either or both. Keep in mind, these do have a slightly firmer formula (like most regularly MAC blushes in my opinion) so for those worried about over-application, it should work to your advantage and make it easier to apply without going overboard. 

Did you grab either or both of the Proenza Schouler blushes? Which is your favorite?

Limited Edition MAC Proenza Schouler Mangrove Lipstick Swatch & Review

Purchased by Me

limited edition mac proenza schouler mangrove lipstick swatch and review

MAC Profile

MAC, my original high-end makeup love that first caught my attention over 14 years ago, produces both pro and general consumer makeup products that range from prep to finish along with quality makeup tools. 

MAC recently released their much anticipated collab collection with fashion label Proenza Schouler. I purchased several items from that collection and will be rolling out reviews this weekend. While my Mangrove lipstick unfortunately arrived damaged (so I was unable to take a picture of the lipstick bullet), I was able to scoop some product out for review. 

This lipstick was also featured in my recent Spring 2014 Lip Series - Seeing Red post. 


This lipstick retails for $22

Where to Buy

As of the time of this post it is still available via MAC/ 

MAC Proenza Schouler Mangrove Lipstick Swatch & Review

Product Type

This is a limited edition lipstick.


This has MAC's standard vanilla scent


This shade does seem to translate a bit differently on different skintones. I am roughly between an NC 25 and 30 now that I have to stay completely out of the sun. My lips are extremely unpigmented and the swatch below was done on bare lips. 

limited edition mac proenza schouler mangrove lipstick swatch and review
MAC x Proenza Schouler Mangrove - semi-matte coral-red

On the Lips

I did find this was slightly drying with wear, but by no means uncomfortable (nothing like some Sahara-dessert mattes I've worn in the past). This had an interested suede-like feel, but it was very light-weight at the same time. The pigmentation was off the charts without liner underneath it. 

Final Recap


This lipstick retails for $22

Where to Buy

As of the time of this post it is still available via MAC/ 

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love this lipstick and although it arrived damaged, I'm going to be packing it into a palette this weekend along with a few others. Sometimes you purchase limited edition makeup and the packaging is amazing, but the product is "eh". This was absolutely not the case. Fabulous, fabulous color and gorgeous lipstick tube!

Did you purchase anything from the MAC x Proenza Schouler collection? What do you think of Mangrove?


Spring 2014 Lip Series - Seeing Red

Press Samples/Purchased By Me

This feature is part of our Spring 2014 Lip Series. Stay tuned for future features that will focus on other shades and products!

Spring 2014 Lips - Seeing Red Lipstick, Lip Gloss Swatches & Review

This spring I'm seeing red! 

Red is one of those colors I personally think is always on-trend and with the recent release of so many fabulous reds, I think it's a perfect lip shade to wear this spring! Red can come in many shades and finishes and this year I feel as though I've seen a wider variety of red lippies released during the spring than usual. I've compiled a collection of some of the hottest reds I've personally come across thus far this season. Hopefully this will help you get a better idea of what's out there and which red(s) you want to sport as the weather grows warmer. 

lipstick queen jungle queen swatch and review
Lipstick Queen lipstick in Jungle Queen 

lorac lip luxe true red swatch and review
Lorac Lip Luxe in True Red

mac patentpolish lip pencil berry bold review and swatch
MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Berry Bold

mac proenza schouler mangrove swatch and review
MAC Proenza Schouler lipstick in Mangrove

milani lip intense liquid color 01 red extreme swatch and review
Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in 01 Red Extreme

pacifica coconut kiss creamy lip butter lava swatch and review
Pacifica Coconut Kiss Creamy Lip Butter in Lava

shu uemura tint in gelato 01 AT classic red
Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato Lip & Cheek Color in 01 Cassis Delight

urban decay revolution lipstick 69 swatch and review
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in 69

Spring 2014 Lips - Seeing Red Lipstick, Lip Gloss Review

I've fully reviewed all of the shades swatched above. Hopefully this will help you not only find a shade and finish you like, but a formula that suits you as well!

Lipstick Queen Jungle Queen Lipstick Review

lipstick queen jungle queen swatch and review

Product Type: Lipstick

Shade: bright coral-red

Finish: semi-matte

On the Lips: Amazing signature Lipstick Queen formula--creamy, smooth, hydrating, light on the lips.

Price: $22 retail

Where to Buy: This can be purchased through and

My Thoughts: I absolutely love this shade! While I could see it being categorized as a red or deep coral, I think for those that want a fresh take on red this is red-toned enough to fit the bill. The formula is amazing to wear and pigmentation is amazing.

Lorac Lip Luxe True Red Review

lorac lip luxe true red swatch and review

Product Type: long-wear lipstick meant to wear for up to 8 hours

Shade: pink-red

Finish: satin

On the Lips: This formula was pigmented, but best when applied in 2 coats. Very light-weight, non-drying and super smooth. 

Price: $16 retail

Where to Buy: This is available directly through and Ulta/ 

My Thoughts: I really liked this formula and found it very comfortable to wear. I did have issues with the tube this came in--it refused to screw all the way down and broke the lipstick when I attempted to twist it. I am not sure if this is a general problem with this packaging or if this was a fluke. I have other shades that will be featured later on so I will have a greater opportunity to test the packaging as this lip series progresses. I was a little surprised that this shade was definitely more pink-red than "true red" on my super un-pigmented lips, but I think the color is actually quite lovely and I've seen quite a few pink-reds this season so it's definitely worth a try if you prefer that hue or aren't quite comfortable wearing red yet!

MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil Berry Bold Review

mac patentpolish lip pencil berry bold swatch and review

Product Type: glossy lip pencil; like a hybrid of MAC Huggables and Revlon Balm Stain

Shade: semi-opaque, warm red

Finish: glossy

On the Lips: Gel-like, slightly tacky. Very comfortable and not drying.

Applicator: These have a self-sharpening, chubby pencil tube. Easy to use and worked well.

Price: $20 retail

Where to Buy: Available through MAC/ (as of the time of this post)

My Thoughts: I previously reviewed 8 of MAC's Patentpolish pencil, so I recommend checking out that review if you're interested in this particular formula. Overall, I like them and found Berry Bold to be a fun take on a red lip. Definitely great for those who want a less bold, but super gloss, red lip.

Limited Edition MAC x Proenza Schouler Mangrove Review

mac proenza schouler mangrove swatch and review
My tube unfortunately came damaged so I was unable to take a picture of the lipstick bullet itself, but the pretty packaging is certainly worth showing off!

Product Type: lipstick

Shade: coral-red

Finish: semi-matte

On the Lips: Slightly drying on my sensitive lips with wear, but not horribly by any means. Amazing pigmentation and very light-weight on the lips. The formula has a suede-like feel to it.

Price: $22 retail

Where to Buy: Currently available through MAC/ (as of the time of this post still available online and launched today in-store)

My Thoughts: This color is phenomenal and one I knew I had to have as soon as I saw swatches prior to the collection's release. The packaging is also beautiful. Definitely grab it before it's sold out!

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color 01 Red Extreme Review

milani lip intense liquid color 01 extreme red review and swatch

Product Type: cruelty-free liquid lipstick

Shade: true red

Finish: semi-glossy

On the Lips: Light-weight and extremely pigmented. It has a strange fragrance that's almost caramel-y, but not--I've found this formula all have it. Non-drying.

Applicator: This has a straight doe foot applicator that I'm personally not a fan of. I tend to use my favorite lip brushes instead for precise application.

Price: $6.49 retail

Where to Buy: Available through and select retailers that carry Milani

My Thoughts: These Lip Intense Liquid Colors are amazing and this red is to die for! If you want a pin up pout, grab this red. 

Pacifica Coconut Kiss Creamy Lip Butter Laval Review

pacifica coconut kiss creamy lip butter laval swatch and review

Product Type: paraben-free, cruelty-free, petroleum-free, vegan, hydrating lip butter

Shade: transparent red

Finish: glossy

On the Lips: This formula is amazingly creamy and gel-like! Super hydrating and pleasant on the lips. It has a slightly fruity scent. 

Price: $10 retail

Where to Buy: This is available through 

My Thoughts: This feels amazing on the lips! While it's not a super pigmented red, it's pretty and perfect if your lips need a hydrating break.

Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato Lip & Cheek Color 01 Cassis Delight Review

shu uemura tint in gelato lip and cheek color 01 cassis delight review and swatch

Product Type: creamy liquid lip and cheek color

Shade: primary red

Finish: semi-matte

On the Lips: This formula is amazing--super well-pigmented, comfortable on the lips. Beautiful finish.

Applicator: Shu Uemura's applicator is oval in shape. It's incredibly soft and feels like a teeny suede pillow on the lips while applying product!

Price: $28 retail

Where to Buy: Available through

My Thoughts: This is absolutely fantastic as a lip product! I can't say enough about it--wears well, super pigmented and feels great on the lips. Definitely worth grabbing if you want a vibrant red pout!

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick 69 Review

urban decay revolution lipstick 69 swatch and review

Product Type: cruelty-free, long-wear lipstick

Shade: pink-toned red

Finish: satin

On the Lips: UD's Revolution Lipstick formula is one of my favorites--wears well, light on the lips, non-drying. I do find these are very long wearing despite the fact I rarely get more than 1-2 hours wear with any lip product without liner and proper prep. 

Price: $22 retail

Where to Buy: This is available through and other retailers that carry Urban Decay.

My Thoughts: This is a phenomenal formula and a beautiful shade. It's vibrant and absolutely stunning. If you're looking for a modern take on a classic shade, this is a must!

Which of these reds are your favorite? Do you have a different favorite red this spring?

Check back soon for additional Spring 2014 beauty musts!

Note: Some of the products in this post were provided by PR/the brand for consideration. All opinions above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand. 

The Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club

So we have all seen the funny commercials for the Dollar Shave Club, and if you are like me I wondered how well the blades perform and how the whole thing works. There are three (3) different packages you can choose from. The $1, $6 and the $9, each one offers something a little different from the other. When you first sign up you will receive a handle for whichever package you chose.
Photo Taken Form Dollar Shave Club webite

$1.00 Package

This is for the “basic shaver” according to the website. It comes with 2-blade stainless steel blades, 5 cartridges a month. This package does not include shipping and handling. On a side note I did not try this package so I do not know how well the blades perform.

$6.00 Package

I received this package and I felt like it was comparable to any razor you can pick up at your local grocery store or Walgreens/CVS. This package comes with 4-blade stainless steel blades and 4 cartridges per month. I compared this to the Mach 3 razor, an every day razor that won’t let you down. Shipping and handling is included with this option.

$9.00 Package

They call this “the Executive” since it is like a personal assistant for your face. It comes with six-blade stainless steel blades, 4 cartridges per month and on the backside of the razor there is a single blade trimmer. When you first sign up for this one it comes with a very nice, somewhat hefty, handle that provides extra control and precision while shaving. Shipping and handling is also included.


Once you select your package there are a few add-ons that will show up for you to try. There is Dr. Carver’s easy Shave Butter and One Wipe Charlies. Both of these were sent to me to try and I will say, who doesn’t love a clean bum? The first time I used the wipes I was a little shocked by the tingly feeling you get from the peppermint. After you know what to expect they are quite enjoyable and work great. As for the shave butter, I have sensitive skin so this did not provide the glide that I need when using a shaving product. I did, however, talk to someone I know that uses the dollar shave club and they felt it worked well for them.

Price $1.00/$6.00/$9.00

Where to buy

The different packages can be bought directly through the Dollar Shave Club website.

Final Re-cap

Price - $1.00/$6.00/$9.00

Buy it Here-

Final Thoughts

This is a great deal for the price! The razors I used were the 6 and 9 dollar ones and I would recommend and purchase either of these two packages. I did prefer the weight of the 9 dollar razor and having the trimmer on the back is a great bonus, especially if you have facial hair to maintain. This set of razors provided a close shave without any real razor rash to speak of. I used this razor 5 times and it was still sharp.

The 6 dollar package was a great deal, too; the razor did not cause me to have any real razor rash and the blade was still sharp after a few times of use. I did use a different shaving cream while trying out these razors since the shave butter did not work great for me. To sign up you can go right to the Dollar Shave Club website and select your razor package and then it ships right to your door. Very convenient if you ask me since I am one of those people that goes out to the store and always forget to grab razors.  

Performance Scores

Men’s Shaving Product
Glide During Shave
Closeness of Shave
Skin Irritation
Overall Score
Dollar Shave Club Razors
Dr. Carvers Shave Butter
One Wipe Charlies
On a scale of 1-5 (1 being poor performance, 5 being great). 0 means it did not do this at all.