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Japonesque Liquid Light Swatches & Review - Shades #1, #2, #3


japonesque liquid light review

Japonesque Liquid Light

Japonesque released new liquid highlighters this year. As of right now, 3 shades are available through retailers like Ulta/ These are meant to be placed over makeup to highlight the highest planes of the face or all-over on its own as a makeup base. 

Japonesque Liquid Light Swatches - #1, #2, #3

These were all swatches on clean skin. It was actually really difficult to capture all of the reflective shimmer in these.

japonesque liquid light highlighter bronzer swatches #1 #2 #3
L to R: Japonesque Liquid Light #1, #2, #3

Japonesque Liquid Light Review - #1, #2, #3

I want to note that I was a bit sad not to see a shade that was super light (even translucent white) with a pink reflective quality for those with super cool and/or very light complexions. Perhaps in the future!

Japonesque Liquid Light #1 Review

Product Type - liquid highlighter
Scent - light clean scent
Shade - rosy metallic champagne
On the Skin - extremely shimmery; thin formula once applied; moderate tinting
Price - $28 (.84 fl oz)
Where to Buy - Ulta/ 
My Thoughts - This is a rosy champagne with a lot of metallic shimmer to it that is pretty reflective, especially up close. The formula is interesting as it's almost gel-like, but less opaque than I thought it would be looking at the bottle. Speaking of the bottles, they are very heavy and made of glass if you're unfamiliar with Japonesque packaging--great for the top of your makeup table and nice in your hand, but too heavy in my opinion for a kit. I recommend depotting if you plan to travel with this. The actual pump part feels a bit cheap in comparison to the substantial bottle and makes it a tad difficult to pump out small bits of product vs. a full pump, though it works well enough if you plan to use a lot of product. A little of this spreads out quite a bit, so I suggest using a light hand and layering if you want more of a dramatic effect. The more product you use the longer it will take for this to dry down and set. It can become a little uneven if too much product is applied as it tends to slide around quite a bit while wet. The metallic shimmer in this is most comparable to me to the finish you get (in terms of reflective particles) to some of  MAC's Mineralized Skinfinishes with more metallic, frosty finishes. It is not quite as fine a shimmer as Benefits liquid highlighters or Face Atelier's Ultra Sheers. 

Tip: Put a pump of this into your body lotion for some added dimension

All in all, I think these are best for looks where you want a high-shimmer effect or for use over your body when mixed with lotion. The price is really reasonable for the amount of product you get, which may make them appealing to those looking to try liquid highlighters or who want something tinted.

Japonesque Liquid Light #2 Review

Product Type - liquid highlighter
Scent - light clean scent
Shade - peachy metallic light gold
On the Skin - extremely shimmery; thin formula once applied; moderate tinting
Price - $28 (.84 fl oz)
Where to Buy - Ulta/ 
My Thoughts - My thoughts on the general formula, finish and packaging above apply to all of these. This color in particular is perhaps the most versatile as it's slightly lighter than the other 2 shades and may complement even slightly fairer complexions. I think this could potentially be nice for warming up the face when mixed with foundation or applied under foundation. This was as shimmery as the other two, though the tint in the base was lighter as you can see above. A nice color and my favorite of the 3 overall.

Japonesque Liquid Light #3 Review

Product Type - liquid highlighter/bronzer
Scent - light clean scent
Shade - bronzey gold metallic 
On the Skin - extremely shimmery; thin formula once applied; moderate tinting
Price - $28 (.84 fl oz)
Where to Buy - Ulta/ 
My Thoughts - My thoughts on the general formula, finish and packaging above apply to all of these.  This shade is the one I'd say is definitely more of a bronze-highlighter of the three. It has a distinct bronze effect in addition to its warm brown base. The base is a tad more orange leaning, which I find common in bronzers. I think this is the type of product you'd most reach for in the summer if you're medium to medium-light complected or year-round if you have a deeper complexion. I'm not sure how well this would translate on fairer complexions, but the orange hue may be a bit too strong. I think this shade in particular would make for a fabulous all-over body bronzer/highlighter when mixed with body lotion. It could also be nice on tan faces for highlighting. 

What do you think of these newer liquid highlighters from Japonesque? Would you consider purchasing them? Which shade do you like best?

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions are my own.

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