Sedu Shampoo, Conditioner & Thermal Primer Spray Review


sedu daily moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, thermal spray review

Sedu Shampoo, Conditioner, Thermal Primer Profile

Sedu is a hair care brand carried by that has released a line of sulfate, phthalate and synthetic color free products. In addition to their shampoo and conditioner (which can be purchased individually, in a duo or in a set with the primer spray), Sedu has also released a complementary thermal protection spray meant for strengthening and protecting hair when styled with hot tools. 

Sedu recently reached out to me and asked me to try these 3 products and share my thoughts on how they worked on my thick, textured hair. As many of you know, I'm predominantly Japanese with a portion of Italian thrown into the mix. Let's be frank, my hair is naturally an insane mess of serious texture, thickness and sheer ridiculousness! It takes a lot to tame this mane, so I'm always down for putting hair care to the ultimate test by subjecting it to my nutty hair.

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Sedu Daily Moisturizing Hair Care Review

Sedu Daily Moisturizing Shampoo Review

Product Type - moisturizing shampoo meant for all hair types (free of sulfate, phthalates, synthetic color)
Scent - predominantly citrus
In the Hair - lathers moderately; rinses well; cleanses hair
Price -  $30 (currently on sale for $19.99 on individually; $29.99 in duo; $59.97 in set with conditioner and primer spray
Where to Buy -
My Thoughts - I'm a big fan of sulfate-free shampoos as I find they strip my hair less and result in healthier hair overall. Like most sulfate-free shampoos I've reviewed over the years, this lathered less than traditional shampoos, but did lather a small amount. I found it easy to work through my hair and equally easy to rinse. This cleansed my hair well without drying it out--which can be difficult with my super thick, textured hair. The fragrance on this was strong enough to leave hair smelling fabulous, but not so strong it left my sensitive nose/head with a headache. Overall, great experience!

Sedu Daily Moisturizing Conditioner Review

Product Type - moisturizing conditioner meant for all hair types (free of sulfate, phthalates, synthetic color)
Scent - predominantly citrus
In the Hair - thick and luxe; very moisturizing; rinses well
Price -  $30 (currently on sale for $19.99 on individually; $29.99 in duo; $59.97 in set with conditioner and primer spray
Where to Buy -
My Thoughts - I absolutely loved this conditioner with the shampoo above. This left my hair so hydrated and soft--which is not the norm for my ethnic hair. It even relaxed it a bit (without weighing it down) to the point where it was less textured than usual with NO frizz. I really had a great overall experience with the combo of the shampoo and conditioner and highly recommend both. The Hubs used both as did both of my little guys and everyone loved them.

Sedu Daily Moisturizing Thermal Primer

Product Type - moisturizing thermal spray meant to protect hair styled with hot tools (free of sulte, phthalates, synthetic color)
Scent - smells similar to shampoo and conditioner, but spice note was slightly stronger
In the Hair - helped style hold; made hair slightly tacky
Price -  $30 (currently on sale for $19.99 on individually; $59.97 in set with conditioner and primer spray
Where to Buy -
My Thoughts - I regularly use thermal sprays and serums to protect my hair when styling it. This was a decent thermal spray in terms of styling, but I did find it left my hair a bit tacky regardless of the number of sprays I used in my hair. It grew less tacky when my hair was completely dry. I'm personally more partial to the typical super-silicone-slip a lot of serums and some sprays impart. If this isn't something that bothers you, it's a decent thermal spray overall.

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand. 


  1. Great reviews! I've never heard of this brand before, so I'm glad to learn about it!

  2. I'm not sure that I could deal with the tackiness of the primer, but the shampoo and conditioner sound perfect for my course hair.


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