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LUSH Summer 2014 New Products Review #freshnewlush


LUSH Summer 2014 New Products

LUSH has released 6 new products this summer, which launched today! Five of these products are included in this post and the 6th will be reviewed in a separate post by our male blogger, who has been using this mysterious 6th product for a few weeks now!

On to the deliciousness that is LUSH's Summer 2014 newbies...

LUSH Summer 2014 New Products

lush african paradise body conditioner review
LUSH African Paradise Body Conditioner

lush dfluff strawberry shaving cream review
LUSH D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Cream

lush granny takes a dip bath bomb review
LUSH Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb

lush magnificent soap review
LUSH Magnificent Soap

lush parsley porridge soap review
LUSH Parsley Porridge Soap

LUSH Summer 2014 New Products Review 

LUSH African Paradise Body Conditioner Review

Product Type - in-shower body conditioner (self-preserving)
Scent - warm sandalwood and spices
In the Shower - smooths into skin like moisturizer and rinses easily; leaves skin soft and hydrated; leaves soft scent behind
Price - $39.95 (8.8 oz)
Where to Buy - stores
My Thoughts - First of all, I love that this is self-preserving! I personally prefer skin care that is chemical preservative free whenever possible. This is such a neat product and I've been wracking my brain to remember if I've used anything similar in the recent past. Aside from shower oils, I honestly can't think of any! This smooths into skin beautifully and rinses really well with warm water--I thought it might be a bit difficult to rinse given how moisturizing it is, but it really does rinse right off. The craziest part is that even after you rinse it off, skin looks and feels hydrated and smooth after getting out of the shower. It does leave a light scent on the skin, but it isn't overpowering so I found it pleasant. This stuff is fantastic and definitely great for keeping summer skin hydrated and healthy (and I'd imagine it'd be great for winter as well!).

LUSH D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Cream Review

Product Type - shaving cream (self-preserving)
Scent - sweet strawberries, citrus and vanilla
On the Skin - this has amazing slip and works really well on legs and underarms (a separate review will be going up using it for men's shaving)
Price - $9.95 (2.4 oz); $16.95 (5.2 oz)
Where to Buy - stores
My Thoughts - I have always been a huge fan of shaving creams for female shaving and tend to use them more than body washes, soap, etc.! I find they work best in terms of slip, preventing irritation, etc. This stuff smells amazing and works very well. I love that this is self-preserving like the body conditioner above. 

LUSH Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb Review

Product Type - bath bomb with outer bubble bar ring 
Scent - sweet citrus, floral and a little pepper
In the Tub - fizzes well; creates some bubbles; super large and could be split in half for 2 tubs
Price - $6.95 (5.9 oz)
Where to Buy - stores
My Thoughts - This bath bomb was actually inspired by a 60s clothing boutique with a similar name (Granny Takes A Trip), which makes total sense when you look at its fun mod design! This smells amazing and I swear I detect a hint of vanilla, but it isn't listed so I must be nuts. This baby is large and in charge--bigger than the palm of my hand--and could easily be split in half and used in 2 tubs if you'd like. So fun!

LUSH Magnificent Soap Review

Product Type - toning and brightening soap
Scent - delicious tropical mix
On the Skin - lathers and cleanses well
Price - $6.95 (3.5 oz)
Where to Buy - stores
My Thoughts - This smells phenomenal and it works as beautifully as all of LUSH's other soaps--which are some of my favorites. Definitely grab this if you're looking for a summer-perfect soap! 

LUSH Parsley Porridge Soap Review

Product Type - gentle exfoliating soap
Scent - tea tree, herbs and citrus
On the Skin - lathers and cleanses well; lightly exfoliating
Price - $6.95 (3.5 oz)
Where to Buy - stores
My Thoughts - I'm not generally a big fan of parsley, but this smells fantastically fresh! It cleanses well and exfoliates gently. Such a great addition to LUSH's soap lineup! 

Check back soon for Patrick's review of the 6th product that launched with LUSH's new Summer goodies!


Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand. 


  1. mmmmm these all sound so nice...I'd love to try Granny Takes A Dip!


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