Wednesday, June 11, 2014

OCC Tarred & Feathered Lip Balm Duo Review & Swatches


occ tarred and feathered lip balm Duo review

OCC Tarred & Feathered Lip Balm Profile

OCC, one of my favorite cruelty-free indie beauty brands, has re-released the product that started it all 10 years ago--their Tarred & Feathered Lip Balm Duo! Ironically, I was unaware this was the very first product they ever launched. You learn something new every day!

This lip balm duo is made with fantastic lip conditioning ingredients and features both a "Tarred" (black) and "Feathered" (white) side. Feathered is meant to make colors pop, while Tarred is meant to deepen colors.

Price - $16 (2 x 4g)

Where to Buy - and

OCC Tarred & Feathered Lip Balm Duo Review & Swatches

occ tarred and feathered lip balm duo review

occ tarred and feathered lip balm duo review

occ tarred and feathered lip balm duo review and swatch
Left - Feathered
Right - Tarred

occ tarred and feathered lip tar duo review under occ narcissus lip tar
Left - Narcissus lip tar over Feathered
Right - Narcissus lip tar over Tarred

OCC Tarred & Feathered Lip Balm Duo Review

Product - color-altering/priming lip balm duo
Scent - peppermint (identical to lip tars)
Shades - sheer black (Tarred) and sheer white (Feathered)
On the Lips - smooth and creamy, moderately cooling, semi-sheer coverage, tarred is slightly creamier than feathered but both are nice when worn
Price - $16 (2x4g)
Where to Buy - and
My Thoughts - Both sides of this lip balm duo feel amazing on the lips. They're fairly hydrating and cooling and make slightly drying formulas such as lip tars more comfortable. I did notice that in general, Tarred was slightly creamier and melted right into my lips while, like most white lip products, Feathered was a tad thicker by comparison and required a tiny bit of extra effort to smooth it out evenly. I do recommend pressing lips together and allowing the balm to "set" for a minute or two prior to applying product over them to achieve the most even finish. Both did exactly what they were meant to do once worn under lip tars! 

I was absolutely shocked to see how well-priced this lip balm duo was! To put it in perspective, 1 MAC lipstick is 3g of product and this duo contains 2x4g (8g total) for the same price. I'm personally a fan of any well-performing lip product that makes my existing lippies (and the hoard of future lippies I'm sure to buy) perform that much better or enable them to be more versatile. I highly recommend giving this a try!

Would you try this lip balm duo? Which lip tar would you combine with it first?

Note: Products in this post were provided as press samples for review. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand. 


  1. I love how you did the half and half photo for this! Great review... I definitely have to grab this!

    1. Thanks! I thought that might be helpful to show the diff between the effects of the two sides on the same shade :)

  2. This a great review! I saw this for sale on the sephora site and wasn't sure what to make of it, but now I've seen it in action, swatched alone and as a base, I may have to get it. Would you wear this as lipbalm alone also or would you relegate it to lip primer/base only status?

  3. I personally would only wear it for layering, but you could definitely wear it solo. I think Tarred is a bit more "wearable" than Feathered, but if used lightly Feathered could be used to simply lighten lip color :)


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