MAC Moody Blooms Swatches & Review - Partial Collection


mac moody bloom swatches and review

MAC Moody Blooms Profile

I received 3 products from this collection to review and I just happened to have Lucky Green already (a permanent shade that happens to be a personal favorite of mine) so I'll be showing you 4 of the products that will be releasing shortly!

Launch Date - June ???? (online), June 26th - August 21st (in-store)
I've seen other launch dates provided, but this is the most recent information given directly to me from MAC!

Update (7/19): My info from MAC PR stated an online launch of the 19th, which didn't end up happening. I know some people were told the launch date was the 24th and I've heard rumors the online launch was actually pushed to the 26th, so it looks like we may have to just wait and see!

MAC Moody Blooms Product Pics & Swatches - Copperthorn Fluidline, Pheromonal Supreme Sheen Lipstick, Blooming MAC Eyeshadow, Lucky Green Eyeshadow

mac blooming mad eyeshadow review
MAC Blooming Mad Eyeshadow

mac blooming mad eyeshadow swatch
MAC Blooming Mad Eyeshadow

mac moody bloom lucky green review
MAC Lucky Green Eyeshadow

mac moody bloom lucky green swatch
MAC Lucky Green Eyeshadow

mac moody bloom copperthorn fluidline review
MAC Copperthorn Fluidline

mac moody bloom copperthorn fluidline swatch
MAC Copperthorn Fluidline

mac moody bloom pheromonal sheen supreme lipstick review
MAC Pheromonal Sheen Supreme Lipstick

mac pheromonal sheen supreme lipstick swatch
MAC Pheromonal Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Moody Bloom Reviews - Copperthorn Fluidline, Pheromonal Supreme Sheen Lipstick, Blooming MAC Eye Shadow, Lucky Green Eye Shadow

MAC Moody Blooms Blooming Mad Eye Shadow Review

Product Type - pressed eye shadow
Finish - frost
Shade - violet with lilac sheen
On the Eye - moderately pigmented, but able to be built up; lilac sheen most obvious when patted over darker base
Price - $15 
Where to Buy - MACcosmetics.com (June 19th); MAC Counters June 26th
My Thoughts - As soon as I saw the color story for this collection I knew this would be one of the shadows I'd be instantly drawn to, most likely because it looks similar to one of my favorite MAC purples--Stars 'N Rockets. Stars 'N Rockets (which I own obviously) is a teeny bit more red-toned in the base from what I can tell and it has a veluxe pearl finish unlike Blooming Mad, which is a frost. I will try to do a comparison post soon! This color is very pretty. Like most frosts (from my experience) it is a tad firmer in texture, though this isn't so frosty to the point you lose the base color because the flash is too strong. I like it on its own built up in color as well as over a darker purple base to really bring out the lilac flash. If you don't own Stars 'N Rockets or you'd like to experiment with similar shade that has a different finish then definitely grab this!

MAC Moody Blooms Lucky Green Eye Shadow Review

Product Type - pressed eye shadow
Finish - frost
Shade - lime green with golden flash
On the Eye - well pigmented; strong flash
Price - $15 
Where to Buy - MACcosmetics.com (June 19th); MAC Counters June 26th
My Thoughts - As I mentioned above, Lucky Green has been a long-time favorite of mine, so thankfully I have several pans of this particular shade, which allowed me to share it with you here! It is lovely. The formula is fantastic, the color is amazing ... there is nothing even remotely bad to say about this shade. Grab it and fall in love!

MAC Moody Blooms Copperthorn Fluidline Review

Product Type - gel liner
Finish - metallic flakes
Shade - primarily copper penny mixed with brassy and golden flecks
On the Eye - stunning in person; best when applied by patting rather than swipping; long-lasting
Price - $16 
Where to Buy - MACcosmetics.com (June 19th); MAC Counters June 26th
My Thoughts - This metallic flaky fluidline is gorgeous! While I did find it best to place it on your upper or lower lid by padding it with a small brush, it is well worth the few moments of extra work. I wish MAC had released a bunch more in this collection with similar finishes to be honest because it is lovely in my opinion! The copper flecks glisten when the light hits them and assuming you've patted it on, you can easily get nice dense coverage. I was shocked to find this didn't flake off throughout the day as well, given that I've had some with flake-like finishes do that to me in the past. I actually wore this to the beach and it withstood the strong salty breeze and sun all day long. Grab this or you'll regret it!

MAC Moody Blooms Pheromonal Sheen Supreme Lipstick Review

Product Type - lipstick
Finish - sheen supreme (gloss-lipstick hybrid)
Shade - medium blue-based pink
On the Eye - great pigmentation; gorgeous glossy finish; very comfortable; great coverage
Price - $17 
Where to Buy - MACcosmetics.com (June 19th); MAC Counters June 26th
My Thoughts - If you're a fan of Sheen Supreme Lipsticks like me, you're going to love this lipstick! It is creamy, dreamy and very well pigmented. I find I get the best coverage when I apply these with a lip brush, but I tend to favor that technique anyway. The coverage on this was fantastic and the finish was nice and glossy. I knew this would be a color my pink-loving heart would be drawn to along with a few others. I strongly suggest grabbing this if you're a fan of pink lippies as well. Lovely!

Final Thoughts

From what I've seen in my (limited) experience with this collection, it is really lovely. I'm a fan of purples, pinks and greens so this is definitely right up my alley. For those that have felt a little cash poor after splurging on so many of the recent (and unavoidably fabulous) limited edition collections MAC has released, you may breathe a slight sigh of relief that the prices on these are spot-on with MAC's normal retail prices for comparable products.

I used the 3 of the products above (Blooming Mad, Pheromonal and Copperthorn) in a look the other day, which I thought I'd share with you! Please excuse my haggard face. Life has really been putting me through the wringer lately and I didn't realize how tired I looked until after I took some face shots!

Of the remaining products in this collection that I haven't swatched, I hope to grab the following come launch day:
  • phosphorescent sheen supreme lipstick
  • lust extract sheen supreme lipstick
  • quite the thing sheen supreme lipstick
  • venomous violet sheen supreme lipstick
  • artistic license eye shadow
  • deep fixation eye shadow
  • green room eye shadow
  • nightshade fluidline
  • black ivy fluidline
  • bred for beauty blush

What are you planning to grab when Moody Blooms launches?

Note: Some of the products in this post were provided by MAC for review. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by the brand.


  1. That pink eyeshadow and lipstick are so beautiful!! Love your finished look as well!

  2. why do you hate my wallet so much? These look amazing and all are on my "to buy" list now!

  3. I wish I had room in my budget for Pheromonal. It's gorgeous!

    1. Totally agree! Perhaps between now and the store launch you'll be able to make it work :)

  4. Omgosh I was on the fence about this eyeshadow shade. Now seeing it on you....umm I "need" it. Lol

    1. Hahahaha aw thanks ;) It's one of those shades where when worn alone over a good primer is like a pretty wash of purple with slight lilac flash, but patted over a deep base and it shows beautifully!


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