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Tatcha Japanese Inspired Skincare Review & First Impression

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tatcha japanese skincare review

Tatcha Skincare Profile

Tatcha is a skincare brand developed around the arts of Japanese geisha beauty secrets. The founder, Victoria Tsai, traveled to Kyoto (one of my sisters actually lived near there--now in Tokyo) and happened upon a modern geisha--an event that changed her life. After a great deal of time and research, Victoria founded Tatcha based on the geisha beauty secrets held within a 200 year old manuscript she uncovered.  

I highly recommend doing some research about the history of geishas if you're not familiar--it's absolutely fascinating! And no, geisha is not synonymous with prostitute--oy vey. 

Beauty and skincare have had an important part in Japanese culture for centuries--I'd like to think that's partially why I  have always been drawn to it given my heritage! My Japanese grandmother (even in her 90s) had the most lovely skin--hopefully someone can say the same about me in another 60 years. My skin is sensitive and mostly dry, so finding products that work for it can be very difficult! Tatcha sent a sample kit for me to share with you and while I generally prefer to test skincare for a full 2 weeks prior to providing a complete review, I would like to share my first impressions based on the samples I received (which you can see above). 

I have sensitive, mostly dry skin with some combo areas around my temples and chin in the warmer months. I do not suffer from acne-prone skin, though I will occasionally get a blemish or two once a month. 

Tatcha Skincare Review

Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil Review

Product Type - cleansing oil
Scent - hint of floral, barely there
Consistency - about average thickness compared to other cleansing oils I have used
On the Skin - no irritation, cleansed well, removed makeup well, left no residue behind and rinsed well
Price - $48 (150 ml/5.1 oz)
Where to Buy - 
My Thoughts - I am a huge fan of cleansing oils as you know because I find them gentle enough to not irritate or dry out my skin, but effective in cleansing. This is a great cleansing oil and one well worth a try, especially if you prefer a very light fragrance in yours. This did not have a heavy "oil" scent to it and the floral note was incredibly light. Definitely a great cleansing oil if it is within your budget. From my experience, a 5 fl oz bottle of cleansing oil lasts me a good long time using it 1-2 times per day.

Tatcha Radiant Deep Brightening Serum Review

Product Type - brightening/hydrating serum
Scent - light natural scent (couldn't quite pinpoint it, perhaps something slightly citrus in there)
Consistency - this has a thin lotion-like consistency, not at all greasy
On the Skin - absorbs quickly, instantly hydrates skin, does not leave any residue or tackiness behind, small amount covers large area
Price - $185 (50 ml/1.7 oz)
Where to Buy - 
My Thoughts - This is a really fabulous serum if you're looking for something that instantly hydrates skin and have the budget for it. The second this absorbed (which did not take long) my skin looked and felt more supple. A small amount covered a decent area, which is always good. I can definitely see this being a great addition to any skincare routine--especially if you feel your skin looks a bit dull and/or dry.

Tatcha Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream Review

Product Type -  lightweight gel moisturizer with liquid silk, royal jelly and other active incredients
Scent - light fragrance, perhaps a tad citrus-y
Consistency - gel
On the Skin - smooths into skin and absorbs quickly, hydrates very well, slight trace of scent left behind
Price - $150 (50 ml/1.7 oz)
Where to Buy -
My Thoughts - This is a light-as-air gel moisturizer that hydrates beautifully! It absorbs very quickly and does not leave any residue or tackiness behind like some gel moisturizers. If you have the budget, this is a phenomenal face cream. I did not experience any irritation. Simply lovely!

Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder Review

Product Type - water-activated enzyme exfoliating powder meant for normal to combo skin
Scent - none
On the Skin - exfoliates skin well, not super abrasive when mixed with water properly
Price - $65 (60 grams/2.1 oz)
Where to Buy -
My Thoughts - While I would probably choose to use the "gentle" version for my sensitive skin on a regular basis (that one was not in my kit), I did find I was able to use Classic once without it being too harsh. I think Classic would probably be too much for my skin on a regular basis, but I do think it would work wonderfully for someone with normal/combo skin and less sensitivity. I love the concept behind this powder and I have not come across many products like it. To use it you place some of the powder in your moistened hands and create a foam, which you then gently massage onto your moistened face--rinse after 10-20 seconds. The foam is light, but moderately thick at the same time. It rinsed perfectly and exfoliated my skin very well. Because my skin is so sensitive, I have always loved exfoliating products that aren't super abrasive and don't feel it's necessary to include crushed glass (just kidding, but walnut shells always feel almost as bad to me) to work away dead skin. I also love that because this comes in powder form it is easier to store long-term and travel with.

Tatcha Polished Deep Rice Enzyme Powder Review

Product Type - water-activated enzyme exfoliating powder meant for oily or acne-prone skin
Scent - none
On the Skin - I was unable to personally try this as my skin is far to sensitive
Price - $65 (60 grams/2.1 oz)
Where to Buy - 
My Thoughts - I was unable to personally try this version as my skin is far to sensitive, but if it is as effective for oily and acne-prone skin as the Classic was I would be very impressed! I love that Tatcha didn't approach these exfoliating powders with a one-size-fits-all mentality and offers multiple versions for different skin types.

Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers Review

Product Type - handmade blotting paper free of powder and fragrance made of Abaca Leaf with gold flake
Size - 3.74" x 3.74"
On the Skin - absorbs even small amounts of oil very well
Price - $12 (30 sheets), $40 (4 pack of 30 sheets each)
Where to Buy -
My Thoughts - I have fairly dry skin so excess oil isn't a huge problem for me, but I do tend to get the teeniest bit oily in the summer in my T-zone. Not enough to shine, but when I'm wearing a full face of makeup it's nice to be able to blot if it's warm. These sheets are amazing. They didn't leave me feeling "dry", just fresh. Even when there was only a the slightest little bit of oil (not even enough to be able to see) I found these sheets absorbed it incredibly well. I love that there's no powder on them--a huge NO for my sensitive skin. Absolutely worth grabbing a few packets of!

What do you think? Would you try any of the products above? What are you biggest skin concerns?

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand for review. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand. 


  1. I'm not familiar with this brand, but the products sound nice. I want to try out the rice enzyme powder and the blotting beauty papers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. You're welcome! They're both really nice from my experience :)

  2. A new brand to me, but some of these products sounds great. I have recently got into cleansing oils, so would be keen to try that one

    1. I LOVE cleansing oils :) This is definitely a good one.


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