Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Root Canals Are Jerks!

If you follow me through social media you may already know I had the second half of my root canal procedure this week and I am SORE as heck today. One side of my face is a tad swollen, too. Not the best time to take face shots or lip swatches!

I'm hoping to be able to rally and get some more swatching done starting tomorrow because I have so much to share before the end of the month, but be patient with me. I hate mouth pain--ugh.

In other news, I've heard MAC Alluring Aquatic launched early in some stores today--tomorrow for the rest. I have most of the pieces from this collection that I personally purchased and will try to get swatches up soon if I can as I've had quite a few questions about them--especially the bronzers on medium complexions and the lipsticks. I did not purchase any of the lipglasses--just a heads up!

Stay tuned and check back in soon ;)

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