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MAC x Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Collection - Temptalia has all the details plus my first impression

Please tell me some of you were in love with "The Osbournes" back in the day as much as I was? My bestie is british and she and I fell in love with that show and watched it religiously. It was absolutely hilarious! And yes, I own the series dvds.


When I heard a few months ago that Kelly and Sharon (who are one of my favorite mother-daughter duos) were going to be teaming up with MAC on a limited edition collection I was over-the-moon excited. This collection has been at the top of my list ever since and I've been scouring the web for sneak peeks. It launches June 2nd according to PR info so keep an eye out!

Thankfully, Temptalia has just posted all the details on the collection along with promotional images. Check it out!

MAC x Sharon & Kelly Collection First Impression

I have to be honest, they could pretty much put anything in this collection and I'd buy at least a few items, but I had high hopes for this collection given how chic I've always thought Sharon was and how lovely Kelly's taste has evolved to be. Kelly is a mix of Jackie O with a touch of modern rock 'n roll to me and I love it!

I'm happy to say that this collection does not fall flat for me and the names are just as fun as the products themselves! Since I'm often asked for my opinions on upcoming MAC collections from readers and followers (and family members lol), I thought it would be easier if I did an entire post on this topic. Here are my thoughts on the products being released...

MAC x Sharon & Kelly Lipglasses, Lipsticks, Patentpolishes, Liners

Lipglasses - Pussywillow, Bijou
I'm not generally a regular lipglass fan, I actually prefer lustreglass as I find it's a tad stickier (which I don't mind) and bleeds less on me. Ever since I hit my 30s I've found 95% of the lip products out there bleed on me and with glosses I prefer them to be easy-breezy, throw them in your purse and put them on without worrying. That being said, I think the colors in this collection are nice, but not at the top of my list. Does that mean I won't buy 1? Not necesarily, but for me lipglasses are rarely ever the standout products in any collection. 

Lipsticks - Strip Poker, Riot House, Kelly Yum-Yum, Dodgy Girl
I'll take one of everything! You all know lipsticks are often at the top of my list with most collections, but I knew Kelly would give me something extra special to really lust over. While I'm a tad surprised that from everything I've read Kelly Yum-Yum is identical to Candy Yum-Yum (a favorite shared by Kelly and myself), but with a satin finish. I hope speculation is wrong and this is slightly unique in color compared to the original. That being said, I'll be grabbing it regardless of the fact I own Candy Yum-Yum a few times over already. The other shades look fantastic! I read that Kelly's neutral, Strip Poker, is meant to work for any skin tone--actually I'm pretty sure her intent was to make sure all 4 worked on fair to deep skin tones. From the promotional pictures it looks like these lipsticks will be a hit and (if my guess is correct) probably the first things to sell out.

Patentpolishes - Innocent, Patentpink, French Kiss, Ruby
I previously reviewed MAC's Patentpolish lip pencils and really enjoyed them. I'm actually glad to see these come back with this collection and think they suit Sharon's half of the collection quite well. One the one hand, I'm a little sad 2 shades are repromotes, but I do think they are good shades. All in all, I'm torn on whether or not I'll grab 1. If I do it'll probably be Patentpink as I skipped it the last time.

Lip Liners - Cranberry, In Synch
I try to make a habit of not buying perm products in limited edition collections. I know the packaging is gorgeous, but I have to draw the line somewhere ;) 

Cranberry sounds nice and doesn't appear to be a repromote like In Synch, though I likely already have a few similar liners already. If it's not super dupable I may grab it.

MAC x Sharon & Kelly Eye Shadow Quads - Duchess, Bloody Brilliant

From what I can tell in the promo images, it looks as if Sharon's quad has a warm neutral theme and Kelly's has a cool-toned purple theme. If I buy either (which I probably will depending on how they perform) I will probably grab Kelly's Bloody Brilliant quad simply for the names alone. It does look as though both quads are possibly a mix of perm and LE shades, though the LE shades with fun names remind me of perm shades. Either way, I think the shades in each quad complement each other so if you like to buy the shadow palettes these may be for you!

And shadows aside, who doesn't want a lilac or pinky-red shadow palette?

MAC x Sharon & Kelly Blushes - Peaches & Cream, Cheeky Bugger

Okay, obviously I need a blush named Cheeky Bugger! It reminds me so much of my second "mum", my best friend's mother, and I simply have to have it.

Names aside, both blushes sound like nice shades, but I've heard Kelly's is possibly best suited to lighter complexions--a regular difficulty for me with blushes.

I may just buy both and if Peaches & Cream doesn't work out for me I'll gift it to one of my fairer sisters. They sound like they'll be pretty though and I like that they've both got Satin finishes. I think that's nice for spring/summer blushes.

MAC x Sharon & Kelly Mineral Skinfinish Duos - Refresh, Jolly Good

These are definitely both on my list as I'm curious to see what they're like in person. Since they look as though they both have a mix of a lighter and slightly deeper shade there may be a chance these could work on us medium girls! Fingers crossed. I'm interested to see whether or not either has a noticeable amount of shimmer, too. I personally don't like heavy shimmer in face products, so we'll see!

MAC x Sharon & Kelly Eye Liners - Bountiful Brown Powerpoint, Rapidblack Jumbo Penultimate, Smolder Eye Kohl

I am insanely picky about eyeliners because of the shape of my eyes and the way tears pool and wear away at my liner over the course of the day. I doubt I will grab any of the liners, though they certainly round out the collections well color-wise. 

MAC x Sharon & Kelly Brushes - 275 SE Medium Angled Shading, 167 SE Face Blender, 219 SE Pencil, 183 SE Buffer

I honestly never buy the LE brushes. From my experience, I usually don't like them because the handles are sometimes travel-size and the bristles aren't always my favorite. These brushes are super cute though so I may grab one from each collection just to collect them ;)

MAC x Sharon & Kelly Brow Duo - Morning Mr. Magpie 

I think this is a fairly good brow duo for med to dark brows, but I'm a little confused by 2 things:

1. From what I remember Soba has some gold flecks in it which seems an interesting choice for a brow powder (I'm not a fan of anything reflective in brows)
2. Blondes will need to like having light-medium, warm brown brows (I often use gray-toned light browns on blondes)

While I don't think this brow duo is for me, I can see some people liking it and given how much attention brows are getting this year, it seems like a good addition to the collection. 

Those are my thoughts! What are yours?

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