EvolutionMan Conceal& Treat Review


EvolutionMan is a popular men's skin care brand that offers some great products that range from skin care to body wash. They have been featured in numerous magazine and are sold in multiple online stores and brick and mortar stores around the country.

EVOLUTIONMAN Conceal & Treat

This is a concealer that is blendable and treats imperfections at the same time, covering them up. One great thing about these products is that they do not contain parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, GMOs or triclosans.

Price $22.00 each

Where to buy

This product can be bought directly though EvolutionMan’s website.  

There is also a complete list of store that sells EvolutionMan products here.

EvolutionMan Conceal &Treat.
Cache Imperfection & Treatment.
One 0.08 oz (2.4 mL) tube.

Price - $22.00 each

Final Thoughts

I have only used a few different concealers in my life and to be honest I had to ask my wife on her opinion on how best to use these. One thing I noticed was that I could not really blend these to match my actual skin tone. I am currently fairly tan. I am told I have an oily t-zone and that might have affected the outcome of these products as well in regards to their performance. The concealer did seem to slide around a bit on my skin during application because of my skin type. Normal to dry skin would probably not have this issue.

One of the concealer sticks/tubes was damaged when I received it and would not go down all the way, but that was probably a one-off since the other two concealer sticks were fine. I tried these products on my forehead and nose where I tend to have blemishes most. The medium-dark seemed too orange-toned to match my skin and the medium was a bit too light, though the medium did have more of a pink undertone (my wife says I have more of a pink undertone so if this were slightly darker it would have been a better match). The lightest shade was far too light for me, but seemed fairly cool to neutral in undertone. After applying these, I did not really notice the concealer on my skin at all. It seemed to blend well and wasn't chalky. It did seem to cover up imperfections well, even though I could not make it match my skin tone. I think if you have the right skin tones and do not have oily skin these concealers would work well for you.

Performance Scores

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Conceal & Treat
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