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The Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club

So we have all seen the funny commercials for the Dollar Shave Club, and if you are like me I wondered how well the blades perform and how the whole thing works. There are three (3) different packages you can choose from. The $1, $6 and the $9, each one offers something a little different from the other. When you first sign up you will receive a handle for whichever package you chose.
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$1.00 Package

This is for the “basic shaver” according to the website. It comes with 2-blade stainless steel blades, 5 cartridges a month. This package does not include shipping and handling. On a side note I did not try this package so I do not know how well the blades perform.

$6.00 Package

I received this package and I felt like it was comparable to any razor you can pick up at your local grocery store or Walgreens/CVS. This package comes with 4-blade stainless steel blades and 4 cartridges per month. I compared this to the Mach 3 razor, an every day razor that won’t let you down. Shipping and handling is included with this option.

$9.00 Package

They call this “the Executive” since it is like a personal assistant for your face. It comes with six-blade stainless steel blades, 4 cartridges per month and on the backside of the razor there is a single blade trimmer. When you first sign up for this one it comes with a very nice, somewhat hefty, handle that provides extra control and precision while shaving. Shipping and handling is also included.


Once you select your package there are a few add-ons that will show up for you to try. There is Dr. Carver’s easy Shave Butter and One Wipe Charlies. Both of these were sent to me to try and I will say, who doesn’t love a clean bum? The first time I used the wipes I was a little shocked by the tingly feeling you get from the peppermint. After you know what to expect they are quite enjoyable and work great. As for the shave butter, I have sensitive skin so this did not provide the glide that I need when using a shaving product. I did, however, talk to someone I know that uses the dollar shave club and they felt it worked well for them.

Price $1.00/$6.00/$9.00

Where to buy

The different packages can be bought directly through the Dollar Shave Club website.

Final Re-cap

Price - $1.00/$6.00/$9.00

Buy it Here-

Final Thoughts

This is a great deal for the price! The razors I used were the 6 and 9 dollar ones and I would recommend and purchase either of these two packages. I did prefer the weight of the 9 dollar razor and having the trimmer on the back is a great bonus, especially if you have facial hair to maintain. This set of razors provided a close shave without any real razor rash to speak of. I used this razor 5 times and it was still sharp.

The 6 dollar package was a great deal, too; the razor did not cause me to have any real razor rash and the blade was still sharp after a few times of use. I did use a different shaving cream while trying out these razors since the shave butter did not work great for me. To sign up you can go right to the Dollar Shave Club website and select your razor package and then it ships right to your door. Very convenient if you ask me since I am one of those people that goes out to the store and always forget to grab razors.  

Performance Scores

Men’s Shaving Product
Glide During Shave
Closeness of Shave
Skin Irritation
Overall Score
Dollar Shave Club Razors
Dr. Carvers Shave Butter
One Wipe Charlies
On a scale of 1-5 (1 being poor performance, 5 being great). 0 means it did not do this at all.

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