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MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil Partial Collection Swatches & Review - Berry Bold, Fearless, Go For Girlie, Hopelessly Devoted, Kittenish, Teen Dream

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mac patentpolish lip pencil swatches and review

MAC Profile

MAC, my original high-end makeup love that first caught my attention over 14 years ago, produces both pro and general consumer makeup products that range from prep to finish along with quality makeup tools. 

MAC just released their limited edition Patentpolish Lip Pencil collection this week and I'm excited to share swatches and reviews on 6 of the 12 shades that launched! 


These retail for $20 (2.3g)

Where to Buy

These are available directly through MAC's site now and I believe they launch April 3rd in-store

MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil Swatches & Review - Berry Bold, Fearless, Go For Girlie, Hopelessly Devoted, Kittenish, Teen Dream

Product Type

These are self-sharpening lippies with a really unique glossy lip pencil formula. Imagine Revlon's Balm Stains had a baby with MAC's Huggable Lipcolours--voila! 


Some of my tubes had a stronger signature MAC vanilla scent than others, but none were as strong as my MAC lipsticks in my opinion--I almost wish they were as strong (love that scent) or perhaps had a fresh and fruity smell since they're a unique spring product. 


As mentioned above, there were a total of 12 shades launched in this limited edition collection and I chose the following 6. All of these were swatched on bare lips. Keep in mind, I have very little pigmentation in my lips naturally so these may appear different on those with more pigmented lips. 

mac patentpolish lip pencil berry bold swatch and review
MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil Berry Bold - semi-opaque warm red

mac patentpolish lip pencil Fearless swatch and review
MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil Fearless - creamy cool-toned medium pink 

mac patentpolish lip pencil Go For Girlie swatch and review
MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil Go For Girlie - bright pink with slight light coral hue (slightly brighter in person, but my camera had a hard time capturing it); this was the only shade where I noticed that up super close pigment settled into lip lines, but it wasn't noticeable from arm's-length away

mac patentpolish lip pencil Hopelessly Devoted swatch and review
MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil Hopelessly Devoted - well-pigmented raspberry fuchsia

mac patentpolish lip pencil Kittenish swatch and review
MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil Kittenish - dainty tea rose; a very natural shade

mac patentpolish lip pencil Teen Dream swatch and review
MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil Team Dream - creamy orange (the name reminds me of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream of course!)

On the Lips

These have a really unique formula that I found very comfortable to wear. They were fairly gel-like, slightly tacky and glossy. Though there was a tad bit of tackiness to them, they did not pull much at the lips during application and I wouldn't say they were as tacky as some glosses--when lips were pressed together and pulled apart I could feel it slightly, but not overwhelmingly so. I would recommend (as always) exfoliating prior to wearing these as they may cling to dry skin.

They melted quickly with body heat during application, but did not slide around on the lips. With wear, the slight tackiness completely faded. While this didn't bleed in the lines around my mouth like typical lipstick, I had a slight "halo" of lippy around my lips after an hour or so, so for those of you like me that have difficulty with this I suggest clear lip liner around lips. They were all generally well-pigmented and could be built up to a degree in color, yet because of their glossy, semi-gel-like formula they offered a fairly smooth finish that was semi-opaque and made lips look juicy and fairly smooth. Some shades were more opaque than others and some shades offered a more glass-like finish. I've broken them down below:

  • Berry Bold - fairly well pigmented and semi-opaque, but buildable in color and glossy
  • Fearless - well pigmented and offered a smooth, mostly opaque, glossy finish
  • Go For Girlie - fairly well pigmented and pretty glossy in person; pigment did settle into lip lines up close, but this was not noticeable from a normal standing distance
  • Hopelessly Devoted - the most opaque of the bunch with the smoothest overall finish up super close (though all were smooth and glossy)
  • Kittenish - nicely pigmented and glossy; very natural looking on the lips
  • Teen Dream - glossy and semi-opaque, but moderately buildable in color; I think how this appears on lips will be largely influenced by the wearer's natural lip color (I have very little pigmentation in my lips)


These are self-sharpening lip pencils that are about the same size as many popular chubby lip pencils. The bottoms of the tubes twists and the lippies screw up and down as needed. The tip of the lippies come rounded and I actually found these easy to apply straight from the tube, though I think they work well with a lip brush as well.. 

mac patentpolish lip pencil Berry Bold swatch and review

Final Re-cap


These retail for $20 (2.3g)

Where to Buy

These are available directly through MAC's site now and I believe they launch April 3rd in-store

Final Thoughts

I love these! I am generally a huge fan of lip products in pencil form and these are unlike anything I currently own. If you liked MAC's Huggable Lipcolours then you will definitely like these! If you didn't like the gel-like texture of the Huggables, these may or may not be something you'll enjoy as they are similar, but not identical. These will require that your lips are in fairly good shape and recently exfoliated (I'm methodical about my lip care), but they're worth it in my opinion.

I think these are absolutely fantastic for spring and know mine will get a lot of use. They're fresh and plump on the lips and the colors are fantastic. There are a few other shades I'd like to grab before they're gone--Patentpink, Spontaneous and Sultana. 

Of the shades above (though I'm happy with all of them) I'd say my favorites are probably:
  • Go For Girly (fantastic if you like bright, light pinks with a little extra something)
  • Hopelessly Devoted (ohmagosh amazing fuchsia)
  • Fearless (just a great general pink) 
  • Teen Dream (spot-on for this year's spring 2014 orange lip trend) 

What do you think? Will you be grabbing any of these limited edition pencil lippies from MAC? Which are your favorites?

Note: Products in this post were purchased by me.


  1. I have been waiting for a review on these!! Now I need to pick some up!

    1. Woohoo!!! You're going to LOVE them!

  2. Finally! A review on these! I love Kittenish and a few more. Maybe will go for these!

  3. Those are really pretty! Great lippies!

  4. So glad I have a few on the way! But damn you for making me wish I picked up more!!

  5. These look awesome! I actually love the unique application and formula that you describe!

    1. I think it's really personal preference! For me it's a win ;)

  6. Love the look of Berry Bold what a great shade!


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