Friday, February 21, 2014

Sugarpill Cosmetics Chromalust and Pressed Shadow Swatches Part 2 - Diamond Eyes, Soot and Stars, @#$%!, 2AM, Paperdoll, Stella

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Sugarpill Cosmetics Profile

Sugarpill, one of my all-time favorite indie cosmetic brands, sells an amazing array of loose and pressed shadows. I first came across Sugarpill in their first year and I'm so glad I did. They instantly became one of my favorite bright shadow brands and have maintained this position ever since--you've probably noticed I regularly use Sugarpill in tutorials.

I recently swatched 21 of the Sugarpill Chromalusts and pressed shadows I own, but after Sugarpill's recent sale I purchased 6 more shadows, which I've swatched below. I had been after @#$%! ever since it was released at IMATS a while back. I hadn't purchased full palettes for either Cold Chemistry or Heart Breaker as I had heard mixed reviews on the textures and felt I probably had dupes for many of them. The sale (and a lot of requests from you guys for swatches of additional colors) finally wore me down and I grabbed a few colors from both collections! Paperdoll and Stella were the last Chromalusts on my wishlist I had yet to purchase, so I scooped those up as well. 


Sugarpill shadows individually retail for $12 each (pressed and loose)

Where to Buy

Sugarpill shadows are available directly through Sugarpill's site

Sugarpill Chromalusts Swatches - Paperdoll, Stella

Sugarpill Chromalusts are gorgeous, multidimensional loose shadows that I personally think work best when foiled (I usually use a mixing medium like MAC's water-based mixing medium). 

sugarpill paperdoll chromalusts loose shadow swatch
Sugarpill Paperdoll - vibrant lavender with micro sparks

sugarpill stella chromalusts loose shadow swatch
Sugarpill Stella - black base with multicolored sparks

Sugarpill Pressed Shadow Swatches - @#$%!, 2AM, Diamond Eyes, Soot and Stars

Sugarpill's pressed shadows are fantastic! The majority of them are completely matte and some are somewhat satin-y. They blend well, are extremely pigmented and the range of colors is amazing. I absolutely adore these!

sugarpill @#$%! limited edition shadow swatch
Sugarpill @#$%! - vibrant blue-based red with micro sparks

sugarpill 2am pressed shadow swatch
Sugarpill 2AM - bright plum with light lavender sparks

sugarpill diamond eyes pressed shadow swatch
Sugarpill Diamond Eyes - buttery, pearly white
This is more brilliantly white in person, but swatched against my skin it looks a bit duller than it is in person. It actually has a super slight pink tone to it that reminds me of a whiter MAC Phloof!.

sugarpill soot and stars pressed shadow swatch
Sugarpill Soot and Stars - pearly graphite black with micro sparks
The sparks are more noticeable in person, but they are not as obvious on the skin as they are in the pan.

Final Re-cap


Sugarpill shadows individually retail for $12 each (pressed and loose)

Where to Buy

Sugarpill shadows are available directly through Sugarpill's site

Final Thoughts

I love all 6 of these shades and even if I own somewhat similar base colors compared to a few, Sugarpill has a way of adding a little extra something (like the gorgeous micro sparks) that makes their shadows a bit more unique compared to many run-of-the-mill shadows. 

I highly recommend giving these or any of the 21 other shadows I previously swatched a try! It seems no matter what I've purchased over the years, Sugarpill has yet to really disappoint me once I get their shadows in my hands!

What do you think? Will you be purchasing any of these shades?


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    1. Thank you! Unfortunately comments with links are not allowed--sorry! Please feel free to comment again without the link :)

  2. Wow. Very dramatic colors! I've never tried that brand — I'll have to look for it.

    1. Sugarpill does crazy colors very well :) They're a (larger) indie company so you can only find them on their site and a select few fun shops! Definitely worth considering imo ;)

  3. Wow, could these get any more pigmented?? Awesome!


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