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Sephora Collection Z Palette Dome Palette and Limited Edition Crocodile Burgundy 4U Z Palette Review

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sephora collection dome z palette and limited edition crocodile 4u z palette review

Z Palette Profile

For those of you unfamiliar with Z Palette, they produce magnetized palettes that allow you to customize and depot your existing palettes, compacts, pans, etc. They offer a variety of sizes (Pro, Dome, Large, 4U, Small) and a number of patterns/colors (black, hot pink, leopard, zebra). They also occasionally put out limited edition designs which are so fun! The interior of the bottom of these palettes are magnetic and work with most pans from my experience. For pans that do not stick to these palettes (such as MAC), you can use the magnetic stickers that come with these palettes or purchase them separately if you need more. 

Sephora released their limited edition Crocodile line over the holidays (still available on Z Palette's site) and recently collaborated with Sephora to create an exclusive line of Sephora Collection Z Palettes! I have one of each to share with you today.


Crocodile Z Palette 4U retails for $18.50 (additional sizes available)

Sephora Collection Z Palette Dome retails for $28 (additional size available)

Where to Buy

Crocodile Z Palettes are available directly through Z Palette's site.

Sephora Collection Z Palettes are available through Sephora/

Sephora Collection Z Palette Dome Review

sephora collection z palette dome review
Sephora Collection Z Palette Dome

Product Type

This is an exclusive Dome Z Palette that was created exclusively for Sephora as part of their Sephora Collection by Z Palette. It includes a set of small rectangle and circle sticky magnets to be used with pans that don't naturally stick to Z Palette's magnetic base (such as MAC). Additionally, it comes with a small metal spatula!

sephora collection z palette dome megnetic palette review
Each Sephora Collection Z Palette includes a set of sticky magnets and a metal spatula

Exterior Design

This magnetic palette comes sporting Sephora's recognizable black and white striping--love it!


Z Palette's Dome palette for Sephora comes in the following dimensions: 8'' X 5 6/16'' X 3/4''

Z Palette Dome Depth vs Standard Z Palette Depth

The Z Palette Dome is extra deep to allow you to organize and store even raised, rounded pans such as baked blushes, bronzers, etc. Here you can see how much deeper it really is!

sephora collection z palette dome megnetic palette review
Z Palette Large (left) vs Sephora Collection Z Palette Dome (right)

Z Palette Large v Z Palette Dome

The Z Palette Dome is not just deeper than standard Z Palettes, it's also wider!

z palette large vs z palette dome sephora collection
Z Palette Large (left) vs Sephora Collection Z Palette Dome (right)

How do various pans fit in the Extra Large Z Palette?

Z Palette does a great job of telling you how many of certain pan sizes released by different brands fit in each palette. I strongly recommend referring to this page to learn more

My Thoughts

I absolutely love the Z Palette Dome (it's large enough to fit even your tallest dome pans of product) and as a long-time Sephora fan, I can't help but adore this palette! I think it's super cute, extremely functional and I love the addition of the metal spatula! You can never have too many in my opinion. The price is reasonable as the standard Z Palette Dome retails for $25--for only $3 more you can this exclusive design with the metal spatula. I love that these will be even more accessible now that Sephora is carrying both the exclusive Sephora Collection Dome and a Small (which also includes a small spatula and sticky magnets). Definitely worth it if you're looking for cute new ways to organize and transport your makeup--especially rounded, raised pans of product!

Limited Edition Z Palette 4U Crocodile Burgundy Review

limited edition z palette crocodile 4u magnetic palette review

Product Type

This is a limited edition Z Palette 4U design that was released over the holidays and which is still currently available--though I'm not sure for how much longer! It comes with 8 sticky magnets to be used with pans that don't naturally stick to the Z Palette's magnetic base (such as MAC). 

Exterior Design

This line of Z palettes come with faux crocodile in both burgundy (seen here) and oak (a blond version of this design). Burgundy is definitely a nice deep burgundy purple that's actually prettier in person than it is online! The exterior isn't cheap looking, but actually very classy and very unique from what we usually see from Z Palette. While I'm not typically a big faux animal skin fan, I'm surprised by how much I genuinely like the look of this palette! 


This palette comes in the standard Z Palette 4U dimensions: 

Outside 6.25″L x 4″W x 0.625″D
Inside 5.5″L x 3.18″W x 0.25″D

How do various pans fit in the Z Palette 4U?

I did an extensive review of the Z Palette 4U in a previous post and included a tutorial on how to create your own custom lipstick palette, which you can refer to if you're curious about this particular size!

My Thoughts

The 4U is a great size for creating small on-the-go palettes. It's small enough it could easily fit into a handbag, but large enough to fit a decent amount of products for personal use. I am surprised by how much I like the Crocodile Burgundy line. I think it's attractive and unique and certainly something that could appeal to those looking for a palette with more aesthetic appeal than your average palette. 

Final Re-cap


Crocodile Z Palette 4U retails for $18.50 (additional sizes available)

Sephora Collection Z Palette Dome retails for $28 (additional size available)

Where to Buy

Crocodile Z Palettes are available directly through Z Palette's site.

Sephora Collection Z Palettes are available through Sephora/

Final Thoughts

I've been a long-time Z Palette fan so it came as no surprise that I enjoyed both of these palettes. I love that Sephora is now carrying Z Palettes and I think that they'll reach an even broader audience of makeup lovers as a result. I'm surprised by how much I actually like the Crocodile Burgundy 4U, but it really is a chic looking little palette. 

I have been using Z palettes for years to organize some of my makeup. I've always loved that the magnetic bases are extremely strong and things don't budge while traveling. I did notice while organizing these that I could detect a slight difference in strength between my newer and older Z Palettes. I also noticed that my sticky magnets in my more recent palettes seemed a tad weaker than ones I received in older palettes. Older Z Palettes came with magnets with yellow backings you pulled off. Newer ones seem to all come with white peel-off backings. I went to organize some MAC pans in a newer palette the other day (with the sticky magnets from Z Palette on the bottom) and found that they moved around with little effort with the white-backed magnets, but they seemed slightly sturdier with the yellow-backed magnets. I'm not sure if it's me or if they have actually changed, but my gut is telling me they seem different. I'll play around a bit more and share what I find. Obviously this won't affect those that don't travel with their makeup.

All in all I'm still a Z Palette fan for organizing pans and love what they've recently put out, though I may not travel much with newer palettes if I find they cannot keep shadows from shifting around. I look forward to seeing what else they come up with for 2014 and perhaps they'll put out stronger magnetic palettes for those of us that have to worry about pans sliding about!

What do you think? Will you be snapping up either of these newer Z Palettes?

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand. 


  1. I love the crocodile one! This is such a fabulous idea, to let you build your own palette.

  2. This is great, but I only have ONE homeless blush! :x I guess that needs to change soon?

    1. Definitely! I tend to purchase individual pans WHENEVER possible as it cuts down on costs and allows me to organize my personal stash and kit better :)

  3. Oh wow. This looks incredible. I need to try this!


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