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New Extra Large Z Palette - Available on

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extra large z palette magnetic palette review
Extra Large Z Palette magnetic palette

Z Palette Profile

For those of you unfamiliar with Z Palette, they produce magnetized palettes that allow you to customize and depot your existing palettes, compacts, pans, etc. They offer a variety of sizes (Pro, Dome, Large, 4U, Small) and a number of patterns/colors (black, hot pink, leopard, zebra). They also occasionally put out limited edition designs which are so fun! The interior of the bottom of these palettes are magnetic and work with most pans from my experience. For pans that do not stick to these palettes (such as MAC), you can use the magnetic stickers that come with these palettes or purchase them separately if you need more. 

Z Palette recently released their "Extra Large" size which is a super-sized version of their original Z Palette., a fabulous pro beauty retailer, was kind enough to offer to send one to me to share with you!


This palette retails for $28

Where to Buy

This palette is available through as well as through Z Palette

Extra Large Z Palette Review

Product Type

This is a super large empty magnetic palette meant to store and organize individual makeup pans. This comes with a set of 20 sticky magnets that come in both small rectangle and circle shapes meant to be used with makeup pans that do not stick to Z Palettes on their own (such as MAC pans). 


This palette measures as follows:

Outside dimensions: 8.25"L x 6.19"W x .56"D
Inside dimensions: 7.38"L x 5.25"W x .25"D

Extra Large Z Palette vs Large Z Palette

If you're already a Z Palette owner you're probably wondering how much larger the Extra Large is compared to the Large. Here's a few shots to give you an idea...

zpalette extra large palette compared to large zpalette palette review
Extra Large Z Palette compared to Large Z Palette

As you can see, the Extra Large is a bit longer and significantly wider than the Large.

Extra Large Z Palette vs Z Palette 4U

I love the Z Palette 4U for creating a small on-the-go palette traveling palette for personal use. I wanted to show you just how much bigger the Extra Large is compared to the 4U, too.

zpalette extra large compared to zpalette 4u review
Extra Large Z Palette compared to Z Palette 4U

Obviously the Z Palette 4U is quite a good deal smaller than the Extra Large.

How do various pans fit in the Extra Large Z Palette?

Z Palette does a great job of telling you how many of certain pan sizes released by different brands fit in each palette. I strongly recommend referring to this page to learn more. However, if you're like me and you simply want to see how a few of the more popular size pans fit in the palette you're considering, I've taken a shot with a few different styles for reference.

zpalette extra large magnetic palette review
The first column are Inglot shadows stacked horizontally length-wise, the second column are a typical small round pan, the third column are square pans I purchased directly from Z Palette. Their pans are great and I highly recommend them--they fit beautifully in their palettes.

As you can see, you can comfortably fit 4 Inglot square pans in each column. You can also fit 5 small round pans, though it is a teeny bit snug, but doable. And if you want an absolutely perfect fit, 5 square Z Palette pans does the trick! 

Final Re-Cap


This palette retails for $28

Where to Buy

This palette is available through as well as through Z Palette

My Thoughts

I really love the Extra Large! You guys know I'm a makeup storage junkie and my stacks of palettes can attest to the fact that I love and regularly use magnetic palettes to store and transport my products--including Z Palettes. The Extra Large is a great addition to the Z Palette family. I'm interested to see if they make a Domed version of this palette in the future--the existing Dome palette is slightly smaller width- and length-wise. I highly recommend giving this size a try if you're looking for a large palette to organize your pans. While Z Palette's pans are always a perfect fit, as you can see a variety of brands and sizes also fit well into their palettes--especially this one. This would easily house larger pans such as face powders, too. 

Don't forget! offers free shipping on all U.S. orders. They also offer a fantastic pro discount to pros at various levels. 

What do you think? Will you be grabbing an Extra Large Z Palette to organize your makeup? Time to de-pot!

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand. 


  1. I love this idea! What a great tool for organizing everything.

  2. I love these magnetic palettes to help keep my collection stored nicely. Otherwise I end up with a hundred and one random singles or doubles and the excess packaging wastes so much space.

  3. Sigh...if only I could get organized. I'm a champ with nail polish. Makeup...not so much. :)

    1. Well grab one of these and get to organizing, missy ;)

  4. Replies
    1. @Kelly this was for you! My silly comments are acting up again ;)

  5. Very cool. I love seeing how you organize these!

  6. Oh I definitely need an extra large size!

  7. It's both fun and stressful (because I'm a perfectionist lol). So much better than a billion compacts though!


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