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21 Sugarpill Pressed Shadow and Chromalust Swatches

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Sugarpill Pro Palette - posted by Sugarpill and not currently available but on my wishlist!

Sugarpill, one of my all-time favorite indie cosmetic brands, sells an amazing array of loose and pressed shadows. I first came across Sugarpill in their first year and I'm so glad I did. They instantly became one of my favorite bright shadow brands and have maintained this position ever since--you've probably noticed I regularly use sugarpill in tutorials.

I admittedly own a decent amount of Sugarpill as a result--and still need to get my hands on Sparkle Baby and the pro palette along with the new brushes. I realized that I haven't swatched half of what I own over the years for you, despite regularly using Sugarpill in tutorials. I thought it might be helpful if I swatched everything I own and put the swatches in one place in case you're interested in trying Sugarpill for the first time.

Everything was swatched on bare skin without primer and nothing was foiled. While I absolutely recommend foiling Sugarpill Chromalusts (their loose shadows) and applying the pressed powders over a good primer, which is how I tend to use them, you can use both the pressed shadows and Chromalusts any way you like.

Sugarpill Birthday Sale Information

Date: February 17th from 12am to midnight PST

Details: 20% off applied in shopping carts (no promo code necessary). Discount does not apply to new releases. 

Sugarpill Chromalust Swatches - Absinthe, Darling, Goldilux, Hysteric, Lumi, Magentric, Royal Sugar, Smitten, Starling, Tiara, Tipsy

Sugarpill Chromalusts are gorgeous, multidimensional loose shadows that I personally think work best when foiled (I usually use a mixing medium like MAC's water-based mixing medium). Smitten is limited edition so it will not be on sale in the Birthday Sale, but since it's limited I wanted to include a swatch as it's back on sale as of the time of this post.


These retail for $12 (they will be 20% off on the 17th)

sugarpill chromalust absinthe swatch
Sugarpill Absinthe - lime green with gold shimmer

sugarpill chromalust darling swatch
Sugarpill Darling - medium teal with aqua flecks (it is brighter when put over a light base as opposed to bare skin)

sugarpill chromalust goldilux swatch
Sugarpill Goldilux - extremely gorgeous metallic brassy gold

sugarpill chromalust hysteric swatch
Sugarpill Hysteric - metallic purple

sugarpill chromalust lumi swatch
Sugarpill Lumi - the most magical aqua shimmer that layers beautifully over anything and everything

sugarpill chromalust magentric swatch
Sugarpill Magentric - slightly plum-toned metallic magenta

sugarpill chromalust royal sugar swatch
Sugarpill Royal Sugar (newer formula) - gorgeous electric blue with aqua sparks

sugarpill chromalust smitten swatch
Sugarpill Smitten - hot watermon-y magenta with sparks

sugarpill chromalust starling swatch
Sugarpill Starling - blue jeans blue with green shimmer (this may be discontinued, I couldn't find it on the site)

sugarpill chromalust tiara swatch
Sugarpill Tiara - steely metallic silver

sugarpill chromalust tipsy swatch
Sugarpill Tipsy - bright grass-green with plenty of sparks

Sugarpill Pressed Shadow Swatches - Afterparty, Bulletproof, Buttercupcake, Dollipop, Flamepoint, Love+, Midori, Mochi, Poison Plum, Tako

Sugarpill's pressed shadows are fantastic! The majority of them are completely matte and some are somewhat satin-y. They blend well, are extremely pigmented and the range of colors is amazing. I absolutely adore these!


These retail for $12 (these will be 20% off on the 17th)

sugarpill pressed shadow afterparty swatch
Sugarpill Afterparty - bright satin-y medium blue

sugarpill pressed shadow bulletproof swatch
Sugarpill Bulletproof - extremely black with a slightly satin finish when packed on

sugarpill pressed shadow buttercupcake swatch
Sugarpill Buttercupcake - bright matte yellow

sugarpill pressed shadow dollipop swatch
Sugarpill Dollipop - bright matte pink (one of my all-time favorite pinks)

sugarpill pressed shadow flamepoint swatch
Sugarpill Flamepoint - bright matte orange

sugarpill pressed shadow love+ swatch
Sugarpill Love+ - bright primary red

sugarpill pressed shadow midori swatch
Sugarpill Midori - slightly satin green

sugarpill pressed shadow mochi swatch
Sugarpill Mochi - matte muted seafoam green (this swatches noticeably darker on me than it does on those with fairer skin)

sugarpill pressed shadow poison plum swatch
Sugarpill Poison Plum - semi-satin vibrant eggplant purple

sugarpill pressed shadow tako swatch
Sugarpill Tako - matte white (fabulous white shadow)

Sugarpill Must-Haves

I have to be honest, I would re-buy (and have for some already) all of the shades above! But if I absolutely had to narrow it down to a list of must-have pressed shadows and Chromalusts I'd have to say the following would make the cut.

  • Absinthe Chromalust - if you love bright acid greens this is absolutely a must. It was one of my first chromalusts and it's still a favorite
  • Lumi Chromalust - another one of my first Sugarpill loves and it is phenomenal. I pat it over everything--so good!
  • Goldilux Chromalust - this is by far one of the most stunning golds I've ever owned. It's unique enough that even though I own a ton of gold shadows this is still one I reach for and have bought more than once. 
  • Royal Sugar Chromalust - such an absolutely amazing blue and the new formula is definitely a little bit easier to work with. I had the original formula and repurchased the recently released, slightly tweaked new formula.

  • Afterparty Pressed Shadow - this is a phenomenal blue that is great to work with and unique even compared to the billions of blues I own.
  • Dollipop Pressed Shadow- one of my all-time favorite pink shadows! I am super picky about pink shadows and this one never lets me down. It is a must if you love pink shadows.
  • Bulletproof Pressed Shadow - it can be so hard to find nice black shadows and this is definitely a must. It is insanely pigmented and super deep-buy it!
  • Love+ Pressed Shadow - red shadows can be super hard to find. This is a true red that does not disappoint.
  • Poison Plum Pressed Shadow - this is such a lovely and unique shade of purple--super pigmented and easy to work with. Definitely a must and one I regularly reach for.

BeautyPopStop Sugarpill Wishlist

While I certainly have a decent amount of Sugarpill shadows, I still have some things on my list of must-haves! Some of the items below have not yet been released and/or will not be included in the sale, but I thought it would be fun to share my wishlist anyway. 

So what do you think? Will you be grabbing anything in Sugarpill's sale?


  1. Great swatches! And solid advice on the must-haves!

    Do you have any of the Cold Chemistry colours? If not--I *highly* recommend Soots & Stars. Every time I use it it blows my mind. It's so sparkly, less "black" than Stella, but a joy to work with. (Not that I don't enjoy working with Stella, Stella is super too!)

    1. Thank you! Ironically, Cold Chemistry is the ONLY collection Sugarpill has ever done where I felt like I already owned quite a few similar shades in my collection and I'm trying (really trying and not always succeeding lol) in purchasing wisely given how much I own lol. I see a lot of people love that palette/collection though! Sparkle Baby has been at the top of my list forever on the other hand. Need them now!!! ;)

  2. Wow! These are amazing! I love looking at Sugarpill looks, too.

    1. Aw thanks :) Sugarpill is so fun to work with!

  3. These are so crazy pigmented! Thanks for introducing me to this brand!

    1. They are so phenomenal! You're welcome <3

  4. Wow, so stunning! I wanna see eye looks with these soon! <3

  5. I've used almost every single one in a tutorial at some point with the exception of mochi and tiara :) They are AMAZING!


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