Friday, January 10, 2014

Perhaps my most anticipated collection of 2014 thus far ... Kelly and Sharon Osbourne x MAC

I'm literally dying over here! Sharon Osbourne shared the image below on twitter earlier today and I nearly fell out of my seat. I have been a huge fan of Kelly and Sharon since The Osbourne days--yes, I won the dvd sets. I think both are hilarious and Kelly has developed this amazing mix of edgy yet classy style that is just so fabulous. I think Sharon always looks timeless and lovely. I am so excited! Now to wait until June ... how will I make it?

Given their tastes and honest tell-it-like-it-is natures I'd assume we're in for some nicely performing products! My polishes fingers and toes are crossed ;)

Sharon Osbourne shared this pic earlier on twitter stating her collection with Kelly and MAC would launch in June!


  1. Sorry, I'm finally playing catchup on my internets links...I still think Proenza Schouler is my big 'I NEED IT ALL' MAC collex. Just because of the packaging. Also bc it looks like Ripe Peach has made a much anticipated and yearned for comeback, but the packaging is unbelievably stunning! Love Proenza Schouler as a fashion designer so I can't wait to see what it is finally released...
    I miss The Osbournes, that show was one of MTV's best!

    1. I definitely want to see swatches from Proenza Schouler as well. We shall see! The show seriously was one of the best.


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