Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Limited Edition MAC Huggable Lipcolour Swatches and Review - Red Necessity, Commotion, Cherry Glaze

Purchased By Me

mac huggable lipcolour swatches and review

MAC Huggable Lipcolour Profile

MAC recently released a limited edition collection of huggable lipcolours, which are meant to be long-wearing, glossy and hydrating. These were inspired by Asian trends according to MAC. A total of 12 were released in the U.S. and 12 were released in Asia (2 of the colors released in the U.S. were not released in Asia and 2 exclusive colors were released in Asia, but not the U.S.). I grabbed 3 the day they launched--Cherry Glaze, Commotion and Red Necessity. 


These retail for $20 each 

Where to Buy

These are available for a limited time on MAC's site as well as through MAC stores/counters. Almost all shades were still available at the time of this post. 

MAC Huggable Lipcolour Swatches and Review


I purchased the following shades. All swatches below were applied to bare lips without liner and reflect 2 layers of product. I had to turn the exposure down on these because these have a super juicy gloss to them that my camera hyper-exposed, which makes my skin look a bit odd, but leaves the lip shades true to color. 

mac huggable lipcolour cherry glaze swatch and review
MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Cherry Glaze - cherry popsicle red

mac huggable lipcolour commotion swatch and review
MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Commotion - slightly deep magenta

mac huggable lipcolour red necessity swatch and review
MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Red Necessity - deep berry red

On the Lips

Applying these is most similar to applying a really nice, gel-like balm, however, they are far more pigmented than a balm on my not-so-pigmented lips. They had great slip and applied evenly for me. I personally do not like lipstick tubes with the round, flat ends--such as these. I have small lips so I find them difficult to apply super precisely--though I generally prefer lip brushes regardless. For these I attempted to apply straight from the tubes as well as with a lip brush. I definitely found a lip brush best for precise application. I suggest applying straight from the tube for layer 1 as these warm with body heat, then applying layer 2 with a brush to get a nice precise outer edge. 

Once on the lips these become slightly tacky when they set. Not nearly as tacky as tacky gloss, but just slightly tacky. I personally don't mind tacky gloss so these didn't bother me at all, but for someone super sensitive you might possible dislike this texture.

I did find with wear that these feathered slightly. I have big issues with this with 80% of lip products, so if this isn't something you regularly struggle with it will likely not be an issue. If you're like me, I suggest using a clear lip liner around the outer perimeter of your lips to create a barrier--an easy fix. 

Final Re-cap

Final Thoughts

For the price, I think these are a must for those that love lip products, want to try a new formula and don't mind slight tackiness. I absolutely love the three colors I chose and adore the finishes and textures. I'm contemplating grabbing a few more before they're gone! I've seen others review them and it seems as if these have the type of formula and price tag combo most either love or hate. I'm on the love side, personally. I think they make lips look juicy and glossy--love that! I have to grab Love Beam and Fashion Force if I can before they sell out for sure.

I think for most it will all come down to the price tag. Are they worth it? Yes, in my opinion based on my experience, but only for those that fit the criteria I mentioned above. If these aren't for you just wait a little while because MAC is sure to release plenty of fabulous lip products this year if sneak peeks I've seen are any indication!

What do you think? Must or move on?

Products in this post were purchased by me. I have reviewed them honestly and all opinions above are my own based on my personal experience. 


  1. Gorgeous on you! I love these, but have bought so many pretties lately! <3

    1. Thanks! Yeah, you have to really WANT this different formula for them to be worthwhile I think ;)

  2. Commotion looks great on you! I just got some in and can't wait to give them a try!! Great review!

    1. Ooooh I hope you like them, too! And thanks ;)

  3. These are some of the prettiest lip swatches I have ever seen!

  4. These look absolutely gorgeous on you!

  5. what a juicy colors. love all of it ♥

  6. I think I am going to have to try these!


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