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First Experience with Apollo Trendz - Philosophy Amazing Grace, Benefit The Talent Brush, Clinique Almost Lipstick Review

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Apollo Trendz Profile

Apollo Trendz is a new-to-me beauty e-tailer that carries primarily high-end and luxury cosmetics from a variety of brands. I love that they offer free worldwide shipping--you know how I feel about shipping lol. They recently sent me several products to review and share with you. 

Note: As of the time of this post 2 of the 3 products sent went out of stock. I was informed that Apollo Trendz goes through a lot of products and inventory move fast so I'm assuming these products may possibly become available again in the future.

Where to Buy

Apollo Trendz's store can be found HERE

Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfume Review

philosphy amazing grace perfume review

Product Type

This is a perfume from Philosophy's Amazing Grace collection. I know this is quite a popular scent among Philosophy lovers.


Amazing Grace is a musky floral scent. While Philosophy has always described this as having a light musk, I actually find that the musk is as strong as the floral to my nose. 


This retails for $16 for .5 fl oz with Philosophy (I was unable to find this on Apollo Trendz site and have contacted them to verify)

Where to Buy

My Thoughts

I have smelled Amazing Grace before. While I typically do not like perfumes with musk in them, I have found I liked this on certain people and I know quite a few people (including several in my family) that love and wear this. I strongly recommend it if you're looking for a slightly more sophisticated, floral musk fragrance.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Shy Honey Swatch and Review

clinique almost lipstick shy honey swatch and review
Clinique Almost Lipstick in Shy Honey 

Product Type

This is a sheer balm-like lipstick with a moderate glossy finish.


As you can see above color does not really transfer to the lips, however, it does provide a nice semi-glossy effect. I have VERY little pigmentation in my lips so what you see above is the actual shade of my lips naturally. 

On the Lips

This was comfortable to wear and applied like a semi-hard balm. 


This was listed with a retail price of $15 and a sale price of $10.49 as of the time of this post

Where to Buy

As of the time of this post this is available on Apollo Trendz's site HERE

My Thoughts

If you're the type that prefers a more natural lip this is a great option. It's not extremely glossy so it's a more subtle effect, but still nice. Given that it has virtually no color and it's very slim, this can easily be applied straight from the tube. 

Benefit Cosmetics The Talent Brush

benefit cosmetics the talent brush review

Product Type

This is meant to be a multipurpose brush used for liner, shading and contouring. I believe this is an older model Benefit brush as Benefit's brushes now have a blond wood looking handle if memory serves me correctly. 

As a Liner Brush

I found this brush worked moderately well as a liner brush. The bristles are a tad long and a bit too flexible to create a super thin line with ease, but I've always been a bigger fan of rounded liner brushes than flat liner brushes. That being said, it will take a tiny bit more care to create a precise line with this brush as the tip tends to flex and splay a bit with gel liner.

As a Shader

I am incredibly confused as to why Benefit would ever recommend using this as a shader, unless you were using a cream shadow. This is a reasonably good small paddle brush in terms of applying cream products, but I wouldn't recommend it for loose or pressed powders. This could also double as a small concealer brush if you were applying a thin layer.

As a Contouring Brush

I'm baffled by this as well. I have never seen a small paddle brush used for contouring. I cannot recommend it for this purpose, but I honestly think brushes are very personal tools so someone out there may find it works beautifully for contouring. 

As a Lip Brush

While using this as a lip brush wasn't listed on the packaging, I personally find any decent, firm, small paddle brush can make an okay lip brush. This worked best for sheer lip colors as the flexible ends made creating a super precise perimeter a tad tedious. Something to keep in mind if you want a multipurpose brush and tend to wear sheer colors!


I'm unsure of what the suggested retail price on this is as it's no longer available with Benefit or Sephora and it was out of stock with Apollo Trendz.

Where to Buy

My Thoughts

Depending on what you're looking for this brush may be something you want to pick up, especially if Apollo Trendz lists it at a really good price. 

What do you think? Did any of these products spark your interest? 

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand. 


  1. Love the lippy! It really makes your lips look flawless! <3

    1. Believe it or not it actually didn't really change the appearance of my lips aside from a slight gloss!

  2. Replies
    1. Definitely read through the entire post prior to buying as I think it's great for some things, but not necessarily all the things it is marketed towards :)

  3. Replies
    1. Lol thank you! You guys are cracking me up, that's actually my natural lip color :)

  4. Thanks for the info on these products at the etailer - never heard of the site before so I must check it out!

  5. That brush looks great! I always love your makeup and brush reviews!

  6. Thank you! I'm actually going to review a bunch of brushes in my personal collection and kit soon I think!

  7. Oh i love the brush!!!Looks so good. i love a multipurpose brush.


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