Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Badrick's Mug Scrub Review

Press Sample

Occasionally the Hubs gets the opportunity to share his opinions on products for men--he's contributed since BeautyPopStop launched over 3 years ago! While he's the type most would categorize as a "manly man" he enjoys good grooming products--and he's not afraid to share it! This post contains his review below and has been written in his voice. If you have a product for men you'd like him to review you can contact us directly through the "contact me" tab above.

badrick's mug scrub review

Badrick’s Profile

According to Badrick’sSkincare Inc. they were born through scratching their own itch; the itch that comes from the in between stage of stubble and true full beard. Badrick’s Skincare, Inc. is dedicated to their customers and to helping all men put their best (and bearded) face forward everyday.

Price $14.95


Where to buy

The Mug Scrub can be bought directly through the Badrick’s website.

What is included

One Jar of Mug Scrub

Badrick’s Mug Scrub

Helps get rid of clogged pores, imbedded facial hair, or just dry flaky skin. Mug Scrub rises above other scrubs by bringing it to you Badrick's style- gentle but firm.

Final Re-cap

badrick's mug scrub review

Price - $14.95

Final Thoughts

On the website it says that the scent is Tabaco and vanilla. You can smell the vanilla but there is no real strong Tabaco smell. I used about a quarter size amount of Mug Scrub on my face while in the shower and used hot water to rinse. After rinsing my skin felt very clean and very smooth. There was no irritation caused by the scrub and I do have fairly sensitive skin. Overall I would give this scrub a 5 out of 5 and I would recommend it to my friends.

Performance Scores

Men’s Shaving Product
Scrub Factor
Closeness of Skin
Skin Irritation
Overall Score
Mug Scrub

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being poor performance, 5 being great). 0 means it did not do this at all.


  1. Sounds interesting! Will keep this in mind for Valentine's Day! :)

  2. Sounds like a nice product....men need "beauty" products too!

    1. Oh absolutely! Patrick has always been big on grooming products, but over the years we've been married I think he's only gotten deeper into his appreciation for them lol

  3. I love that your hubby reviews products too! This is awesome!

    1. Hahaha aw thanks! He started his section of the blog shortly after the main blogged launched 3 years ago--so crazy!


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