Top 5 Must-Have Sugarpill Loose Shadows for Pink Weekend - In my opinon

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sugarpill pink weekend top 5 loose shadows for black friday and cyber monday sale

If you're wavering on what to buy during Sugarpill's amazing Pink Weekend (going on now and ending Monday), here are my top 5 choices for their loose shadows!

1. Lumi

Lumi is ... magical! I put it over everything, use it to highlight, etc. Trust me, you need this!

2. Goldilux

Easily the most amazing gold loose shadow in the history of makeup. It has the most lovely texture and the payoff is to die for. It's great wet or dry.

3. Absinthe

If you like bright lime-acid greens this is a must. My favorite gree I own.

4. Tiara

If you are looking for a silver shadow this is for you! It's just the right shade of true silver.

5. Royal Sugar

Newly reformulated (can't wait to get my hands on it to compare) this is the most beautiful, bright cobalt blue with plenty of reflects scattered in it. 

Sugarpill's loose shadows are discounted anywhere from 20% to 50% off! Perfect time to snatch a few or all of these. Definitely worth it in my opinion! 


Want to Earn Money Back While You Shop Black Friday Weekend? Remember Ebates!

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I'll be the first to admit I regularly forget to use Ebates when I shop online ... and I primarily shop online! This year I am fully committed to remembering lol. Last year I did the same for Black Friday and earned $24 back!

If you have an account just log in through the website and look up the stores you want to shop (they sometimes list amazing promo codes and sales as well) and click through! I've noticed that if you accidentally close the window down and then purchase it sometimes will not track your sale, so make sure you go through Ebates when you're ready to buy!

If you're new to Ebates, you can sign up HERE and begin earning money back immediately.

I've always had it hooked up to my Paypal, but there may be another way to get your "payday" if you don't use Paypal--you'll have to check!

Will you be doing your Black Friday shopping online or in-store? I'm going to be doing a mix (and have already gotten some done while cooking!


A Moment of Thanks and A Quick Update!

Hey, lovelies!

I wanted to take a minute away from pie-baking and working on a project with a super close deadline (for my "day job") to update you and share a moment of thanks.

Thanksgiving is almost here so for the next 36-48 hours or so I'm going to be super busy! I will try to continue to update any last-minute Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales info that comes in, but I probably won't be able to resume reviews until Saturday at the earliest.

I hope you all have an amazing and safe Thanksgiving as you travel or stay home--hopefully with loved ones! Also, stay safe on Black Friday! I wish you all luck--I'm planning to brave the crowds with one of my sisters assuming all goes well! Score big ;)

I'm so thankful for this blog and every reader that stumbles upon it! This blog has challenged me, helped me grow and given me something to pour my passion for the beauty industry into while I'm taking a sabbatical from being involved in the industry in other ways as I focus on the needs of my little guys. I'm also beyond thankful for the Hubs (also a contributor on this blog for the men's section!) and the boys, who sometimes have to wait a moment so their wife/mommy blogger can finish editing last-minute photos, publishing a review, taking another silly selfie, etc. While I'll never sacrifice my family for my blog, I'm happy to say they have made it a bit easier for the two to function successfully simultaneously!

I am still so thrilled each time someone new finds my blog--even nearly 3 years after first launching it! I hope I can continue to provide you with useful insight and a fresh point of view.

Thank you again for giving me yet another thing to be thankful for tomorrow and all year long!

Primarily Blogger Behind BeautyPopStop

P.S. Don't forget, you can view the handful of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales I've received info for in the Black Friday & Cyber Monday tab above!

Grooming Lounge The Best Shampoo Review

Press Sample 

Grooming Lounge The Best Shampoo For Men Review

Grooming Lounge Profile

Grooming Lounge is a popular online company that also has brick and mortar spas in DC and Northern Virginia. They carry a variety of different brands as well as ones that their barbers have designed and approved.



Where to buy

This kit can be bought directly though Grooming Lounges website.

What is included in the kit

The Best Shampoo  
Comes in a 2oz and 11.6oz option

Grooming Lounge “The Best Shampoo”

I have been using this shampoo for about two weeks now. Not every day, but every other day or so. When you first open the bottle there is a nice menthol smell. I use about a quarter-size amount of the shampoo. It lathered up very nicely and my hair was very clean feeling after using it. I would rate this shampoo as a 5 out of 5.

Final Re-cap

Price -

 $8.00 (2oz)  $20.00 (11.6 oz)

Buy it Here-

Final Thoughts

This is a great shampoo, it smells great and my hair felt very clean after using it. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great shampoo. I did use a conditioner after shampooing since it does not come with one and it is not combination shampoo/conditioner-- my hair is slightly curly and requires conditioner to avoid becoming dry. I have also used this on both my sons and it worked great on their heads, too.

Performance Scores

Men’s Shaving Product
Amount needed
Lather factor
Skin Irritation
Overall Score
Grooming Lounge
The Best Shampoo

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being poor performance, 5 being great). 0 means it did not do this at all.


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal and Gift with Purchase!

Info in this post was provided by PR/the brand

obsessive compulsive cosmetics little black dress lip tar occ black friday sale


'LITTLE BLACK DRESS’ Stained Gloss, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics newest colour innovation, imparts high-impact shine and subtly defines lips with a sheer veil of black pigment. This unexpectedly wearable shade creates the perfect neutral lip colour, that hydrates and softens lips, while maintaining a slick, glossy finish that lasts throughout the day. 

Debuting right in time for Black Friday and continuing through Cyber Monday, all orders $50.00 USD and over will receive complimentary domestic shipping within the contiguous United States. Want more? All orders over $75.00 USD and over will receive a free ‘LITTLE BLACK DRESS’ Stained Gloss (limit one per customer) in addition to complimentary ground shipping. ‘LITTLE BLACK DRESS’ will also be available permanently future forward at OCCMAKEUP.COM

Where to Buy

OCC's Black Friday deals will be available through their site from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Inglot Black Friday Sale and Gift with Purchase!

Info in this post was provided by PR

inglot black friday and cyber monday sale

Inglot has been one of my favorite companies for some time. Their shadow selection is fantastic, their face products are great, their gel liners are my all-time favorite and the prices are so good, it's hard not to purchase constantly!

As you can see above, for Black Friday Inglot is offering customers 20% off all products with the exception of freedom system palettes and accessories. That's a decent discount given how well-priced items are to begin with!

Additionally, all purchases over $80 will receive my FAVORITE black gel liner--Inglot #77 gel liner. I've used it in a bunch of looks and most recently used it for most of my black detail work in my recent Lichtenstein-inspired pop art look for Halloween!

Where to Buy

This Black Friday promo will happen on Inglot's site from 3am EST Nov 28th EST to 3am EST Dec 4th!

Zoya Nail Polish Black Friday Deals

Information in this post was provided by PR

zoya black friday sale
Making Nail Polish Wishes Come True... 

ZOYA DREAM BOXES Just add a bow and you are ready to go!

Nail Polish Dreaming reaches new heights this holiday season with the release of Zoya Dream Boxes, curated nail polish color combinations delivered in deluxe black gift boxes of three (3) and six (6) or simply order a box and fill ‘em up yourself, with over 300 gorgeous hues, the possibilities are almost endless. Pssssst.... they make a gorgeous gift when stacked tall too!
zoya nail polish black friday sale
Zoya Dream Box: Tinsel Time - Ziv, Storm, Trixie Nail Polishes


Supplies are VERY LIMITED - ORDER EARLY! Free Shipping on all.


Amazing trios custom curated for you by the color experts at Zoya.
ZPDRMBX1301 - Zoya Tinsel Time: includes Zoya Ziv, Storm and Trixie.
ZPDRMBX1302 - Zoya Glittering Gift: includes Zoya Storm, Payton and Blaze.
ZPDRMBX1303 - Zoya Fireside Chic: includes Zoya Black Swan, Casey and Sam.

ZPDRMBX1304 - Zoya Oh What Fun: includes Zoya Aurora, Dream and Logan.
ZPDRMBX1305 - Zoya Roasty Toasty: includes Zoya Lael, Timo and Envy
ZPDRMBX1306 - Zoya Warm Wishes: includes Zoya Maria Luisa, Sarah and Asia.
ZPDRMBX1307 - Zoya Merry and Bright: includes Zoya Alegra, Ivanka and Charla.
ZPDRMBX1308 - Zoya Ice is Nice: includes Zoya Ziv, FeiFei and Daul.
ZPDRMBX1309 - Zoya Rosey Cheeks: includes Zoya Kerry, Tinsley and Bobbi.
ZPDRMBX1310 - Zoya Cozy Cashmere: includes Zoya Nyx, Vespa and Godiva.
ZPDRMBX1311 - Zoya Starry Night: includes Zoya Tomoko, Dahlia and London.
ZPDRMBX1312 - Zoya Sparkling Lights: includes Zoya Carter, Sunshine and Arabella


Amazing six packs of color in deluxe black gift boxes.
ZPDRMBX1313 - Zoya Keep it Cozy: includes Zoya Flynn, Hunter, Livingston, Mason, Neve and Channing.
ZPDRMBX1314 - Zoya Sugar Rush: includes Zoya Tomoko, Dahlia, Chyna, Arabella, Carter and Sunshine.
ZPDRMBX1316 - Zoya Festive Favorites: includes Zoya Maria Luisa, Storm, Kissy, Blaze, Aurora and Mosheen. 

zoya nail polish black friday sale dream boxes gift with purchase
Zoya Dream Box - Sugar Rush


Feeling creative? Gather up a few favorites and add to a box of your own...
ZPBLBOX03 - Zoya Build Your Own Box - Trio (3):
Order the box and fill it up with three of your own polish picks. $24 (US).
ZPBLBOX04 -Zoya Build Your Own Box - Six (6) Pack:
Order the box and fill it up with six of your own polish picks. $48 (US).


The big box! Loaded with 12 fabulous colors in a deluxe black gift box.
ZPDRMBX1315 - Zoya Cheers to All: includes twelve (12) colors -  Zoya Ziv,  Anaka, Sarah, Rekha, Dakota, Stacy, Payton, Dream, Timo, Black Swan, Noot and Cassedy in a Mega Deluxe Dream Box. 

zoya nail polish black friday sale dream boxes
Zoya Dream Box - Cheers to All.



*Available with any $72 purchase on 
Includes 12 piece Zoya “Cheers to All” Gift Box (above), Zoya Color Lock Mini plus FREE shipping. 

Over $118 Value! VALID 6PM EST 11/28/13 until 11/29/13 11:59PM EST. ONLY. 
HURRY - EXTREMELY Limited Quantities - while supplies last. Limit one per customer or account.


Sigma Beauty Cyber Monday 20% Off Product List with Full Details!

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Sigma Beauty Cyber Monday Makeup Brush Sale, Deals, Promo Code

Sigma will be offering Cyber Monday deals this year in addition to our Black Friday promotion. The Cyber Monday promotion will offer guests 20% off select items. The full list of items can be seen below, along with their regular price and price after the discount. To take advantage of this special promotion, simply use the code CM2013 and 20% will be deducted from your order. The promotion will start at 12AM CST December 2 and end at 11:59PM CST December 2.

Where to Buy

All Cyber Monday products can be seen HERE

Promo Code

Use the code CM2013 and 20% will be deducted from your order on Cyber Monday

Sigma Products on sale on Cyber Monday

Brushes (pink reflects discounted price) 
  • E11: $12 ($9.60)
  • E16: $12 ($9.60)
  • E17: $12 ($9.60)
  • E21: $12 ($9.60)
  • E36: $12 ($9.60)
  • E46: $12 ($9.60)
  • E47: $12 ($9.60)
  • E56: $12 ($9.60)
  • P80: $18 ($14.40)
  • P82: $18 ($14.40)
  • P84: $18 ($14.40)
  • P86: $18 ($14.40)
  • P88: $18 ($14.40)
  • Basic Eyes Kit: $69 ($55.20)
  • Make Me Crazy (with colored ferrule): $155 ($124)
  • Make Me Cool (with colored ferrule): $155 ($124)
  • Make Me Blush (with colored ferrule): $155 ($124)
  • Mrs. Bunny Essential (with colored ferrule): $155 ($124)
  • Mrs. Bunny Travel (with colored ferrule): $155 ($124)
Brush Care
  • Spa Glove – Aqua/Pink/Purple/Black: $35 ($28.00)
  • Dry’N Shape: $32 ($25.60)
  • Classic Brush Roll: $17.60 ($14.08)
  • Dare Eye Shadow Palette: $29 ($23.50)
  • Flare Eye Shadow Palette: $29 ($23.50)
  • Paris Makeup Palette: $49 ($39.20)
  • Individual Eye Shadows (all): $11 ($8.80)
  •  Eye Shadow Bases Kits: $36 ($28.80)
  • Brow Tweezer: $11 ($8.80)
  • Mirrors (all): $15 or $16.20 ($12.00 or $12.96)

Fortune Cookie Soap Nightmare Before Christmas Themed Soap Box Giveaway & Review

Purchased By Me  Sponsored Giveaway

Don't forget to head over to the "Giveaways" tab! Lots going up between now and the end of the year!

Yes, you read that right! This is a giveaway (sponsored by Fortune Cookie Soap) and review of Fortune Cookie Soap's amazing Nightmare Before Christmas themed soap box which sold out a while back! Make sure you follow my facebook page and instagram because I tend to post sneak peeks of upcoming posts and giveaways there first and there's plenty of good stuff to come!

fortune cookie soap nightmare before christmas soap box review and giveaway

Fortune Cookie Soap Profile

Fortune Cookie Soap has been a long-time favorite of mine! You've probably seen the many reviews I've done on their soap boxes and collections over the past couple years. One of my favorite things about them is that they create some of the cutest seasonal stuff--ever!

When I heard that Fortune Cookie Soap was going to release a Nightmare Before Christmas themed soap box and collection for the holidays I nearly died! I am a huge Tim Burton fan and my kids absolutely adore Nightmare Before Christmas. I knew this would be yet another collection I had to jump on--and I did the second the full collection launched the other night!

Then Fortune Cookie Soap reached out and offered to give away a box to one of you lovely readers! I swear it's like Christmas came early! My Nightmare Before Christmas themed soap box arrived a couple days ago so I'm beyond excited to get this sponsored giveaway started and share my thoughts on the items in this fantastic soap box.

Fortune Cookie Soap Nightmare Before Christmas Themed Soap Box Giveaway Sponsored by Fortune Cookie Soap

I know you guys are just as excited for the giveaway as you are to hear about what's in this fab box, so I won't make you wait! You can enter below. The winner will receive his/her box directly from Fortune Cookie Soap. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fortune Cookie Soap Nightmare Before Christmas Box Review

I'm going to break down the products in this box below for you! I have to admit, when I opened this box I swear the song "What This?" should have been playing in the background. Each thing had me more and more excited! I've had issues with my allergies on top of a cold so I had a little bit of a hard time deciphering the scents in these products, but I tried my best for you guys! Here's what was inside..


This is a quarterly box priced at $19.99 every 3 months!

Where to Subscribe

As of right now FCS is not accepting new subscribers, but when they open subs back up you can sign up through their site

Fortune Cookie Soap Jack Bath Fizzy Review

Fortune Cookie Soap Jack bath fizzy reivew nightmare before christmas

Product Type

This is a totally fabulous Jack Skellington bath fizzy that's around the size of a half-dollar! How perfect is this? I definitely picked up a few in the full-size collection as well. 


To me this had a citrus-y, berry, autumn scent to it. Super perfect for late fall!

Fortune Cookie Soap Sally Fortune Cookie Soap Review

Fortune Cookie Soap Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Soap Review

Product Type

This is a lovely Sally themed fortune cookie soap. It's a perfect Sally blue with an adorable little patch! I had to take a second pic to show off that cute patch--I love Sally and this was absolutely one of my favorite products in this collection and box!

Fortune Cookie Soap Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Soap Review


To me this had a fresh "mountain spring" type scent.

Fortune Cookie Soap Oogie Boogie OCD Review

Fortune Cookie Soap Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie OCD Hand Sanitizer Review

Product Type

This is an Oogie Boogie themed OCD sanitizer. Fortune Cookie Soap's OCD hand sanitizers are my favorite and since both of my kids have some issues with their immune systems, we tend to stock up on these constantly! They were beyond thrilled by this one.

And because Fortune Cookie Soap is so darn fantastic, look what they put inside of them?!

Fortune Cookie Soap Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie OCD Hand Sanitizer Review

It's a bug!!! So fun! A hand sanitizer perfectly befitting that chubby, gambling, bug-filled sack--Oogie Boogie!


This had a sweet cinnamon scent to me.

Fortune Cookie Soap Lock, Shock and Barrel Bath Melt Review

Fortune Cookie Soap Nightmare Before Christmas Lock Shock and Barrel Bath Melt Review

Product Type

This is a bath melt meant to look like one of the devious little characters in the Lock, Shock & Barrel trio! Too fun!


This scent was a slight mystery to me, but I think I detected a mix of spices, berries and perhaps citrus at the end?

Fortune Cookie Soap Sandy Claws Body Butter Review

Fortune Cookie Soap Nightmare Before Christmas Sandy Claws Body Butter Review

Product Type

This is an exfoliating body butter paying homage to "Sandy Claws"! I love my solid body butters so I'm really excited to use this!


I know this is meant to smell like a mix of chocolate and chai (and I love both of those things) but for some reason this smelled like chocolate covered raisins to me! Not a bad thing and it could just be me and my allergy/cold bothered nose.

Fortune Cookie Soap Zero Dry Soap Review

Fortune Cookie Soap Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Dry Shampoo Review

Product Type

This is a dry shampoo powder dedicated to one of my other favorite characters from Nightmare Before Christmas--the adorable "Zero" the ghost puppy! 


This scent was really hard for me to smell. Accordingly to Fortune Cookie Soap it's meant to smell like peppermint with a hint of pumpkin, so given that I couldn't smell this enough to tell you (darn nose) we'll go with that!

Fortune Cookie Soap Thanksgiving Town Whipped Cream Body Butter Review

Fortune Cookie Soap Nightmare Before Christmas Thanksgiving Town Whipped Cream Body Butter Review

Product Type

Fortune Cookie Soap released 4 Holiday Worlds Whipped Cream Body Butters and each soap box received a surprise world. I got Thanksgiving Town! So appropriate given how close we are to Thanksgiving!


This is super yummy pumpkin pie, candied sweet potatoes and Thankgiving deliciousness scent! So darn yummy! If you liked I Yam What I Yam from the fall collection you will love this!

Fortune Cookie Soap What's This Roll On Perfume Review

Fortune Cookie Soap Nightmare Before Christmas Whats This Roll On Perfume Review

Product Type

This is the second year Fortune Cookie Soap has done their fun "mystery" scent! Last year the Hubs actually guessed it correctly to me! He didn't submit his guess, but I still think it's fun just to try to decipher mystery scents. All you have to do is smell it, submit your guess to Fortune Cookie Soap at [email protected] and 1 winner will be drawn for a $50 FCS gift certificate out of those that get it right!


Obviously I can't share what I think it is since it's a mystery scent, but I can tell you that I actually like this scent! Looking forward to seeing if I'm right once it's announced!

What do you think? Will you be grabbing anything from Fortune Cookie Soap's Nightmare Before Christmas themed collection? 

Monday Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Information in this post was provided by PR/the brand is an online beauty retailer that carries a number of popular beauty and hair brands, including Maijan oils, which I recently reviewed in a past post. They have a number of sales going on for the holiday including Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! Sitewide Promotion: From now until 12/22/13, receive $20 off all orders over $100 + Free Shipping over $25 using the Coupon Code:  HOLIDAY20

Babyliss Appliance PromotionPurchase the brand new Babyliss MiraCurl Nano Titanium Curl Machine from Black Friday (11/29/13)—Cyber Tuesday (12/3/13) and receive all 5 After Care Products FREE including:
  • Babyliss Pro MiraCurl Curl Prep 8 oz.
  • Babyliss Pro MiraCurl Curl Foundation 6 oz.
  • Babyliss Pro MiraCurl Defining Spray 8 oz.
  • Babyliss Pro MiraCurl Hair Spray 10 oz.
  • Babyliss Pro MiraCurl Thermal Shine Spray 4 oz. 

Maijan Promotion: Purchase the new Maijan Pure Argan Oil & Mint Hydrating Shampoo 12 oz. and receive the Maijan Pure Argan Oil & Mint Hydrating Conditioner 12 oz. for FREE! Cyber Monday 12/2.

One Day Maijan Promotion: Take 30% off all Maijan Products including Argan Oils, New Shampoos & Conditioners, & Facial Steamers on Cyber Monday 12/2/13. 

Keratin Complex PromotionAll Keratin Complex products including shampoos, conditioners, after care products, and appliances will be 20% off Black Friday 11/29/13 through Cyber Tuesday 12/3/13.

Moody Sisters Black Friday Sale through Cyber Monday

Information in this post was provided by PR/the brand

You may remember I reviewed Moody Sisters skincare not too long ago. I have some of the details on their Black Friday sale for you! Each day there will be a special deal. There will also be a special VIP box available that weekend as well and it looks amazing!

Where to Buy

These deals will be found on Moody Sisters' website


Holiday 2013 LUSH Rudolph Fresh Face Mask Review

Purchased By Me

Don't forget to head over to the "Giveaways" tab! Lots going up between now and the end of the year!

holiday 2013 lush rudolph fresh face mask review

LUSH Profile

Lush is an international company that creates handmade bath, body and cosmetic goodies. They pride themselves in offering quality products filled with natural ingredients. They are very vocal in regards to the fight against animal testing and tend to support a number of other worthwhile causes as well (something I personally love). In my opinion, they tend to put out some of the cutest holiday products. 

As part of their amazing holiday 2013 collection (which I reviewed in part in this past post) LUSH released this amazing fresh face mask called Rudolph. The second I saw this I knew I couldn't resist it. Put a red jelly nose on a face mask, name it after a cute holiday character and I'm sold! I also love that LUSH's fresh face masks are free of preservatives (which is why they must be refrigerated and purchased in-store only) as that is generally my preference! Of course the last time I popped into LUSH I had to grab it to try and share with all of you. 

Now, something you guys may not know about me if you don't follow me on instagram is that the Hubs (who manages the men's section of this blog) loves doing skincare treatments with me. He's not a fan of products with strong feminine scents typically, but if it's subtle or gender neutral he's all over it! We've been best friends since we were about 16 (I actually dated our mutual best friend for years!) and he's always loved doing masks and other skin care related treatments with me. So of course when we got married it was no different. Our motto has (half-jokingly) always been, "the couple that masks together, stays together!". When I brought Rudolph home he was more than willing to give it a try, so while this is technically my review, I'm really excited to share his experience below as well because it was surprising and fabulous!

Here's the original post I shared on instagram when we first did this mask together. For some reason the light cast awful bags under and around the Hubs' eyes, but given how hard it is to get a decent pic with both of us in it we gave up and posted it anyway. He's a good sport! You can view the original post on instagram HERE, the comments were really sweet.


This LUSH fresh face mask retails for $6.95 (2.1 oz)

Where to Buy

This can only be purchased in-store at LUSH

LUSH Rudolph Fresh Face Mask Review

holiday 2013 lush rudolph fresh face mask review winter skincare

Product Type

Rudolph is an adorable fresh face mask made with a mix of skin-calming ingredients including calamine, oatmeal and cucumber. It also has the most adorable red jelly "nose" that looks like a sparkly little cherry!


This has the most interesting scent. There is definitely a strong cucumber scent. I could also detect the mint and witch hazel. My son, who actually has a heightened sense of smell (part of his sensory integration disorder), could actually pick out the green tea in this while I was wearing it! I personally could not deconstruct it that much. The overall scent is fairly strong though and can be detected while on your face. 

On the Face

Because this is a fresh face mask and requires refrigeration because it is preservative-free, it is nice and cold when applied. I love  chilled face masks. If you want it slightly less cold, you can easily rub it between your hands a bit prior to applying. This is fairy thick, yet not too much work to spread out on your face. I applied this over my entire face with the exception of my eyes and mouth. The Hubs applied this all over his face and we rubbed it into the skin under his beard. He keeps a short, full beard year-round and has to take really good care of the skin under it. 

We left this mask on for the recommended time on the tub, then I removed it with warm water and a cloth from my face. My face was so soft and supple and my skin looked bright and healthy! I was very impressed with the results.

Because we had rubbed this into the Hubs' beard, he chose to hop in the shower and rinse it out that way. The exposed skin on the Hubs face was the same as mine (healthy and soft), but the real shocker came when we felt his beard! Not only did this mask do an amazing job on the skin under his beard, his beard itself was soft! His beard is course and moderately curly normally, but the difference this mask made was insane!!! Seriously, he has tried hundreds of products over the years and neither of us could remember a single product that had made that much of a difference. Phenomenal! 

The cherry-looking nose is super cute and can be crushed and mixed into the mask if you like. Personally, I didn't have the heart to do it! 


Fresh Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) , Kaolin ,Glycerine , Fine Oatmeal (Avena sativa) , Tofu , Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera) , Calamine Powder, Witch Hazel Extract (Hamamelis virginiana) , Fresh Mint (Mentha arvensis) , Green Tea Powder (Camelia sinensis) , Organic Lavender Oil (Lavandula augustifolia) , Fair Trade Organic Aloe Vera Powder (Aloe barbadensis) , Sodium Alginate Sulfate ,*Coumarin , *Geraniol , *Limonene , *Linalool

Final Re-Cap


This LUSH fresh face mask retails for $6.95 (2.1 oz)

Where to Buy

This can only be purchased in-store at LUSH

My Thoughts

This is absolutely, hands-down worth trying on yourself as well as any men in your life in my opinion--especially those you tend to kiss! It works wonders on skin and apparently works miracles on those with beards. I will absolutely be purchasing this again before the holidays are over and only wish it was around year-long for the Hubs!

I strongly suggest grabbing this and trying it for yourself or gifting it (as long as you can keep it cold) this holiday season. 

What do you think? Will you be trying this LUSH fresh face mask?