Illamasqua Easter Egg Hunt Day 3 - Pure Pigments on Sale

Today's Illamasqua Easter Egg Hunt includes a selection of their pure pigments on sale. I found the following with the sale price:


Editions De Parfums Frédéric Malle - My first experience with Frédéric Malle

When I first heard that Frédéric Malle would be releasing a collaborative collection of scents--Perfume Portrait--created alongside professionals in artistic fields such as fashion, photography and film I was intrigued. But then I wondered--who is Frédéric Malle and what fabulous perfumes has he created? I did a little research on his site ( and was surprised to learn he is the grandson of Christian Dior Parfums founder, Serge Heftler. It seems his mother also worked for Christian Dior Parfums. For Editions De Parfums it appears as though he has sourced some truly amazing perfumers and allows them to run wild with their creativity as they produce scents that, once completed, he publishes as part of his Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle.

I was given the opportunity by PR to sample two of his scents from Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle--my first experience with anything by Frédéric Malle. I absolutely love perfume, but as I have a sensitive nose I tend to find myself fairly picky when it comes to scents I would personally wear. I was given a sample of Carnal Flower by Dominique Ropion and Le Parfum de Therese by Edmond Roudnitska. Note: I did not include my own pictures of my samples as I don't typically include images of sample-size products in reviews for full-size products to prevent any confusion.

Here are my thoughts...

Carnal Flower of Editions De Parfums Frederic Malle

100ML bottle - Image taken from Frédéric Malle website.

Scent description according to the website:
With tuberose, nature offers her own take on dramatic olfactive clashes. These pretty flowers exude a mixture of flower shop freshness and carnal opulence. This natural contradiction has fascinated generations of perfumers including Dominique Ropion. He started to compose his interpretation of the mysterious flower from the latest high-tech analysis of its evaporation. To remain as close to nature as possible, he decided to use a mix of the best natural extractions and high-tech ingredients. Finally, to generate a link between this flower’s scent and the wearer's skin he exagerated some aspects already existing in the scent of natural tuberose, such as coconut and salycilates, and added a trace of musk. 18 months were necessary to find the perfect balance.

My Impression: Clearly I am not a perfumer or professional in this field, but this is my personal impression when wearing this scent on my skin. To me this came off as a very floral, pretty scent. I did detect the hint of musk (at least I think I did) and this actually reminded me a great deal of my favorite perfumes made in Hawaii using Plumeria that I got as a kid during one of our visits to see family. I like this scent and would definitely add it to my scent rotation if it was within my  price range.

Price:This perfume is priced at $230 for 50 ML or $340 for 100 ML

Where to Buy:
This perfume can be purchased on the Frédéric Malle website HERE



Le Parfum De Therese of Editions De Parfums Frederic Malle

100ML bottle - Image taken from Frédéric Malle website.

Scent description according to the website:
Bright, complex, incredibly modern, Le Parfum
de Thérèse was created in the mid 50s, by Edmond Roudnitska, one of the greatest perfumers of the twentieth century. The fragrance was never commercially produced and remained a well-kept secret because Thérèse, Roudnitska's wife –– for
whom it was created –– was the only person allowed
to wear it. Considered a masterpiece because its water fruit accord is 40 years ahead of its time, this complex fragrance is also reminiscent of glorious perfumes of the past. Tangerine and melon giving way to a carnal rose and plum heart; the base of cedar, vetiver and leather lends class. A vintage fragrance that epitomizes its creator's style. 

My Impression: Again, I am not a perfumer nor is this my area of expertise, so this is just my take of this scent on my skin. As soon as I put this scent on I picked up on the cedar and leather . There is a slight sweetness to it in addition to the cedar that I'm assuming may be attributed to the fruits? It is definitely a unique scent that I would describe as deeper than Carnal Flower. Personally, I prefer crisp, citrus scents so this one is not my personal taste, but I can easily see this appealing to those that like scents of this nature and have the budget to afford it.

This is priced at $125 for 3x10ML refills, $185 for 50 ML or $265 for 100 ML.

Where to Buy:
This can be purchased on the Frédéric Malle website HERE.

I highly recommend scoping out the Frédéric Malle website. There are so many scents and the descriptions sound so amazing! I have so much respect for perfumers that treat their professional like an art, because it truly is one.

Would you consider trying any of Frédéric Malle's perfumes?

As mentioned above, the samples I reviewed were provided by PR. All opinions above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by the PR agency that sent them to me.

Illamasqua Easter Egg Hunt Day 2 - Nail Polish on sale!

Here are all of the polishes I found for sale in Illamasqua's Easter Egg Hunt today:

Happy shopping!


Illamasqua Easter Egg Hunt Day 1 - Illamasqua Vapour matte shadow

For those of you that remember last year's Illamasqua Easter Egg Hunt, it's back!

Today's sale product is shadow including Vapour--a matte tangerine shadow that I'm seriously debating over. Check it out HERE.

Others I found included:

Good Morning America butter LONDON Deals!

As I'm sure you've all noticed I've been a fan of butter LONDON for a long time! I just got word that butter LONDON apparently has some fabulous exclusive sets on sale with Good Morning America that are so bright and lovely--pretty!

Here are the details as provided by PR:

butter LONDON launched four exclusive, “Easter-inspired,” sets this morning on Good Morning America's Deals and Steals. The sets are available for purchase now through March 25 – or until sell out – at using the promo code GMA.

SPRING FLING LIPPY TRIO: add a pop of colour to your spring ensemble with this trio of butter LONDON LIPPY Liquid Lipsticks in Macbeth, Teddy Girl and Snog.
Regular Price: $54.00
GMA Price: $25.00

PIMMS CUP DELIGHT LIPS & TIPS DUO: this duo offers fresh, spring accents for your lips and tips with butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Slapper and LIPPY Liquid Lipstick in Jaffa.
Regular Price: $25.00
GMA Price: $12.50

BRIGHT LIGHTS LACQUER TRIO: make a punchy statement with these spring-worthy lacquer colours. The trio includes butter LONDON Nail Lacquers in Jaffa, Cheeky Chops and Dosh.
Regular Price: $39.00
GMA Price: $19.50

SASSIE LASSIE LIPPY TRIO: make heads turn this season with butter LONDON LIPPY Liquid Lipsticks in Rosie Lee, Hen Party and Primrose Hill Picnic.
Regular Price: $54.00
GMA Price: $25.00

The sets are available for purchase to consumers in the US only, while supplies last, and ship for $5.
What do you think? Will you be snatching any of these up? I'm actually surprised I like all 4 sets!

Disclaimer: The information and images above were provided by PR for me to share with you. For more information, contact butter LONDON directly.

Zoya Updates! - Zoya Color Cuties and Zoya Summer Collections

Zoya has a few fabulous things here and on their way this Spring/Summer!

Zoya Color Cuties

For starters, you may have already seen the adorable mini "Color Cuties" they're offering right now, which are Easter-basket-perfect! But if you haven't and you're like me and love anything mini, these are definitely worth a peek!

Zoya provided the following details:
If ordered before March 24th, the will be delivered in time for Easter (talk about a fat-free goodie to add to baskets)… plus, they are a great item to have on hand for Spring Event gifts.
Zoya Spring Color Cuties
Spring just got even more colorful with Zoya ColorCuties! The Zoya Color Experts selected 12 best-selling Spring inspired shades to offer in an adorable mini size (0.25oz) with a coordinating polka-dot box, for a limited time. ColorCuties make perfect Spring gifts for Easter baskets, Mother's Day, Spring weddings and more! Collect all 12 colors while they last...

Pre-order NOW through 03/24/13 with Expedited Shipping for guaranteed delivery by Easter. Shipping 03/21/13.  
Special Offer*: $5 ea. Buy 6 or more at $5 ea. get FREE Expedited Shipping - OR - Buy 12 or more at $3 ea. (bonus price), get FREE Expedited Shipping. No code necessary, discount applied at checkout.

 Zoya Summer Pixie Dust, Creams & Metallics

Zoya is going to be releasing quite the assortment of Summer-perfect colors this year and I'm personally super excited to try these! Take a look...

And keep in mind that the new Summer colors for Zoya Stunning & Irresistible along with the new Zoya Pixie Dusts (for which pre-ordering is now available) are filling now and will be available on or before April 15, 2013.

Zoya Stunning & Irresistible Summer 2013 Collection - bright colors woohoo!

Zoya PixieDust Summer 2013 Collection - I just recently reviewed the last PixieDust collection (view HERE) and I have to say I am beyond excited to see even more fun colors come out in this sparkly, textured finish!

So what do you think? Will you be snatching any of these up?

Disclaimer: This information/images was provided by PR for me to share with my readers.


Zoya Spring Pixie Dust Swatches and Review

Left from top to bottom: Godiva, London, Dahlia
Right from top to bottom: Chyna, Nyx, Vespa
Zoya recently sent their fabulous new Spring Pixie Dust 2013 collection to me for review and I have to admit, I was very eager to try them! I know that there are a number of textured polishes on the market, but given my love for Zoya I had high hopes that these formulas would really work for me--I'm happy to say they did!

Zoya Chyna Pixie Dust Swatch

Zoya Chyna Pixie Dust - 2 coats. This is a deep, textured red with ruby red glitter in it. This was actually the first I swatched the day these arrived from Zoya for review. I couldn't wait to dive in and this jumped out at me first!

Zoya London Pixie Dust Swatch

Zoya London Pixie Dust - 2 coats. This is a textured, foggy gray with silver glitter in it.

Zoya Dahlia Pixie Dust Swatch

Zoya Dahlia Pixie Dust - 2 coats. This is a textured black with silver glitter in it.

Zoya Godiva Pixie Dust Swatch

Zoya Godiva Pixie Dust - 2 coats. This is a textured, light khaki neutral with silver glitter in it.

Zoya Nyx Pixie Dust Swatch

Zoya Nyx Pixie Dust - 2 coats. This is a textured, periwinkle with silver glitter in it.

Zoya Vespa Pixie Dust Swatch

Zoya Vespa Pixie Dust - 2 coats. This is a textured, green tea with silver glitter in it.


These retail for $9 retail.

Where to Buy

You can purchase these directly through Zoya's website HERE.

Final Thoughts

I actually really liked these and am so glad Zoya sent them to me for review so I could try them! I wasn't sure how I would like textured polish as I'm not a huge fan of gritty glitter, but these aren't sharp feeling when dried, just textured. I like that they include glitter in them--they're actually quite stunning in person because of it! The one thing I wish was a little different is that they had used other glitter colors in some of them like they did in Chyna. For example, multicolor or holographic in Dahlia would have been amazing! Perhaps we'll see something like that in the future as I doubt the Pixie Dust collections will end with the summer collection--at least I hope not!

I know a number of people were concerned with 2 things--drying and application. The dry time on these was comparable to most polishes I use--perhaps even a bit faster. I would advise waiting between coats to ensure it is 100% dry. Removal was not that bad at all. I was shocked because I generally hate removing glitter from my nails because I hate the wear and tear. These were easier to remove than most glitters I use, but took perhaps a teeny bit more effort than a cream or metallic. Not bad at all and not what I would consider tedious personally.

I did use a base coat on these as I never, ever wear polish without one--I used Gelous underneath. I did try these with a top coat and it almost completely absorbed some or lost some of its depth with others. I'm not sure whether or not I'll keep experimenting as they wore incredibly well without a top coat and I like the finish as it is.

So what do you think? Will you be trying Zoya's Pixie Dust formula? If you have already, which are your favorites?

Disclaimer: These products were sent by Zoya PR for review. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience. For additional information on these formulas please contact Zoya directly.


butter LONDON Lippies Swatch & Review

I was recently sent 4 butter LONDON lippies for review by PR. I repeat, PR sent these to me for review! Just kidding ... well sort of. If you've seen the recent buzz about the new FTC regulations regarding bloggers and items for review you're probably chuckling. If not, check out this list of questions regarding the new regulations HERE. Moving on...

butter LONDON Lippy Review
Left to Right: Teddy Girl, Queen Vic, Dahling, Yummy Mummy
I'm not a newbie when it comes to butter LONDON lippies and I've had the opportunity to swatch them in the past. When they first came out I was beyond thrilled that one of my favorite polish companies would be doing complementary lippies as well. I've kept tabs on the colors they've released and am happy to share these 4 that were sent to me for review by PR.

butter LONDON Teddy Girl Lippy

butter LONDON Teddy Girl Swatch
Two coats of Teddy Girl Lippy
Color: This is a very light, whitened-pink cream.

Application/Formula: I find that butter LONDON's lippies can be categorized in two formulas--thick gloss and smooth, liquid lipstick. This is definitely more of a thick, pigmented gloss. It is tacky for those of you that dislike tacky lippies (I honestly don't mind). As with any color this light it is important in my opinion to have hydrated, exfoliated lips as a color like this will emphasize any imperfections. That being said, this applied well and I was able to get even coverage with two coats.

Scent/Flavor: Oh, butter LONDON when will you stop putting perfume-y scents in your lippies? Yes, for those of you that disliked the original lippies' scents (myself included) that were released way back this also has a non-food, perfume-like scent. The scent itself isn't really unpleasant, but I personally dislike non-food scents in my lippies with the exception of a very few smells. If that type of thing doesn't bother you, then you'll probably like this scent. I recommend checking this out at a store if possible prior to buying if you're on the fence.

butter LONDON Queen Vic Lippy

butter LONDON Queen Vic Swatch
Two coats of Queen Vic Lippy
Color: In the tube this is a nice bold fuchsia. On the lips it is a slightly more subdued, but pretty fuchsia glaze.

Application/Formula: This is more of what I would qualify as a "liquid lipstick" than super thick gloss. It is not quite as tacky as some of the other shades such as Teddy Girl (above). Application was fairly simple and getting an even coat was very doable with slightly buildable coverage.

Scent/Flavor: I have no idea what scent this is actually called, but to me it's almost a caramel-like sweet scent. This is definitely my preferred scent compared to the perfume-like one used in Teddy Girl.

butter LONDON Dahling Lippy *New Spring Color*

butter LONDON Dahling Swatch
Two coats of Dahling

Color: Antique Rose

Application/Performance: Of all 4 I'm reviewing in this post this applied the most evenly and smoothly--not that Queen Vic was difficult, but this just flowed evenly right only my lips without much fuss. This also has a liquid-lipstick type formula to me.

This has the same sweet, caramel-like scent that Queen Vic has.

Yummy Mummy

butter LONDON Yummy Mummy Swatch
Two coats of Yummy Mummy

Color: In the tube this is a cafe au lait brown--it is a tad lighter once applied.

Application/Performance: This applied about as nicely as Dahling did with the same liquid-lipstick style formula. I was surprised how evenly it went on given its color.

Scent/Flavor: This has the same sweet, caramel-like scent that Queen Vic and Dahling have.

Final Thoughts

As I'm not new to butter LONDON lippies I knew what to expect to some degree. I think that if you're looking for a nice, tinted glaze on your lips that Queen Vic is great. If you're looking for more opaque coverage, Dahling is definitely the best of the four. While I'm not a fan of brown on my lips, I can see those that like neutrals being drawn to Yummy Mummy and its smooth formula. Teddy Girl is the one that I personally like the look of, but could see some people having difficulty getting a more even final look with because of its color and consistency. The scent/flavor on Teddy Girl is also something to consider. While I wouldn't say that these are expressly spring colors as I feel they're a tad more versatile (though one could argue Teddy Girl and Dahling are good Spring shades), I think depending on your personal style and lip color preference that these could be great spring lip options. I'm actually a bit surprised by how much I liked Dahling on my lips as I'm not typically the type to wear this shade (I prefer brighter and more vibrant). That may be one that goes into my lippy rotation at some point this spring.


These are priced at $18 retail.

Where to Buy

These can be found on butter LONDON's website HERE.

What do you think? Did any catch your eye?

Be advised: The products in this review were sent by PR for the express purpose of being reviewed. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience. For more information on these products please contact butter LONDON directly.


FOTD: St. Patrick's Day Makeup Look "Kiss Me, I Married Irish!"

Ah the joys of marrying an Irish guy. Actually, my mom is a little bit Irish, so I'm a teeny bit as well! St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner so I wanted to play around with St. Patrick's Day looks. I tend to do smoky green looks for St. Patrick's Day--I swear every year. I find them most flattering, but I always include a pop of brightness to liven them up! Here we go...

I should also let you know that the pics skew a tad lighter than this looks in person. Lighting is super inconsistent out today and my daylight bulbs offered the same effect so what can you do?

St. Patrick's Full Face Look

Front view

Another view
 Products Used:
  • Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay blush in Tipsy
  • Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten in Como
  • Too Faced Bronzer (contour only)
*Note: I have very sensitive skin so I tend to not use foundation, concealer, BB Cream, etc. on a daily basis; only organic, un-tinted moisturizer. I'm fortunate to have a fairly even complexion, though I'm starting to see some slight unevenness as I age. I'm on the hunt for a face product I can use daily, but between my sensitive skin and preferences regarding ingredients, it's no easy task! Perhaps someday!


Side view of my eye

Front view of my eye

Products Used:
  • Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don't Stray primer
  • Make Up For Ever shadows in #84 #17 #126
  • MAC shadows in Steamy and Surreal
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics pigment in Atmosphere
  • TheBalm shadow in The Bad Boy from the Balm & Beautiful palette
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wax and powder from Bold & Beautiful Kit 
  • Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liner in Zero
  • Faux lashes in Colette (these have been my favorite since Faux launched--literally the best!)
  • Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping mascara in Blackest Black

View from the top


Lips - I wanted them to say "Kiss me I married an Irish guy!"
Products Used:
  • MAC lip liner (sorry, the name is slightly rubbed off but it's a neutral color)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Queen 
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydrafull lip gloss in Sugar Pink
I wanted to soften the amazing brightness of Queen (seriously, you must own this if you're a lippy-a-holic like me) so I used Sugar Pink over it (concentrated most near the center of my lips) to give it a slightly softer appearance. 

Final Thoughts

This is what I'd consider to be a very wearable look. While it's not entirely subtle and has a little festive pop of twinkly green, it's also not so over the top that I'd feel out of place wearing it in any specific environment. Granted I like bold and bright, I'm also a fan of soft and complementary.

What do you think? Would you wear this, this St. Patrick's Day?

Don't forget! The BeautyPopShop"Luck of the Irish" event ends on St. Patrick's Day! See details HERE.


FOTD: Dark Faerie

I posted this look earlier on instagram and had a request for the list of products I used. For some reason instagram wouldn't allow me to respond so I thought it best to just do a post with the list instead!

I thought this filter looked really cool with this look, but obviously I'm not this pale in real life!

Eye products:
  • Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don't Stray
  •  Fyrinae Pixie Epoxy
  •  Fyrinnae Faerie Glamour
  •  MAC Mystical Mist
  •  Make Up For Ever shadows #126 and #152
  • Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in zero
  •  Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping mascara in Blackest Black 
 Lip products:
  • Qtica intense lip repair balm
  •  MAC Creme D'Nude
  •  Prestige Vinylwear Extreme gloss in Fuchsia Freefall
I know you can't see my face products with this filter, but I used:
  • Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy
  • Laura Gellar Blush N Brighten in Como
  • I can't remember which bronzer I used for contour--sorry!
Speaking of Fyrinnae I do believe there are some new shades I need!


Mini Mid-Month Makeup Mash-up

Say that 5 times fast!

I've been using a lot of different lip products I purchased both recently as well as some I had in my un-trieds and thought I'd do a quick mash-up for March so far!

MAC Betty Bright Lipstick

MAC Betty Bright Lipstick - Limited Edition with Archie's Girls Collection
Color: This is a bright peachy-pink

Final Thoughts: First of all I couldn't even nab this quick enough online or locally! I had a fabulous girl in one of my blogger groups snatch it up for me at a store near her--so appreciative she was able to do that for me. Anyway, the color is fabulous and it has a really interesting texture. It almost has a suede-like feel to it--if that makes sense. It wasn't super drying and as long as you have moisturized, exfoliated lips (two things I do consistently) it goes on like a dream even though it's such a light color! I did find that it faded on me within an hour or two, but my skin, hair and nails tend not to hold things like lipstick, polish, dye, etc. the way the average person's does so this is typical wear for me. Unfortunately, it's sold out and although I was told I could order it through a local store (and put through an order for a back-up of this and several of the other lippies) MAC ended up canceling my order because it couldn't be fulfilled. Oh well, glad I have at least one tube!

Where to Buy: No longer available, but can be seen on MAC's website HERE.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Pencil in Sweetheart

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart
Color: This is a medium magenta-pink on me

Final Thoughts: I cannot say enough about Revlon's Balm Stain pencils--they are fabulous! I can't remember when I originally bought them--not long after they were released--and since I've repurchased quite a few times! I'd say of all the colors Sweetheart and Lovesick are my favorite. I know Beelex's (my occasional co-blogger) favorite is Romantic. I find that a tad too "rusty" red on me, but I think it's great on her! I love everything about these. They're convenient, they do stain so they last, they're not in the least bit drying, they feel light as a feather on your lips... The list goes on and on. Get yourself to a drugstore immediately if you haven't tried these yet! I know this is actually not an un-tried for me, but it is a favorite and one I recently shared on instagram that got a lot of attention so I thought I'd throw it into the mix.

Where to Buy: Available at most drugstores that carry Revlon products.

MAC Impassioned Lipglass

MAC Impassioned Lipglass

Color: A deep, raspberry pink gloss. I find this to be a tad deeper in tone than the Impassioned lipstick (one of my all-time favorites), which you can see me wearing HERE.

Final Thoughts: I really like this! Like with most of my highly pigmented lipglasses, I find that the color does tend to slide to the outer edges of my lips over time if warn alone, but I find that it perfectly complements my lipsticks and lasts a bit longer when layered over them. Funny story about this one. I actually pre-ordered it through my local MAC when it was released as a lipglass in the sets last year. This was a part of the Asia Pacific, Europe/Africa, and Latin America/Middle East collections. It came in and I had moved a little further away and to make a long story short, JUST finally made it over to pick it up! It had separated some as I've found all of my lipglasses do, but mixed up fairly well before I applied it. Definitely worth grabbing in my opinion if you're looking for a good pink gloss. Lipglasses are slightly tacky for those that mind (I don't care at all and Beelex can't handle it lol). Looking at all of the lipglasses and lipsticks online is making me feel as though I need to add to my (giant) collection ... hmmmm.

Where to Buy: Available on MAC's website HERE.

Fortune Cookie Soap Box

The March Fortune Cookie Soap Box
Products: A mixed sampling of spring bath and body products released by Fortune Cookie Soap.

MyThoughts: Now I know this isn't technically "makeup", but it's body and skincare related so along the same lines ... plus I love it too much not to share a little peek! This is my second or third Fortune Cookie Soap Box (and I've made several orders in between for full-size products) and I have to say, my entire family gets excited over these! This one came with a number of fabulous products, which I don't want to entirely spoil for anyone holding out so here's a direct link to a description of the box HERE. Anyway, these are super fun and for $19.99 quarterly you really get quite a few products to try! Definitely worth it in my opinion ;)

Where to Buy: You can subscribe to Fortune Cookie Soap's Soap Box HERE.

In addition to these things above I've been recently on the hunt for the perfect liner. I have a long list of musts and unfortunately very few pencil liners even come close to what I want/need. We'll see though. Once I find my holy grail liner I'll be sure to share. I've used/reviewed too many to count, but I have a few more I've been eye-ing so we'll see!

Also, we'll be stocking a super fabulous, highly pigmented indie cosmetic company in BeautyPopShop very soon, so stay tuned for more info on that! You can see a quick look I did using one of the matte pinks and shimmery neutrals HERE. Due to packaging delays it's taken a bit longer than expected to receive our first wave of inventory, but hopefully we'll have that soon to share with you all!


My hair - Time for change?

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.
When I was younger I constantly changed my hair. At one point I loved curling my hair every morning into a cute faux bob (pre-kids of course), then at another point I wore it straight and added violet to my black hair which reflected in the light, but wasn't overtly purple.

I've been growing my hair out for the last year and it grows fast so it is insanely long. I think I like it long and may keep it that way, but want to switch it up a bit. I've contemplated putting purple back in it, perhaps true deep violet strips this time? I've contemplated getting a digital perm (yay for difficult Asian hair), though I don't really want to do that to my hair. It's also difficult to find a good Asian hairdresser up here and despite trying a billion stylists, I typically find that high-end Asian salons and/or stylists tend to deal with my hair best--it is not normal hair! I've been eye-ing a few in Boston and maybe if I get really desperate I'll do the drive and pay out the big bucks on Newbury St. But I'm not quite at that point yet.

I've pretty much considered a billion different things. I'm thinking perhaps I need to finally land on adding something to it, keeping it long and perhaps finding the time to style it more creatively when possible. My hair is not naturally super straight; it's actually very textured and extremely thick. In the picture above I had just tried out a new straightener for a review. It also tends to resist curl. I remember back in the day my mom had these expensive curlers that worked using steam on this electric base and those seemed to actually work for me, but I hate rollers and wouldn't use them now. I've been shopping around for a new curling wand since before Christmas and every time I think I've found something that might work (super large barrel, high quality material, etc.) I find reviews that are iffy or the price is outrageous. So the question is, do I take the plunge I've contemplated for literally over a decade and add curl permanently to my hair or not?  I feel as though I'd hate it if I had it daily if I got a digital perm (I tend to get bored easily) and I've literally booked a handful of consultations that I've later chickened out of and canceled. I think my fear of it being awful is just too great. Why am I so fickle?

Have you recently changed your hair? What did you do? I need some hair inspiration!