Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss #110

I recently instagram'd a picture of one of my latest drugstore beauty buys. I'm admittedly not a huge drugstore beauty fan for many reasons. It's hard to find cruelty-free drugstore beauty brands and the few that I'm aware of don't always have ingredients I like to use or don't have colors I'm interested in. I'm picky and I admit it!

Way back when Rimmel did their original Kate Moss collaboration I looked high and low to find them and finally came across one CVS that happened to have a few left. I grabbed #12 and did a review of it HERE. I had heard that they'd released another wave of colors from the Kate Moss collab and the last time I happened to be going to the drugstore for something I grabbed the color that appealed to me most, which was #110. I am a huge fan of super bright lips as you can tell.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Kate Moss collab lipstick in #110 is a bright watermelon-y pink-red to me. It's extremely pretty and I think it's very flattering as well.
This is the picture of my lips with Rimmel London Kate Moss #110 on them. This is actually a picture I took with my DROID under a daylight bulb. The only "editing" I did was blur out the background to put the focus on the lips. Gorgeous, right?

Where to Buy
I've heard a lot of people say they've had difficulty finding these. I found mine at a Walgreens store that tends to get a lot of the newest stuff (though not all). I'd hunt around if you must have it.

I paid $5.49.

Final Thoughts
This lipstick is extremely pigmented and easy to apply. It's not chalky, though it is a tad drying like most semi-matte lipsticks I've used. This is definitely a great color for someone that loves bright lippies and doesn't mind purchasing from a brand that is not cruelty-free.

Note: Since purchasing and swatching this lippy I've found out that Rimmel London is not a cruelty-free company. While I love this lippy, I will not be purchasing any other from this line because I try to only purchase cruelty-free brands.


Something Wicked This Way Comes ... Wicked Funny & Exciting That Is!

For those that don't know, I'm a former Mass (born and raised) resident, but I still think our usage of the word "wicked' is entirely appropriate. And obviously I'm a huge fan of literature, hence the title of this post for those left scratching their heads!

Do you have a friend with whom you're just ... hilariously on-point 24/7? For years now one of my oldest friends and I have spent the better part of our conversations discussing none other than ... cosmetics! We compare, contrast, review, research, laugh our heads off, etc. It's fabulous! At the same time, while we agree on some things, we definitely vary on others. Not only do we have very different coloring (I'm olive with neutral undertones and she's fair with golden undertones; I'm black-haired and she's ... well she varies but I personally think she looks best blonde), but we have varied taste. Quality is a huge thing for both of us, however.

For a little while now we've been discussing the possibility of collaborating here and there on posts and it's finally going to happen! We may occasionally be collaborating on random posts, but our intent as of right now is to do a monthly post together on a theme we'll share in our first post at the end of January/beginning of Feb!

I can tell you this, when we're together we're hilarious! We also have totally varied points of view, which readers may find very helpful. I think this will be great and hope you all feel the same!

Without further ado ... "meet" Beelex of Spanglelime Connection:

As a veteran of the internet window shopping wars I am excited to share my hopes, dreams, and let's face it, blatant consumerism and makeup addiction with my personal partner-in-not a crime, Doria of BeautyPopShop/MakeupChicLiteraryGeek. Our wishlists grow with every discovery and I can't wait to share that with the world. - Beelex of Spanglelime Connection

Stay tuned for the first installment soon ;)

More Stamping with butter LONDON's Spring Collection

I received a few of butter LONDON's most recent collection today and since I had to switch my mani anyway, figured it was a good time to give them a whirl!

butter LONDON Jasper as the base with Fiver for stamping
Can you tell I'm loving my newest set of stamping plates? I liked this. It's subtle, but very spring-y.

Decided to play around a bit and filled in a couple spots with Kerfuffle (a pastel coral). Excuse the dry cuticles. I don't like to take pics after putting on my hand lotion (looks so shiny under macro) and my skin is insanely sensitive so even non-acetone remover really irritates and dries it out like mad!

Sadly, these were a tad hard to work with. I'm actually usually really good with finicky creams and with 3 very careful layers the second time I did get a nice finish, but it took some craftiness. The issues were mainly a mixture of the fact that the formula is kind of tacky, but thin at the same time. It isn't extremely self-leveling like other butter LONDON creams I have. Still, you may not find it quite as quirky, but this was my experience with them.

On the plus side, I found Fiver extremely great to stamp with. I'm looking forward to trying it over complementary colors and contrasting colors alike!

Where to Buy
These can be purchased on butter LONDON's site HERE.

These are priced at $15 retail.

Final Thoughts
Of all of the pastels I've seen so far for spring these are some of my favorites! I think this is the perfect shade of yellow (which is hard to find in my opinion because of my olive complexion), a nice minty free, and a dainty coral. The application is a bit disappointing. I know creams and especially light colors and pastels can be tough, but perhaps others will have better luck than I did.

*Product in this post were provided for review. All opinions are my own based on my personal experience.


My January Ipsy Bag

I originally began subscribing to Ipsy (formerly MyGlam) back when they launched. The first few months were awesome, then I got a bit disenchanted with them and cancelled. A fabulous group of bloggers I'm friends with convinced me to re-join. I did and I have to say, so far I'm pretty impressed! I shared it earlier on instagram (@DoriaJM_BeautyPopShop), but wanted to share it here as well.

Note: I'm happy to say that this bag does not smell horribly off or chemically. Granted I have  sensitive nose, my first few bags in the very early months were horrifically smelly. 

Here's what arrived in my mailbox today:

Left to Right: Josie Maran Argan Oil, BigSexyHair Hair & Play hairspray, Nailtini polish in Bloody Mary, Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter, Soho "Crease" brush
I think this is well worth $10.

My Thoughts
  • Josie Maran Argan Oil - I am a big natural oil user. I'll definitely be putting this to use!
  • BigSexyHair Hair & Play hairspray - While I'm not a huge hairspray user, it's nice to have a little bit lying around for that occasional occurrence when I need it. 
  • Nailtini polish in Bloody Mary - I like Nailtini and own a few. While I love red polish, I'm a tad picky about shades and Bloody Mary isn't quite a red I'd pick for myself. That being said, it's full-size which is pretty darn good!
  • Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter - Pacifica is a fabulous company that puts out "healthy" products without parabens, mineral oil, etc. Right down my alley! This lotion is 100% vegan and proceeds of which support clean water initiatives. Pretty fabulous in my book! I will definitely be using this. I think I'll keep it in my purse because it's a nice size, but not too large.
  • SoHo "Crease" Brush - This is probably the one product I was "eh" about. Ironically, one of the reasons I cancelled originally was because I got 1 or 2 makeup brushes in each kit. Now, if you're new to makeup or simply less picky that probably wouldn't have been a deal-breaker. I am extremely picky about makeup brushes (which you likely know if you follow my blog). I like super soft, nicely weighted brushes. I've stopped purchasing natural hair brushes (I wrote a post long ago about why that you can find if you search "cruelty-free" I believe) and now only use vegan brushes. It's hard to find good vegan brushes in my opinion. But again, I'm picky. Anyway, I think this "crease" brush may work for some people. For me, it's just not quite something I'd use. It's a bit rough (again, I'm sensitive about my eyelid) and it's far too big for me to use on my crease. My crease brushes are denser, less fluffy and smaller. I just can't keep a large brush like this in my crease only. This would cover too much of my lid. But again, some may like it. Value-wise it's not a bad addition to the bag if you'll use it.
Where to Subscribe
You can subscribe through Ipsy's site HERE

The monthly subscription for Ipsy i $10/month which includes shipping.

Final Thoughts
So far I'm content. We'll see what next month has to bring. I know November's bag had Nailtini in it as well. Typically duplicate products in multiple bags turn me off so if I start seeing repeats I may reconsider my subscription, but for now the value is far out-weighing the $10 per month in my opinion!

Other subscription services I've tried:
Birchbox (cancelled and renewed twice - not currently subscribed)
Conscious Box (LOVED and considering getting another subscription)

There are about 5 or 6 other smaller subscriptions I've reviewed for in the past. None I can recall being impressed with. Do you have a favorite beauty subscription?


Nail Stamping: My First Attempts

I have often admired other people's nail stamping, but until the other day I'd never attempted it myself. Bundle Monster was having a decent sale, so I finally decided to tale the leap and purchased Bundle Monster's 25-pc 2012 stamping image plate set. I wavered between the 3 available, but figured if I liked the most current I could always go back and get the 2 previously released sets down the road.

One thing I will note is that Bundle Monster stamping plates, like many other companies, arrive with a blue plastic film on them to protect their surfaces. I personally hate using my finger nails to peel anything off because they are so fragile this winter (no matter what I do). I did find that a set of precision tweezers easily removed the film though with no fuss.

Came right off!

First Try
I initially chose a "kiss" stamping image. I used Cult Nails Manipulative (love it!) as the base and used butter LONDON Dolly Bird for stamping. While the colors look gorgeous together--green/blue and pink combos are my fav--the stamp didn't fit on my nail well because they're super curved and narrow. I think I'll probably try it again another time, but for my first try this was the best I could do:

Bundle Monster plate 303. Base of Cult Nails Manipulative with butter LONDON Dolly Bird for stamping.
Had the lips fit on my nails I think this would have been amazing! The one thing I noticed while stamping with Dolly Bird is that it's a neon pink so it dries super fast. That was a bit difficult to work with, but not impossible even for my first time.

Second Try
Here's everything I used for my second attempt (minus Seche Base which I use pretty frequently as my base) left to right: Gelous, Cult Nails Nevermore, Konad dual-ended stamper, Bundle Monster plate BM311, A-England Princess Tears, OCC Shellac'd

For my second attempt, which I did directly after my first, I chose a bigger image on plate BM311. The second time around everything worked so much better and I finally had a bit more confidence to work fast enough to get the image to transfer pretty well. I think that was my biggest hang-up initially. I was so worried about doing it right I hesitated and second-guessed myself a bit because I'm a bit of a perfectionist with some things and didn't want a messy image. I should have just moved faster and worried less! Which is what I did the second time. The other issue I had was that I was so worried about scraping the plate well enough that I actually scraped off too much--believe it or not lol. Anyway, I found my rhythm the second time and here's the results (keep in mind that in order to focus in macro on the teeny words on my nails a lot of the holo in Princess Tears was not picked up):

Excuse the dry skin, I wanted to take a pic after clean-up but before moisturizing because I hate how glossy the moisturizer looks in macro ;) This is A-England Princess Tears as a base, Cult Nails Nevermore (the world's greatest glossy black) for stamping, and OCC Shellac' for the top coat. I used Seche Clear under everything to start (I always use a base coat to protect my nails from staining).

I started playing around with placement of the image, getting a feel for how to anticipate where it would go. I found that holding the stamper upside down and rolling my finger down onto it rather than rolling the stamper onto my nail.

I was actually really pleased with these and I think (hope) my 3rd attempt will be even better!

On little note, I love the double-ended Konad stamper, but I personally found using a credit card was better for scraping than the actual scraper because it was easier to use and I got polish all over my hand because I had to stamp right after scraping. It might just be me, but I would recommend trying both a card and scraper like this if you've never attempted stamping before.

What do you think? Ready to take the plunge and try stamping?

A-England Princess Tears can be purchased on the A-England website HERE.
Cult Nails Nevermore can be purchased on the Cult Nails website HERE.
Bundle Monster Plates can be purchased from Bundle Monster HERE.
I purchased my Konad double-ended stamper from Amazon HERE.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Hypercolor Brown & Hair Powder

I had shared the Anastasia Hypercolor Powders I'd received before Christmas on Instagram (for those of you that don't follow me ... come find me!), but due to sad circumstances shortly after Christmas (the loss of a family member) and getting the flu I hadn't had the opportunity to give these a whirl until now. They come in 4 colors, which you'll see below and can see above in the promotional picture.

I've tried other "chalking" style products in the past with little success. My biggest issue has been that I have black hair so colors rarely showed up on my hair or looked insanely dull. I was open to giving these a try though because I really love Anastasia's other products (have you seen the new Bold & Beautiful Kit or Covet Waterproof Liners??? They look so fabulous!).

Anastasia suggests, like other chalking brands, that you use a leave-in conditioner prior to applying the powder. My go-to leave-in conditioner is a Leonor Greyl product that I can no longer find (and I'm almost out too!), but I think I'll try their Tonique Hydratant next. Fabulous stuff!

Anyway, to apply this product to your hair, you simply take strips of your hair (smaller is easier to work with) and run the shadow-like pan of Hypercolor down the length of your lock. My hair is insanely thick so it took me a bit longer than it probably would someone else to get both sides of the lock of hair I was working on, but even with the first application I could tell these were far more pigmented than anything else I'd used.

Here's the results:

Electric Blue - this is the first one I tried. I probably did about 5 passes through my hair to get it this vibrant, but still ... there's no mistaking the fact that it's blue! 

From left to right: In the Pink, Megawatt Green, Ultra-Violet, Teal Tornado.

The proof is in the pudding folks! All of these but Ultra-Violet were incredibly vibrant on my black hair. Granted Ultra-Violet wasn't so faint you couldn't see it, it lacked the vibrancy I experienced in the other 4.

Where to Buy
Anastasia Hypercolor Brow and Hair pigments are available on their site HERE.

These retail for $12.50 per color.

Final Thoughts
I think it would be most effective if I separate my thoughts into pros and cons!

These are by far the most pigmented "chalking" type powders I've used on my hair. I was expecting the brighter colors especially to be super dull on my hair. Aside from Ultra-Violet being a bit more faint and subdued, they were all incredibly bright! I think the price is also really great for the level of pigmentation you get. These also washed right off of my hands and the counter in the bathroom I applied these in with a little soap and warm water. They came right out of my hair with some shampoo, too! And again ... THE PIGMENTATION WAS AWESOME! I think my favorite on my hair are Teal Tornado, Electric Blue and In the Pink. I'm insanely impressed with Megawatt Green's pigmentation for such a light color, too.

I am personally not a bit fan of "chalking" type powders because they dry my hair out like nuts. Now, keep in mind, I have incredibly thick, textured, ethnic hair that requires a lot of care to keep it from getting dry in general so I'm already teetering on the edge naturally. I find that all of the chalking products I've tried do tend to dry my hair out a bit so I wouldn't be able to use them regularly. The other thing I'd say is a slight con is the packaging. Now the packaging itself is actually very convenient and super cute, but I hate rubbing pans of powder down my hair. Again, my hair is textured, so rubbing something down a lock of my hair causes it to go nuts even with light friction. That being said, it may not bother other people. The final con which is probably only something I would be a little iffy on is the fact that I don't use hairspray on my hair almost ever. I don't like aerosols environmentally. At the same time, hairspray does really give these powders extra staying powder, otherwise they will come off on everything.

I would say these are really great for someone that wants a fun pop of color for a short period! I LOVE that these work well on dark hair like mine because let's be serious, rarely anything ever does! I think the price is phenomenal and I think anyone looking for something like this needs to go out and grab them. I look forward to trying them on my brows, I can tell they'll be phenomenal!

Tip: Make sure you're wearing something you don't mind getting pigment on and don't plan on leaving the house with since excess powder will get on you while you're applying/before you set with hairspray. Also, make sure you do this some place you can easily wipe down after.

So, what do you think?

*Product in this post were provided for review. All opinions are my own based on my personal experience.


Playing around with 2 of my favorite indies ... Sugarpill and Cult Nails!

I'm still sick (what is going on?!) but the other day when I had a momentary period of time when I felt human again I decided to play around with products from two of my favorite indies--Sugarpill and Cult Nails. Now before you get too excited, no, Sugarpill hasn't released new polishes you haven't heard about! I actually used Sugarpill's amazing Goldilux loose shadow and tapped it in nice clumpy bits onto my nails (Cult Nails Scandalous). I didn't want a faint sprinkling, I wanted nice chunky splotches ;)

I think it worked really well. After I put several (3) coatings of Scandalous on my nails (you can do less but I wanted it super opaque) I did a nice thick coating of seche. Then I tapped Goldilux on my nails using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. After sech had a chance to dry I tapped my fingers off, coated it with another layer of seche, and tried to do a reasonable clean up around my nails. You can still see that there is some Goldilux around my nails. I didn't want to scrub my hands right after doing my mani, even with it dry, so it isn't the best clean up job, but later than night I did manage to remove the rest of the Goldilux around my cuticles without damaging my mani.

I really like the way it turned out! I actually shared these pics right after doing my mani on instagram. For those that prefer super uniform manis this is probably not for you, but if you don't mind something a bit more spontaneous give it a try!

I'm planning on trying stamping this weekend if I'm up to it. We'll see how it goes ;)

My left hand (also the first one I did)

My right hand. I think my application of Goldilux was a tad better on this side once I got the hand of it a bit more ;)


New Year's Eve Quick Look Post

Hey, lovelies! For those of you that follow me on facebook and twitter you're probably already aware that hubs and I experienced a death in the family right before New Year's. It was sudden, unexpected and the family member that died was very close in age to us ... just so shocking and sad :( Anyway, as I'm sure you can imagine, celebrating has been a bit difficult for New Year's. We didn't go out at all and really ... we have been going in and out of being okay and then overwhelmed with reality. I had planned to do a whole post on New Year's hair, nails, eyes, lips, etc. It just didn't happen. I was particularly excited to show you the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Hypercolor brown and hair powder. For those that don't follow me on Instagram, you can see the picture I initially shared for them HERE. They don't come in a kit like this (this is the promotional kit), but all of these colors are available on their site HERE. I had already done New Year's nails and eyes prior to all of this, but had been waiting to do my hair New Year's Eve day since it's temporary, so I thought I could at least post what I had shared on Instagram prior to all of this.

Here are the pictures I had Instagram'd:

These were the New Year's nails I had created. Whenever I think New Year's I think night, so I used a base coat, 3 coats of Cult Nails Living Water (it doesn't require 3 coats but I liked the way it looks best this way), and then strategically dabbed on a glitter polish I received in a grab back I purchased from Lacquistry. I really like the end result. The only thing that slightly bummed me out was that right before I did this mani I had to chop my nails down because I broke one pretty badly over Christmas. Oh well though ... they'll grow.

As you can see, it's a fairly neutral smoky eye that I glamor'd up with some fabulous falsies (Faux Lash Collete) and microglitter (MUFE glitter #4).  I actually really liked this look, especially because I intended originally to pair it with MAC Candy Yum Yum. When I'm wearing a super bright and bold lip I often tend to "tone down" my eyes otherwise I feel as though it's a bit too harsh on my face. This look can easily be recreated with any neutral shadows, false lashes, and cosmetic glitter meant to be used around your eyes. I used a mixture of MAC, Fyrinnae, MUFE and TheBalm shadows here. I lined my waterline with UD Zero 24/7 liner and my favorite go-to mascara is currently Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping mascara in waterproof black. My eye primer of choice is Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don't Stray.