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Truefitt And Hill Profile

Established in 1805, Truefitt & Hill maintain the world’s oldest barbershop and they are the barber and Royal Warrant holders to H.R.H., the Duke of Edinburgh. Many of their products have been formulated in the same way for over 190 years and are still sold to nobility, whose families have been aware of Truefitt & Hill's tradition as Purveyors of Excellence throughout the generations.

Price $22.00

Where to buy

This kit can be bought directly through the Truefitt & Hill website.

What is included

Shaving Cream – 2.6 oz

Truefitt and Hill Shaving Cream

Truefitt & Hill sent me samples of almost every shaving cream they offer. I received Rose, Trafalgar, Sandalwood, West Indian Limes and Lavender. On the face these felt amazing, they went on easily with a brush or just by using my hand. The coverage was impressive, I used about a quarter size for my entire neck area. Each one of the samples that they sent smelled unbelievable. I even enjoyed the rose and lavender and I usually do not like lavender. There was no drag when shaving with traditional mach 3 razor. I had no razor rash after using this product, even with my extremely sensitive skin.

Final Re-cap

Price - $22.00

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Final Thoughts

I have been using these shaving creams for about three weeks now. Every time I us one I am impressed with how close and smooth the shave is. One of the best parts is they smells amazing, too! Out of all the scents I tried I was partial to the Trafalgar, Sandalwood and West Indian limes.  These provided by far the closest, smoothest shave I have had in a long time! I would highly recommend these shaving creams. I will be posting about the aftershave very soon

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“The Greatest Shave Ever” Try Me kit

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