Crown Brush HD Brush Set in Orange Review

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crown brush hd brush set review

Crown Brush Profile

Crown Brush is a popular makeup brush company that produces varying types and qualities of cosmetic brushes. They produce both natural hair and synthetic brushes, however, the HD Brush Set I'm reviewing today is 100% synthetic!


This set has a suggested retail price of $69.99 with a sale price on Crown Brush's site of $27.95

Where to Buy

This set is available through Crown Brush's site

Crown Brush HD Brush Set in Orange Review

crown brush hd brush set review

Product Type

This is a synthetic brush set meant for HD makeup in liquid, cream and powder forms according to Crown Brush. It comes in a zip-up case with a mirror inside and a pair of tweezers. 

In this Set

This set includes the following brushes (from what I can tell):
  • large powder brush
  • small powder brush
  • small round brush
  • fluffy shadow brush
  • fluffy blending brush
  • detail and/or liner brush

My Thoughts on the brushes

All of the brushes have fairly long handles (I'm not a fan of travel handles, but these don't feel super short) and the larger brushes have decent weight to them. I'm going to share my opinions on each of the brushes and their possible uses:

1. Large Powder Brush - This seems like a decent all-over powder brush. It's soft and fairly fluffy (not very densely packed), so it would be best for brushing a lighter application of powder across the entire face in my opinion.

2. Small Powder Brush - This is also a very soft brush. It is pretty densely packed and has moderately short bristles, so it would most likely work for contouring or even blush application (though I'd use a light hand and build gradually). 

3. Small Round Brush - This is a fairly densely packed round brush with medium length bristles. It could work well for contouring slightly smaller areas.

4. Shadow Brush - This is a fairly stiff and fluffy shadow brush. It's a tiny bit more fluffy than I like in a paddle brush and more stiff than I prefer in a fluffy shadow brush. Perhaps after playing around with it a bit I could grow to like it a bit, but upon first impression I'm not a fan.

5. Fluffy Blender - This blender is super loosely packed and pretty fluffy. I actually prefer my blenders a bit more densely packed as I feel this is a bit too fluffy to work the way I want it to.

6. Liner/Detailer Brush - This brush has me scratching my head. It's not narrow enough and it's too fluffy in my opinion to be a good liner brush and the tip is blunt and rounded without a fine point. I'm just not sure what I'd do with this brush.

Final Re-cap


This set has a suggested retail price of $69.99 with a sale price on Crown Brush's site of $27.95

Where to Buy

This set is available through Crown Brush's site

Final Thoughts

I think this brush set has 3 fairly decent face brushes and 3 really mediocre eye brushes. For a makeup newbie this could be either a step up from existing brushes or slightly confusing as a set given the 3 eye brushes. If you're experienced enough you could likely make all of these brushes work for you, but it will probably be more laborious than you'd want. I would have liked to see a large flat paddle brush for foundation, finer liner brush, small fluffy or paddle shadow brush and better blender in this set in addition to the 3 existing face brushes if it's meant to be "all-encompassing". The tweezers are decent. The mirror is not useful and keeps slipping out of its built-in sleeve. 

I wouldn't recommend this set for a more experienced individual, but it could potentially appeal to a young makeup lover--though I honestly believe in starting with the best from the get-go. I do love how soft the bristles are and I think the white and blue version of this set is pretty to look at. I think buyers should take these things into consideration then judge for themselves if this set is a good investment for their needs/wants. 

What do you think? 

Note: Products in this post were provided by iFabbo. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by iFabbo or Crown Brush.


  1. OH! I got the same color!
    Nice review

  2. ok i have a question for you and your readers: since you mentioned brush handles. does anyone else have this problem? every brush i use, whether it be face, eyes, etc., i *always* smack the brush handles (multiple times!) on my mirror!! maybe i am just sitting too close to it but i like to be close so i can see what i'm doing. it drives me bonkers!! i've wondered for a loooong time if this was just me or if this happens to you too?? totally random thought but your mention of brush handles made me think to ask :)

    1. It doesn't happen to me personally, but mostly because of the angle at which I hold my brushes and the angle of my face to the mirror when doing anything that would merit being super close :) I like long brushes (as opposed to travel size), but thankfully hitting my mirrors with them hasn't been a problem! Are you sitting at a vanity when this happens? Is there any way to change the angle of the mirror? I'd hate for you to poke your eye!

  3. yeah i have a desk that i made into a vanity, and i use one of those chrome Conair vanity mirrors that lights up and flips over (one side is regular and one side is magnified). the mirror itself is pretty small though (maybe 6 or 7 inches across) so maybe i'll have to get a bigger mirror so i don't have to sit so close! for now i'll try to change the angle of the mirror. it doesn't happen all the time, and happens more with brushes with longer handles, but still annoying nonetheless. thanks for your feedback! :)

  4. That would definitely make me nuts! I have both a larger and smaller mirror. Perhaps the bigger mirror will help a bit! Fingers crossed ;)


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