Christmas has gone to the cats!

For those of you that don't know, we have a golden and 2 cats. Both cats were rescues and both are black and white, though they're almost 2 years apart in age and obviously from different litters. Since both were bottled and raised by humans and our golden, they have the funniest personalities.

Each year when our Christmas tree goes up the cats get excited! Pikachu and Ponyo (our cats) are very good with our Christmas tree, with the exception of Ponyo (our older cat) who steals candy candy and only candy canes off the tree, opens them, and tries to eat them!

They spend all day hanging out underneath it. Literally. I usually find one or both have scrunched up the tree skirt and cat to enjoy the twinkling!

I wanted to share because it is just too precious not to. It's always super hard to catch a pic because Ponyo is a super diva about having her picture taken--it has to be on her terms. Tonight I managed to bend down and snap a pic really fast before Ponyo could flip her fur at me and walk off. I shared it on instagram, but wanted to make sure that those of you that don't follow me got to enjoy it to! Just one of the fun things about this time of year in our household!

pikachu and ponyo christmas cats

Do your pets have any funny holiday behaviors? Ponyo sometimes open presents under the tree as well. She's trouble, that one!

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