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Whip Hand Cosmetics Give Good Face Rosewater Toner, Lip Cremes and Creme Blushes Swatches, Review

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Whip Hand Cosmetics Review

Whip Hand Cosmetics Profile

Whip Hand Cosmetics is a Detroit-based company that produces U.S. made, pro-quality cosmetics. They offer a variety of products from prep to finish and everything between. You may remember that I previously reviewed their amazing Set the Stage face primer HERE. If you haven't already purchased it, let me reiterate that it is easily one of the best face primers I have ever used.

Where to Buy

Whip Hand Cosmetics products can be purchased directly through their site HERE.

I shared a quick pic earlier on instagram (@BeautyPopStop) in which I was wearing Freeze lip creme and had used Give Good Face Rosewater Toner. Make sure you follow me on instagram as I often do sneak peeks and other fun stuff ;)

Whip Hand Cosmetics Give Good Face Rosewater Toner Review

Whip Hand Cosmetics Giving Good Face Rosewater Toner Review

Product Type

Give Good Face Rosewater Toner is a face toner meant to be used to prep skin or set face makeup. It can also be used to give your face a quick pick-me-up during the day. It is meant to hydrate, plump and tone skin. It is alcohol-free. 


I received the "handbag size" bottle, which comes with a spray top. The full-size comes in a spray bottle as well I believe, but it contains 8 fl oz instead of 1 fl oz. While I'm not sure what the full-size bottle spray is like, I found the handbag size bottle to have a fairly aggressive spray rather than mist. It may have just been my bottle, but this shot a bit too much product out with a bit too much force to make it easy to mist my face post-makeup application. I found this bottle worked best if I sprayed the toner onto a cotton round and then patted it onto my face during prep. I'm going to replace the top with a more mist-friendly nozzle so that I can use this post-application with a bit more ease.


This has a super subtle rose-like scent that does not linger once the solution dries on the skin. I almost wish it did, I love light rose scents!


Rosa Centifolia Flower Water, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice, Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Butylparaben

On the Face

This formula dries very quickly. When using Give Good Face Rosewater Toner after cleansing and prior to makeup application, I found it visually reduced the size of my pores and softened my skin. It left my face looking supple and dewy--super lovely! When used to set makeup, I found it left my face looking youthful and gave my skin a life-like finish. I prefer slightly dewy over matte, so this is perfect to me! It did not leave my face shiny, so those that want to avoid that "oily" look will likely be pleased with this. Given that I had some difficulty with the force of the spray, I did have to pat some of the extra product off, but it didn't have a negative effect on my makeup overall. Because I have dry skin, I sometimes find toners leave my skin tight. This was hydrating and very comfortable on my face. I'm not sure I've come across such a fabulous multi-purpose toner before. This is a must in my opinion!


Whip Hand Cosmetics Give Good Face Rosewater Toner retails for $7.99 (1 fl oz) or $38 (8 fl oz).

Where to Buy

Both sizes are available directly through Whip Hand Cosmetics' site HERE

Whip Hand Cosmetics Lip Creme Coven and Freeze Swatches and Review

Whip Hand Cosmetic Lip Creme Review

Product Type

Whip Hand Cosmetics Lip Cremes are hand-poured, buildable lip colors. 


Each lip creme is hand-poured into 3 oz pans (2.5 grams of product) that come in mini clamshells. The packaging is fabulous! You can easily leave them in the clamshells or pop them into magnetic palettes--and you know how I love my magnetic palettes. The versatility is perfect and it's clear Whip Hand Cosmetic has kept both pros and makeup junkies in mind here.

Whip Hand Cosmetics Lip Creme and Creme Blushe Review in ZPalette
This is a Z Palette of lip products I've been working on organizing--I'm incredibly picky about how I organize my makeup! The 4 pans on the bottom are Whip Hand Cosmetics lip cremes and creme blushes. They work well with magnetized palettes such as Z Palette.


I personally could not detect a scent or flavor in either lip cremes I swatched. 


Whip Hand Cosmetics Lip Creme Coven Swatch and Review
Whip Hand Cosmetics Coven Lip Creme - medium metallic pink

Whip Hand Cosmetics Lip Creme Freeze Swatch and Review
Whip Hand Cosmetics Freeze Lip Creme - guava pink with subtle orange shimmer translating to a coral-hued pink

On the Lip

These were amazing to work with! With 2 thin layers I achieved complete opacity and while my policy has always been to never report on wear (because I have abnormally short wear without additional products and techniques due to my skin texture), I can tell you that these wear long and well on their own. It's incredibly impressive! I found these to be neither hydrating nor drying. They are very light-weight and comfortable. I had no feathering or bleeding even when these were applied straight to my lips without liner or primer. 


Whip Hand Cosmetics Lip Cremes retail for $9 (2.5 grams/.88 oz)

Where to Buy

Lip Cremes are available directly through Whip Hand Cosmetics' site HERE

Whip Hand Cosmetics Creme Blush Analyze and Chosen Swatches and Review

Whip Hand Cosmetics Creme Blush Swatches and Review

Product Type

Whip Hand Cosmetics Creme Blushes are cream cheek colors. 


As you can see above, these are packaged the same way in which the lip cremes are packaged--2.5 grams of product in 3 oz pans encased in mini clamshells. Love this packaging!


Whip Hand Cosmetics Creme Blush Swatches and Review
L to R - Analyze, Chosen

Analyze - vibrant shimmery coral

Chosen - shimmery light bubblegum pink

On the Cheek

These have great pigmentation and can easily be built up in color. These also have great staying power and may slightly stain skin. With cheek products I tend to pair matte and shimmery products to create a lit-from-within effect. I personally liked this layered over a matte cheek color, but you could easily wear these on their own. Cream cheek products are actually my favorite, but I often hear from readers that they're a bit scared to use them--'m not sure what it is about them in particular. I personally think they're fabulous and highly recommend giving these a whirl! If you're new to cream blushes, use a light hand and build your way up to the flush you want. I prefer to use paddle brushes for cream blush application.


Whip Hand Cosmetics Creme Blushes retail for $9 (2.5 grams/.88 oz)

Where to Buy

These can be purchased directly through Whip Hand Cosmetics' site HERE

Final Re-Cap

Where to Buy

Whip Hand Cosmetics products can be purchased directly through their site HERE

Final Thoughts

Whip Hand Cosmetics has impressed me each time I've reviewed their products! It's clear that these product have been developed by makeup pros and lovers for makeup pros and lovers--simple things such as the versatility of their creme product packaging to the performance of their products. I do secretly hope that they someday release a paraben-free version of the Give Good Face Rosewater Toner because of my own personal makeup ingredient habits, but I have spoken at length with Whip Hand Cosmetics regarding their in-depth and detailed research on parabens. They have not made the choice to use parabens lightly and stand behind their choice. I respect them and believe everyone should form their own educated decisions after research and reflection on their personal comfort levels. Regardless, the toner is amazing as are the lip cremes and creme blushes--talk about amazing performance!

Whip Hand Cosmetics has become one of those brand this year that has stood out to me. It's clear to see why they're such a pro favorite! I highly recommend trying any of the products I've reviewed and look forward to continuing to enjoy them.

What do you think? Will you be trying any of these products by Whip Hand Cosmetics?

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand. 


  1. OMG the lip cremes! They look fabulous and I love the packaging!

  2. Those lip cremes look amazing. Everything is so adorable!

  3. Your lip swatches always make me feel like an elderly person! LOL. You're so young! I loved the toner recap. I always wonder if toners really make a difference. They always seem like a step I just follow because I'm told!

    1. Lol I'm not sure 30 is too young, but if you think I look super young I'll take it! One of the only areas I have fine lines is actually around my mouth--which just popped up in the last year or so :(

      I think different kind of toners can be more effective than others! Good toners can definitely reduce pore size, this one is more multi-functional than others I've reviewed. If you want to get more out of your toner I definitely recommend giving this a try! And since it comes in a smaller size you can try it before committing to a larger bottle ;)

  4. These all sounds so nice! I love when you show us your palettes!!

    1. They're really great products!

      I'll flash you with my palettes anytime! ;) In all seriousness, I have so many it's ridiculous and I'm a nut about organizing them. I'm trying to work on letting myself put multiple shape pans in the same palette--my compulsive behaviors get the better of me though! Maybe someday I'll do a big post on some of my most-used palettes :)

  5. Replies
    1. Isn't that clamshell cute? But cuteness aside, they've got some serious pro performance going on.


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