Saturday, November 30, 2013

Top 5 Must-Have Sugarpill Loose Shadows for Pink Weekend - In my opinon

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sugarpill pink weekend top 5 loose shadows for black friday and cyber monday sale

If you're wavering on what to buy during Sugarpill's amazing Pink Weekend (going on now and ending Monday), here are my top 5 choices for their loose shadows!

1. Lumi

Lumi is ... magical! I put it over everything, use it to highlight, etc. Trust me, you need this!

2. Goldilux

Easily the most amazing gold loose shadow in the history of makeup. It has the most lovely texture and the payoff is to die for. It's great wet or dry.

3. Absinthe

If you like bright lime-acid greens this is a must. My favorite gree I own.

4. Tiara

If you are looking for a silver shadow this is for you! It's just the right shade of true silver.

5. Royal Sugar

Newly reformulated (can't wait to get my hands on it to compare) this is the most beautiful, bright cobalt blue with plenty of reflects scattered in it. 

Sugarpill's loose shadows are discounted anywhere from 20% to 50% off! Perfect time to snatch a few or all of these. Definitely worth it in my opinion! 


  1. No thoughts on the others? I have all but Absinthe in that list, and I plan on getting it. Any chromalusts not worth it? I've been wanting Magpie, Starling, Stella, Tipsy, Asylum, Hysteric and more for ages.

    1. Starling and Hysteric are on my wishlist (and probably ones I'll grab tonight lol). The difficult thing with any of the ones with reflects in it is I find they can have more fallout and be a bit ... dryer? But if they catch your eye grab them now because the sale is fab!


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