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Holiday 2013 Lorac Pro to Go Ulta Exclusive Set, Rockin Red Hot Mini Lip Glosses to Go, Rockin Red Hot 3D Lustre Set Swatches, Review

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Lorac Holiday 2013 Sets Review

Lorac Profile

Lorac was founded by beauty and fashion industry veteran Carol Shaw, who is no stranger to the Red Carpet. Shaw's years of experience prepping celebrity clientele for the Red Carpet has helped Lorac take shape as a beauty brand devoted to bringing the celebrity lifestyle to the beauty-loving masses.  

I first came across Lorac about 3 or 4 years ago, ironically during the holidays, when I purchased one of their mini mocktail holiday gloss sets. You know how much I love my lippies! I wish they'd bring it back!

Where to Buy

Lorac products are available through their site HERE. Lorac has also released an Ulta-exlusive set (which I've reviewed below), which is available HERE

Ulta Exclusive Lorac Pro to Go Swatches and Review

Product Type

This set is exclusive to Ulta and includes: 
  • clutch-type cosmetic bag
  • 4-shadow palette
  • 3 makeup brushes 
  • Lorac PRO mascara. 

I've broken the individual products in this set down below.

Ulta Lorac Pro to Go Set Review
Lorac Pro to Go set comes in a soft, clutch like rolled pouch


This Lorac set retails for $36.

Where to Buy

Lorac Pro to Go set can be purchased exclusively at Ulta HERE

Lorac Pro to Go Palette Review

Product Type

This palettes consists of 2 lighter shades and 2 deeper shades.

Lorac Pro to Go Palette Review


Lorac Pro to Go Palette Swatches

Ivory - shimmery cream
Rose - shimmery rose gold
Spice - dark brown base with sparks 
Aubergine - blackened purple base with sparks

On the Eye

All of the shades in this palette were reasonably pigmented. The 2 shimmery, lighter shades had smooth formulas while the darker two had slightly harder formulas. I often find dark shades packed with sparkle have more fallout than others. While the two darker shades required a little extra care, I was able to work well with all 4 shadows. Here's a quick breakdown by color:

Ivory - buttery formula with fairly good pigmentation
Rose - buttery formula with decent pigmentation
Spice - slightly hard formula with some fallout; tapping brush, using a dense brush, and using a light hand helped reduce fallout
Aubergine - also slightly harder formula with some fallout

Lorac Pro to Go Brushes

Lorac Pro to Go Makeup Brushes Review

Product Type

The 3 brushes included in this set were a blending brush, fluffy shadow brush and a liner brush.

In Use

I've broken down my review of the 3 brushes below:
  • blending brush - very dense and a bit stiff; recommend using a light hand so product is not "muddied" or pulled off of the lid
  • fluffy shadow brush - fairly dense and a bit stiff; I'd recommend using it to "pat" shadows on
  • liner brush - nice and stiff (which is my preference for angle liners) and moderately thin; it's not going to create extremely precise lines in most cases, but it's a decent liner brush

Lorac Pro Mascara Review

Product Type

This mascara is meant to provide length and volume. It has an extremely bulbous, tapered brush.

On the Lash

This mascara is a nice deep black. The brush took a moment to get used to, but was fairly easy to work with. It did provide a decent amount of volume and a moderate amount of length, but I found it pulled my curled lashes down a tiny bit. I curled my lashes again once they had dried, but still found it pulled them down a tad. If you have long, naturally curly lashes this may not be an issue. I have very short, thin lashes, so my mascara needs are pretty intense. All in all, I actually loved this layered over my go-to mascara for extra volume and length and found that layered over my favorite mascara, it did not pull down my lashes at all. I often layer my mascaras.

Lorac Rockin Red Hot Mini Lip Glosses to Go Swatches and Review 

Lorac Rockin Red Hot Mini Lip Glosses to Go Swatches and Review

Product Type

This set comes in a cute ornament-like package and includes 6 mini Lorac lip glosses with red, bejeweled caps.


I'm not sure exactly what the scent in these glosses are, but they remind me of a cross between sugar/cotton candy, vanilla and caramel. It's subtle and "edible" smelling. 


Lorac Amp lip gloss swatch
Amp - nude beige with sparks

Lorac electric lip gloss swatch
Electric - pinky nude with sparks

Lorac encore lip gloss swatch
Encore - sheer pink-coral with sparks

Lorac groupie lip gloss swatch
Groupie - ballet pink cream

Lorac solo lip gloss swatch
Solo - sheer hot pink (look more sheer medium pink on lips)

Lorac tour lip gloss swatch
Tour - sheer bubblegum pink (only very slight tint on lips)

On the Lip

These have a slight tackiness to them, but for those that aren't extremely picky about it (it doesn't bother me at all) it probably won't be a problem. These are very glossy and I think they look lovely on their own or over lipstick. The tubes are fairly small and have a doe foot applicator. I didn't find it difficult to get product out of them, but I did find I needed to load up the applicator 2-3 times per swatch to coat my entire lips. Maybe I'm crazy, but I felt as though these had slight plumping characteristics.


This set retails for $20

Where to Buy

This can be purchased directly through Lorac's site HERE

Lorac Rockin Red Hot 3D Lustre Set Swatches and Review

Lorac Rocking Red Hot 3D Lustre Set Swatches and Review

Product Type

This is a 4-piece set of Lorac's popular 3D Lustres. This set includes their permanent shade Diamond along with 3 limited edition shades.


Lorac 3D Lustre Swatches and Review
L to R - Diamond, Topaz, Platinum, Amethyst

Diamond - pearly white with iridescent sparks
Topaz - bronze with iridescent sparks
Platinum - platinum with iridescent sparks
Amethyst - taupe-y purple with iridescent sparks

These were hard to capture, but explode with sparkle when the light catches them.

On the Eye/Face

If you've never used these before, they are almost a mix of liquid highlighter plus super fine, super glitzy, shimmery glitter. They have silicone in their base, so they have a bit of an oil-like slip to them (without the actual oiliness). They dry fairly quickly once applied. While Lorac states you can use the dropper to place a drop on your finger then apply to your lid or cheeks, I personally prefer not to use my fingers on my face. I tend to put a drop on the back of my hand or a palette and then use a flat paddle brush to apply where I want by patting it on. A little goes a long way so I would only use 1 drop at a time to conserve product. Make sure you shake this vigorously prior to use as instructed. Also, I've found that sometimes the pigment/glitter inside collects in the neck of the bottles, so I check each time prior to use and then push any back down into the solution with the dropper.


This set retails for $28.

Where to Buy

This set can be purchased directly through Lorac HERE

Lorac Holiday 2013 Look

Lorac Products Used

  • Rose eyeshadow from Pro to Go - upper lid
  • Ivory eyeshadow from Pro to Go - inner corner of eyes
  • Spice eyeshadow from Pro to Go - blended into crease
  • Aubergine eyeshadow from Pro to Go - crease
  • 3D Lustre in Diamond - patted over center of lids
  • Pro Mascara
  • Encore lip gloss - on lips

Final Re-Cap

Where to Buy

Lorac products are available through their site HERE. Lorac also released an Ulta-exlusive Pro to Go set (which I've reviewed above), which is available HERE

My Thoughts

First of all, I have a serious thing for holiday beauty! Lorac's holiday products above are classy, but festive and fun. I can't lie, if you put anything beauty-related in an ornament or packaging that looks like an ornament I will almost always compulsively buy it. Cute packaging aside, I think they've compiled some really great products in their holiday collection!

The Pro to Go set is a great little set, especially for those that want a pre-compiled eye kit to keep on them during their travels for the holidays. 

The Rockin Red Hot Mini Lip Glosses to Go is such an adorable set and perfect as a stocking stuffer! I tend to purchase beauty ornaments to attach to gifts--they look gorgeous and everyone loves them. All of the glosses were great and the mini set allows you to try 6 for a reasonable price. 

Then there's the Rocking Red Hot 3D Lustre Set. I know this will be on more than a few Christmas lists this year given how loved the 3D lustres are in general. The value of this set is phenomenal! An individual 3D lustre usually retails for $16, but this set gives you 4 (3 of which are limited edition) for only $28. Amazing!

I think any of these products would make absolutely fabulous gifts this holiday season. I also recommend checking out the other products released in Lorac's holiday collection HERE. I've got my eye on that  lip gloss collection!

What do you think? Will you be celebrating the holidays with Lorac this year?

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand.  


  1. I'm really loving this! Especially the 3D Luster Set

  2. Excellent post! I love Lorac products, such good quality.

    1. Thanks! Totally agree, they've been a favorite of mine since those first mini mocktails!

  3. Love LORAC! I'm going to need to buy that Pro To Go palette!

  4. Replies
    1. They're not bad in a pinch in my opinion :)

  5. That Spice eye shadow is outstanding! Your final look is GORGEOUS!

  6. These are great gift ideas! I love how you can really see the sparkle on those lip glosses!

  7. Great sets, I am a Lorac fan. I'll definitely be picking up the pro to go.

  8. MOAR 3D Lustre shades? I need them! My fave of holiday sets reviews so far. 3D Lustre is perfect for holiday makeup especially if you don't mind it going everywhere on your face (Never use it as an inner corner highlight it's a horrific experience!)

    1. Lol it's very controllable if you put it on a palette or the back of your hand then use a paddle brush. Because of the silicone in the base it slips around when you just use the dropper straight onto the surface of your skin. DEFINITELY use a brush!

  9. I need to try those brushes. Those palettes look amazing too! And you my dear - are stunning!

    1. I love Lorac, but I wouldn't recommend the kit just for the brushes. Great in an absolute pinch, but not ones I'd reach for without other options. They're not bad, just not amazing ;) The palette has lovely shades :) And thank you! Makeup helps ;)


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