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4 Red Lipstick Shades by Red Apple Lipstick for Fall/Winter - Swatches, Reviews

Press Sample

Red Apple Lipstick Profile

Red Apple Lipstick is a cosmetic brand dedicated to producing gluten-free, non-toxic, cruelty-free lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows, and balms. Their lippy shades range from natural and demure to bold. For those that don't know, I'm allergic to wheat, so I tend to avoid gluten when it comes to food. I haven't been forced to transition to 100% gluten-free cosmetics, but it's nice to know there are some options out there. I have several friends and family members that are Celiac, however, so I know how difficult it can be to find cosmetic products that are actually gluten-free when you need to! I previously swatched and reviewed a number of Red Apple Lipstick lippies HERE

Red Apple Lipstick offers a number of reds, which are perfectly on-trend for fall and winter. They were lovely enough to send me 4 to review.

Where to Buy

Red Apple Lipstick products can be purchased directly  through their site HERE

Red Apple Lipstick Lippies in Red! 101, Ravishing and Strawberry Swatches and Review

Product Type

Red Apple's lipsticks were developed to be gluten-free, paraben-free, allergen-free, non-toxic lipstick formulas. None of these lipsticks had discernible scents/flavors.


Gluten-free Red Apple Lipstick Red! 101 Swatch
Red! 101 - blue-based red

Gluten-free Red Apple Lipstick Ravishing Swatch
Ravishing - ox-blood medium deep red (semi-matte finish)

Gluten-free Red Apple Lipstick Strawberry Swatch
Strawberry - light maroon

On the Lip

All of these formulas were creamy and comfortable to wear. Pigmentation was great on Red! 101 and Ravishing. The formula on Strawberry was slightly sheerer than the other two, but could be built up reasonably well. Ravishing had a semi-matte finish to it, yet it was just as hydrating and feather-light as the other formulas. None were drying with wear.


Red Apple Lipstick retails for $23.50.

Where to Buy

They can be purchased directly through Red Apple's site HERE

Red Apple Lip Gloss in Amor Caliente Swatches and Review

Red Apple Lipstick Lip Gloss Amor Caliente Review

Product Type

This is a gluten-free, paraben-free, vegan lip gloss formula.


This had a slight vanilla scent to it. 


Red Apple Lip Gloss Amore Caliente Swatch
Amor Caliente - sheer maroon red

On the Lip

This is a non-sticky, glossy formula that is very comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, when I wore it on its own as you can see above, the pigment settled into the lines of my lips instantly. This formula was great when layered over Red Apple lipsticks, but given my experience I cannot recommend wearing it on its own. 

I looked back at my past experience with Red Apple's glosses and my previous experience was the opposite. The glosses I reviewed previously were well pigmented and smoothing--none settled into the lines of my lips. Given that Red Apple described this gloss as a non-sheer formula and as you can see mine was incredibly sheer, I wonder if my batch was a bit quirky?


Red Apple lip gloss retails for $18.50.

Where to Buy

This can be purchased directly through Red Apple's site HERE

Final Re-Cap

Where to Buy

Red Apple Lipstick products can be purchased directly  through their site HERE

My Thoughts

I am a big fan of Red Apple Lipstick and their buttery lipstick formulas. While Strawberry was a bit demure for my taste, I can see many that prefer a more toned down red being drawn to it. Red! 101 continues to be a favorite bright red and Ravishing was a lovely deep color--super on-trend. I'm still unsure why my tube of Amor Caliente was so different than past glosses I've tried from Red Apple, but again, perhaps it was just my tube. I strongly recommend checking out the many fabulous reds (and other shades) available through Red Apple, especially if you're looking for gluten-free lippies!

What do you think? Would you try any of these Red Apple reds?

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand. 


  1. LOVE these!! Your lip swatches are to die for!

  2. Eeek! I love Red! 101 =) I've been wanting the perfect red lipstick and that might be it!

  3. Red! Is one of my favorites! Great post too! :D

  4. You have really mastered the art of lip swatches. Looks amazing!! Everything.

  5. Ravishing has been added to the wishlist now. If your swatches and reviews weren't so good I could trim it down instead of building it up more. Whhhyyyyyyyy?! (Nancy Kerrigan wants to know too!)

    1. Tell Nancy Kerrigan she needs Ravishing, too! Seriously, it is definitely worth purchasing. The finish is semi-matte and just ... PERFECT.


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