Tuesday, October 8, 2013

So Much MAC, So Little Time...

If you're a long-time MAC addict like I am you've probably been scouring the web for sneak peeks on upcoming fall and winter collections. I thought it might be helpful to many of you if I condensed what I've found so far. Keep in mind, some of this is speculation, so details may change.

Divine Night Collection

We already know about the upcoming Divine Night collection, which launches online on Oct 14th according to most sources. Temptalia just posted the color story on it HERE.

Tentative launch date: Oct 14th (online)

Stroke of Midnight Collection

The last piece of the fall holiday collection includes traditional face and lip kits. Temptalia just posted the color story HERE. As of right now the launch date is Oct 24th.

Tentative launch date: Oct 24th (online)

Nocturnals Collection

Then we have the Nocturnals collection holiday sets (gloss, pigment/glitter and balm) which Temptalia just shared the color story for HERE. This is currently supposed to launch on Nov 7th.

Tentative launch date: Nov 7th (online)

Riri Hearts MAC Holiday 2013

There's a lot of rumors and images floating around  for this collection, but I haven't seen anything completely solid so this is all speculation. From what I've read, the packaging may be white with rose-gold accents. It looks as though it consists of:
  • 3 lipsticks
  • 2 superslick liquid eye liners
  • 3 veluxe pearlfusion eye shadows
  • 1 bronzer
  • 1 nail lacquer 
  • 1 makeup bag
  • 1 brush
Tentative launch date: I've heard December, but have no idea if that's true.

Punk Couture

Remember the last Punk Couture collection? Apparently another Punk Couture collection will launch this winter! From what I understand the collection has been inspired by graffiti and it may include the following:
  • pigments
  • polish
  • lipstick
  • lipglass
  • a quad or compact
I've also heard rumors that there will be a black lipstick, which will launch on Black Friday as well as in this collection. Again, all rumors at this point.

Tentative launch date: I've heard the black lipstick launches on Black Friday then again with this collection, which may launch in December.
That's all I've got worth sharing for now! Do you have any firm details on any of these collections? Feel free to share!

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