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Quick LUSH Halloween Party Favor How-to

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LUSH Pumkin Mumkin Bubble Bar Review and Party Favor Tutorial

Non-Food Halloween Party Favors

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If you're throwing a Halloween or fall party in your home or you have a similar situation to my son's class, this may be a great alternative for you instead of giving out candy and baked goods as party favors. I should preface this by explaining that I tend to go all-out when it comes to party favors! Also, I only have 2 little ones, so doing something like this may be more feasible for me than for those with more than 2. Do what works for you and obviously you can substitute things to suit your budget!

My youngest son goes to a small private school and a handful of the kids have extreme food allergies. As a result, the school cannot allow food to be brought in for holiday parties. Since today is his Fall Festival (aka Halloween party) I wracked my brain for something super cute and non-food related that he could bring in as favors for his class. Granted, he has a smaller class than some schools so this was within my budget to do, if you're having a themed party in your home (doesn't have to be Halloween) and you have some kids coming this may work for you as well. Obviously you don't have to use LUSH Pumkin Mumkin bubble bars, but they're one of my favorites and perfect for a fall party favor in my opinion!

Both my sons helped me put these favors together from start to finish and my youngest is beyond excited to hand them out today!

What You Need:

  • LUSH Pumkin Mumkin Bubble Bars - 1 per guest (obviously you can use anything you like, but this is what I used)
  • Foldable treat boxes - 1 per guest (I use these all the time even for non-food favors! They're cute and usually you can get them pretty cheap at places like the Christmas Tree Shop, Michaels, etc.)
  • Coordinating tissue paper - 1/2 sheet per guest (I used purple and cut each sheet in half)
  • Printer paper - 1 sheet per guest
  • Printer
  • Internet access (I didn't test the site below used to create the cards for its mobile functionality, but you may be able to access it via smartphone as well as computer)

Step 1 - Choose your favors!

As I mentioned above, we chose LUSH Pumkin Mumkin bubble bars, which I had previously reviewed a while back HERE. These were a huge hit with my kids and my youngest loves pumpkins so he loved the idea of giving these out! I went to my "local" (it's actually about an hour away) LUSH to grab these, but obviously most of LUSH's products are available online as well. 

Step 2 - Print and Decorate Fall Cards

Rather than purchasing little cards to go with these favors, I wanted my son to have a heavy hand in creating them. I found a free website that allows you to make printable, simple, somewhat customized cards. You can access it HERE. The cards aren't insanely amazing, but they worked for our purpose and my youngest got to color the pumpkins he chose for the front so it was more personalized! When I created the cards, I included instructions on how to use the Pumpkins in case this was anyone's first experience with LUSH bubble bars. My youngest wrote the name of each recipient on the inside of each card and signed his name as well--great for young ones practicing handwriting! 

how to make printable halloween cards
Here's my youngest hard at work on his cards!

Printable Pumpkin Halloween Cards
Aren't they cute?

Step 3 - Fold Favor Boxes and Fill with Tissue Paper

If you've never used these cute little treat boxes, they are super easy to fold and require very little time. I'd say they're pretty much frustration-free once you get the hang of it and they look adorable! I tend to like the ones made for cupcakes best because their square shape means most things will fit inside. After I folded them I had my son stuff them with the 1/2 sheet of tissue paper down at the bottom.

Halloween Party Favor How-to Tutorial Cupcake Box

Step 4 - Pop in Your Pumkin and You're Done!

Now that your boxes are all set up and filled with tissue paper, you can pop in your LUSH Pumkin Mumkin bubble bars (or whatever treat you've chosen instead). These boxes had a flap that folded over the top and they came with stickers to keep them shut. I had my youngest carefully put each Pumpkin inside and let him put the sticker on. He was super careful and did a fabulous job!

Isn't that cute?! I loved how adorable these little LUSH Pumkins were peaking out of their treat boxes! I'm sure the kids will love them, too.

Total cost per person was about $6.50 each. While this may not be feasible for a class party, it may work well for holiday parties in your home! And like I said, do what works for your family and budget!

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and have fun!


  1. This is ADORABLE! You're such a good mom!

  2. So cute! Can I please be invited to a party that is giving away LUSH in their party favors!?

    1. Hahaha if you wanna join his kindergarten class today you're welcome to ;)

  3. What a cute idea! I would love to receive one of those! I think the price is perfect for a small party.

    1. Right? I like memorable party favors, even if it costs a couple dollars more per kid :) That was always my favorite part of parties as a kid lol. When we have family holiday parties I do adult goodie bags too!

  4. Completely adorable! I love these!

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    1. Sorry hun, comments that include links are auto-deleted :( But thanks!

  6. I need to try that pumpkin bubble bar!


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