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Hex Cosmetic Potions Lip Potions Swatches & Review

Products in post were provided by PR/the brand

Hex Cosmetic Potions Profile

Hex Cosmetics Potions is an indie brand that creates a wide variety of cosmetic products including lip tints, glosses, fragrances, nail lacquers, shadows, etc. According to the brand they do not use artificial colorants or lake dyes and products are made using natural mica's, carmine and iron oxides along with other FDA certified ingredients. This indie brand is new to me, so this was my first experience with any of their products.

With Halloween right around the corner, it seems perfect timing to introduce you to Hex's Lip Potions!


Lip Potions retail for $8 

Where to Buy

Lip Potions are available on Hex Cosmetic Potions site HERE. Some Hex Cosmetic Potions products are also available on for "hex" in the search bar.

Hex Cosmetic Potions Lip Potions Swatches & Review

Product Type

Hex describes these as unique and not quite classifying as a balm or lipstick, but providing rich color and shine.


Black Magic - Wash of blackened brown with subtle sparks

Enchanted - wash of berry stain with sparkle

Fairy Dust - silvery champagne wash of shimmer

Full Moon - steal-y gray with multi-color sparks

Goddess - metallic burnt pumpkin

Jinx - sheer bright, creamy pink

Love Potion - semi-sheer blood red with sparks

Soul Sister - semi-sheer pink red with subtle shimmer

Spellbound - orange-leaning salmon with sparks

On the Lips

All of these melt right onto your lips the moment they touch them. They are all hydrating, though I found some of the creamier formulas were a touch more hydrating than others that were thinner. The finishes and textures differ, so I've broken these down into quick individual reviews for each shade.

  • Black Magic - This smoothed right in and had some texture to it from the glitter, but it wasn't super gritty, just slightly textured.
  • Enchanted - This formula was noticeably gritty from the glitter when applied from the tube. I found if I smoothed it out with my finger or a brush it evened it out well.
  • Fairy Dust - This had some slight texture to it, but was not gritty. Because of its high-shine, I recommend exfoliating prior to using it as dry or dead skin on the lip may be more noticeable.
  • Full Moon - This formula was also slightly textured, but not gritty.
  • Goddess - This one had some noticeable texture from the glitter, but it was not uncomfortably gritty.
  • Jinx - This had the most ultra creamy formula and once applied to your lips it left a super smooth, even finish that filled in any lines.
  • Love Potion - This color was slightly gritty because of the glitter. I found it migrated on my lip a bit with wear, so I would recommend wearing a good balm or liner underneath it to keep it in place.
  • Soul Sister - This had a slight texture to it, but it colored lips really nicely.
  • Spellbound - This had a super creamy formula that covered lips evenly, similar to Jinx.

Final Re-Cap


Lip Potions retail for $8 

Where to Buy

Lip Potions are available on Hex Cosmetic Potions site HERE

My Thoughts

As you can see above, the colors are unique and/or complementary. I absolutely loved Jinx! It's easily one of the nicest looking, yet subtle, balm-like products I've come across recently. It reminds me a bit of Fresh Sugar lip treatments. The overall effect is a perfectly even finish that makes lips smooth and plumper looking. Spellbound was the other shade that had this super smoothing effect--love it! It's the perfect color--a your-lips-but-better. Soul Sister is perfect for anyone that wants a nice flush to their lips without a super bold effect. Something for a little extra "oomph". While Full Moon isn't a shade I'd normally pick for myself (you guys know my love of reds, pinks and purples), it is so lovely and suits its name perfectly. It's complex, yet subtle. Very fun! The two shades I seemed to have a little difficulty with were Enchanted and Love Potion. Both were noticeably gritty and required a little extra smoothing to get a more even appearance. I also had issues with Love Potion migrating on my lip within 10 minutes of wear as it seemed to continue to melt with  my body heat.

As I noted above, many of the shades have a slight texture due to the glitter (2 were noted as being gritty), so it depends on whether or not this is something that bothers you personally. I have fairly sensitive lips and have tried lip products in the past that were so full of glitter they felt sharp and were too uncomfortable to wear. These didn't sting or prick my lips, so I wouldn't say any of these were uncomfortable for me to wear. Overall I think Hex Cosmetic Potions has some really unique lip products and depending on what you're looking for in formula and color, you may be able to find one or several you like.

Note: My Lip Potions came with Hex labels on them (which included ingredients), but only the tissue paper they were wrapped in had stickers with their shade names on them. I wrote the shades on my tubes so I could keep them organized and I'm not sure if this was just the case with my tubes or if it's typical of the Lip Potions, but just a heads up in case yours are the same and you throw the tissue paper away before noticing!

Have you tried Hex Cosmetic Potions? Which of the colors above is your favorite?

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand.


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