Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Pop Art Lichtenstein Inspired Makeup Look

What is Pop Art?

Pop Art was an artistic movement in the 50s and 60s that focused primarily on iconic images and people. You're probably familiar with many pop artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Pop Art has recently become trendy once again in the makeup world--which isn't shocking given how inspiring this movement was and is. You can easily google or wiki Pop Art if you're interested to learn more!

Roy Lichtenstein was inspired by comic strips, the affects of which can be seen in his work. I love this style and wanted to create a Halloween look loosely based on some of his work. This has become very popular this year and I've seen a number of fellow bloggers and makeup artists recreate their own versions. My look is not based on anyone else's work with the exception of Roy Lichtenstein's. I think it's important we make our makeup our own--it is a form of art after all!

I'm going to show you 3 different phases of this look. I think it's fun to see the progression! The first was after I created the features, the second shows the addition of the falsies, the third shows the full look including the dots. I know it's a bit hard to see the side of my face where I drew in my cheek bones--my silly hair has a mind of its own--but it's there!

I'll include a full list of everything I used at the bottom. I wanted to challenge myself to do this with products I already owned, making it a really "cheap" Halloween look!

It's such a fun look I may go around like this all the time! Just kidding, too much work, but I would if I could!

Halloween Pop Art Phase 1 - Features Only

This was the first phase of this look after I had created an even canvas (on my face), did some contouring on my cheeks, and emphasized/outlined my features. In this phase, I looked essentially like a cartoon. Rather than changing my existing features, I modeled this look after my own and emphasized the shape of my features.

halloween cartoon makeup tutorial

halloween cartoon makeup tutorial

Halloween Pop Art Phase 2 - Addition of Falsies

In the first phase I had drawn on some lashes, but I really wanted to play up the idea of this being an over-the-top illustration of myself, so I added on some of my favorite falsies. You can see how it changed the look here.

Halloween pop art makeup look

Halloween Japanese Manga Girl Pop Art Makeup Tutorial Comic Strip

Halloween Pop Art Phase 3 - Dots!

The dots. This was probably the one aspect I stressed out about the most ahead of time and the one thing that was the least stressful while creating the look--ironic! I went through about 12 pencils ahead of time trying to find the right shade. I finally landed on a lip pencil that I think worked really well.

Halloween pop art makeup tutorial

pop art makeup tutorial roy lichtenstein

comic book makeup tutorial

pop art comic book makeup tutorial

halloween pop art comic book makeup tutorial roy lichtenstein

What I used for my Halloween Pop Art Makeup Look

All of these products are items I already had within my (admittedly large) collection, so this Halloween look will cost me nothing! For anything I've previously reviewed, I linked it below within the list.

What would I do differently the second time around?

Overall I'm pleased with this look, but the second time around I'd use the inglot gel liner on my eyebrows. Given that I have black brows (which are sparse) I sometimes find them to be too harsh if I use anything other than powder so I'm a little overly cautious about them. Obviously the point of this look was that all features were supposed to be bold, but when doing the look I got a little apprehensive and stuck with black brow powder instead. Next time I'll be comfortable making them 100% bold with the gel. I would also take my cheek bone line in further. I followed the natural hollow of my cheek here, which isn't very long because of the shape of my face. For the purpose of this look and because of my hair, I'd actually take it an inch or so further towards the center of my face. Because I have a heart shaped face, I found outlining the edge of the bottom of my face kind of hard. I moved the line half a billion times, but I think I'd play around with that some more just for kicks. In person it was easy to see, in pictures not always.

All in all, it was a fun look to create! It took a decent amount of time for me to do this and if you're a perfectionist like me, I suggest making sure you have a good block of time cut out to play around. I did try this look with white dots instead of pinky-red dots. I liked the way it looked against my skin tone, but unfortunately it was hard to make sure every dot was opaque with the pencil I had--the formula was a tiny bit thin. I actually think the lip liner I went with in the end for the dots was the best of the dozen or so pencils I tried! 

If you try to create a Pop Art makeup look my biggest piece of advice is to make it your own and do what feels right! It doesn't have to look identical to mine or anyone else's ;)

What do you think? Have you tried to create a Pop Art makeup look? What will you be wearing for Halloween?


  1. Oh man you did such a good job!!!!

  2. Love this! Do you always use the Inglot brow powder for your eyebrows? I have black eyebrows too and I haven't found my HG product for filling them in yet. I'm always scared of them turning out too harsh.

    1. Thanks! Yep, 99% of the time I do use Inglot brow powder 565! Black is REALLY hard when it comes to brows. I actually did a post about it forever ago because it's a PITA. Anything aside from black or really dark cool brown (and even that can get funky) looks horrendous on my 100% black brows ;)

    2. Just as a rule of thumb, powder will always have a softer effect than gel or pencil as is, though you can make pencil appear soft as well.

  3. Wow, this is simply awesome - I just love it. I'm a huge Lichtenstein fan. so knew straight away what your look was representative of. Its fabulous!

  4. Oh my goodness this is so so awesome! I think my skills are a little low for this, but maybe next year I'll be ready!!

    1. Thank you! Have you seen pop art nails? You should totally do them!


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