Monday, September 30, 2013

Inglot Releases Pippin Inspired Colllection

If you're a fan of theater (woohoo!) then you're going to love what Inlgot has in store! As an official makeup sponsor of Pippin on Broadway, Inglot has released a new Pippin inspired color collection.

Here's a quick peek!

Products in Collection

Body Sparkles #56, AMC Pure Pigments #19, AMC Eyeliner Gel #95, Liquid Eyeliner #25, Eyelash #49s, Sparkling Dust, Freedom System Eyeshadow in #155 and #426, Lipstick #180 and #212

Release Date

August 2013

Where to Buy

INGLOT boutiques worldwide as well as online HERE

Inglot Pippin Facechart

My Thoughts

I'm not sure why there isn't a category on the site dedicated just to these products (from what I can see anyway), so you have to search for them within each category, but they're fairly easy to find. I'm really interested to swatch some of these and perhaps recreate the look above! I believe some (if not all) of the products in this collection existed prior to this release, but as a big Inglot fan, I'm down for checking them out as I don't believe I own any of them ... though I may own #426? I'll have to check later! If I get the opportunity to swatch some of these I'll be sure to share and link to this post. I'm still in the midst of the flu so I'm staying away from my makeup at the moment.  Either way, whether this is your first introduction to Inglot or you're already a big fan, definitely worth checking out in my opinion!


  1. Those blues! The pigment? Or is it gel liner? I can't tell from the pic...but the shadow...that blue shadow looks like a dupe for the blue in the Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette...which suits me fine bc that thing's expensive and I'm pretty sure I could dupe it at a 1/3 of the price through the Inglot freedom system.
    I don't know Pippin at all (except the part in the movie Bring It On during cheer tryouts...give my regards to broadway...) but that's a gorgeous collection!
    That facechart appears to have a brow has eyebrows longer than its face...even 1920s eyebrows can't compete with those...LOL

    1. The liner #95 is one of the AMC Noble gel liners (which is a gold-like color from what I remember), so I believe it's the pigment that is blue. If you go on Inglot's site you can view all of the products using their numbers :)


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