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Summer-to-Fall Beauty Vol 3: Smashbox

Products in this review were provided by PR/the brand.

With fall right around the corner and summer coming to a close, it can be hard to make a smooth transition from one season into the next. New colors, textures, skin care needs, etc.--all of these things come into play as the seasons change. My goal with this series is to give you guys some ideas on products or colors you may want to integrate into your beauty and skincare routines as the weather grows cooler.  Each post in this series features a look and then highlights the individual products used (with a brief review of each). All posts in this series can be found under the "Fall Transitional Beauty" tab if you'd like to see past posts. Hopefully you'll find this helpful and as always, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have! 

Smashbox Profile

Founded in 1996, Smashbox Cosmetics offers a comprehensive catalog of makeup products used by both pros and amateur makeup lovers. Products have been developed to translate well in-photo as well as in-person. 

Where to Buy

Smaschbox products can be purchased directly through Smashbox HERE as well as through a number of beauty retailers.

The Look

Excuse the crazy humidity-hair. It is KILLING my hair despite all the products I use to prevent it. Looking forward to fall!

Look Description

I created a soft smoky eye and paired it with a neutral gloss. I wanted to keep it wearable--the type of look you could potentially wear to work or school. 

Eye Look Tutorial

I thought it might be helpful to include a quick eye tutorial as well, given that the primarily focus of this look centers around the eyes created using a Smashbox eye shadow trio. I used the names of the shadows in the trio I used above/reviewed below so that if you choose to purchase it you can try to recreate this look.

Step One

Pat Rose' onto lid

Step 2

Sweep Obsidian up and around crease in "c" shape, then blend it out

Step 3

Pull Obsidian down and across, under lower outer lash line

Step 4

Pat Mist into corner and blend under inner corner of lower lash line 

Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Hyperfocal

Colors lightest to darkest: Mist, Rose', Obsidian

Product Type

Eye shadow trio compact


Mist - Super light frosty lavender-tinted gray
Rose' - Frosty mauve
Obsidian - Shimmery blackened gray with subtle sparkle


These shadows are very soft and buttery. I did find that all of the colors had some noticeable fall out. Both Rose' and Obsidian were very pigmented and clung well to primed lids. Mist was less pigmented, but the texture was similar. All of the shades seemed to blend well with a light-touch, but could be over-blended and swiped off easily with too much blending. Obsidian's subtle sparkle blended away fairly quickly (which is something I often see with shadows that have sparkle to them) so I'd recommended blending with a feather-light touch. It is absolutely gorgeous on the eye when patted on and created a lovely smokey effect when blended (sans sparkle).


I found these wore fairly well and did not easily crease (granted I primed and do not have oily lids). There was typical fading by the end of the day.


This trio is priced at $28 retail.

Where to Buy

This can be purchased (along with all of the other available trios) directly from Smashbox HERE

My Thoughts

I love how soft and buttery these shadows are! I was a little surprised that they had a noticeable amount of fallout, but since they clung to my primed lids well I think it's simply something I'd remember to expect and would continue using them. I like these three shades and felt they worked well together. Mist was a bit less pigmented than I hoped, but if you want a super sheer color it's got a nice consistency. I found these worked well with both synthetic and natural hair brushes. When blended, I again recommend using a light hand as it is easy to over-blend Obsidian, but it does create a nice smoky effect. I think these would be great for those that like compacts featuring complementary eye shadow colors. I can also see this being a great addition to an on-the-go makeup bag at school or work due to its compact size.

Smashbox Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss in For Keeps

Smashbox Long Wear Lip Gloss in For Keeps

Product Type

This is a long-wearing lip gloss meant to stay glossy for up to 6 hours.


For Keeps is a semi-sheer milky pink.


For those of you wondering, yes, this is a sticky gloss! If you're like me and don't mind then definitely consider giving it a try. If you cannot handle any sort of tackiness (like one of my besties), this may not be for you.


This smooths on well with the extra-long, curved doe foot applicator that comes with these lip gloss tubes (see below). It is a thick gloss, so it took a little bit of extra care to smooth it out completely, but once I achieved an even application it stayed that way. I did notice that due to its color some of the pigmentation settled into the lines on my lips slightly. It is almost undetectable in-person at a super close distance and completely undetectable from a normal standing distance away. This has a really lovely high shine.

Doe foot application on Smashbox Long Wear Lip Gloss


Again, this is a sticky gloss so there is some tackiness. I don't mind and I'm pretty good at keeping my hair away from my lips (since I often wear sticky glosses), but I wouldn't recommend eating anything with crumbs or going out with this on, on a super windy day. I'm not sure if this would last 6 hours as I personally can't keep any lip products on when I eat, but it did last 2 hours before I had to remove it with moderate fading.


This retails for $22 per tube

Where to Buy

This can be purchased directly through Stila HERE

My Thoughts

I actually really like this gloss! It's seldom that I find a color like this that doesn't settle into the lines in my lips to the degree where I can't wear it solo. I think this is so universally flattering shade-wise. And since fall is right around the corner and I'm sure plenty of people will be sporting smoky eyes, I think this particular shade of the Long Wear Lip Gloss is a perfect lippy to pair them with. All in all, definitely worth a try if you don't mind sticky gloss!

What do you think? Will you be adding any of these product to your summer-to-fall transitional beauty routine?

Note: Products int his review were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand.


  1. Great tutorial! I like how you show the eyeshadow step by step. Very pretty!

  2. Nice colour selection! I am eager for the days to get cooler here! :P

    1. Same! This humidity is killing me (and my textured hair lol)

  3. Oh, I love the eyeshadow look! It is positively stunning!

  4. That trio is beautiful - Fantastic tutorial!


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