Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Comparison: Urban Decay Anarchy vs. MAC Magenta vs. MAC More to Love

Some products in this review were provided by PR/the brand

I was having a chat with my lovely friend Lisa at Cosmetic Sanctuary last night (check out her blog, her polish swatches are especially fabulous!) and we were talking about Anarchy lip liner from Urban Decay, which I published swatches for yesterday HERE. Being lippy junkies, I promised her I'd compare swatches of Urban Decay Anarchy with MAC Magenta and MAC More to Love (which is being rereleased in MAC's upcoming Retro Matte collection). To me, all 3 are absolute musts. Honestly, these are ones I have and will purchase and repurchase again and again as they get a lot of wear.

I thought it might be helpful, especially since MAC More to Love is being rereleased soon (I believe the MAC Retro MAC collection is set to launch around Sept 5th), to feature a comparison post so you can decide which you can't live without. For me it's all 3!

I'll show them to you next to each other and then break them down below so you can compare shades and performance.

Side-By-Side Color Comparison

Urban Decay Anarchy Swatch
Urban Decay Anarchy
MAC Magenta Swatch
MAC Magenta
MAC More to Love Swatch
MAC More to Love

Shade Comparison

  • Anarchy leans blue-based pink
  • Magenta is a true magenta
  • More to Love is a medium watermelon pink

Side-By-Side Performance Comparison


  • Anarchy is thickest and slightly tacky.
  • Magenta is smooth and not tacky-typical
  • More to Love is slightly thicker than Magenta and very slightly tacky, but less so than Anarchy by far


  • Anarchy creates a nice thick, even coat of color with 1 pass
  • Magenta easily creates a thin, yet completely opaque layer of color with 1 or 2 passes (depending on how you apply it)
  • More to Love creates a completely opaque coat with 1 pass


  • Anarchy wears well for a long period of time when layered--slightly drying on its own, but not uncomfortable
  • Magenta is extremely light-weight on your lips and wears like most MAC liners--slightly drying, but not bad
  • More to Love wears for a long period of time when layered--slightly drying, but not bad

Product Volume per Use

  • Anarchy is a soft, thick-textured lip pencil so you go through a bit more with it than you would a slightly harder, thinner formula
  • Magenta has a slightly firmer formula and requires very little product
  • More to Love is in between Anarchy and Magenta. It is soft, but not as soft as Anarchy. It requires more product per use than Magenta, but not quite as much as Anarchy.


  • Urban Decay Anarchy retails for $19 for 1.2 g or .04 oz
  • MAC Magenta retails for $15 for 1.45 g or .05 oz
  • MAC More to Love retails for $19.50 for 1.2 g or .04 oz

Where to Buy

  • Urban Decay Anarchy can be purchased HERE
  • MAC Magenta can be purchased HERE.
  • MAC More to Love can be purchased HERE. This is being re-released in the upcoming Retro Matte collection as well from what I understand.

Favorite Pairings

  • Urban Decay Anarchy is the kind of color you can put underneath anything bright such as MAKE Colour Heliotrope
  • MAC Magenta is my favorite lip liner to put under medium or light purple lippies so they lean a bit pink--so lovely!
  • MAC More to Love is amazing under MAC Candy Yum-Yum--one of my all-time favorite pink lippies.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I really like all 3! They're all distinctly different in shade and performance on all 3 is great. More to Love and Anarchy are a bit longer lasting than Magenta (they're also meant to be very long-wearing), but Magenta is a gorgeous color and is priced really well. Personally, I could never choose between these 3--love them! I suppose it depends on your budget, what color you want/need and what you're looking for texture and performance-wise.

Which is your favorite? Or are you like me and simply have to have them all?

Note: Some products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions stated above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand.


  1. I think I like MAC Magenta best...but they are all beautiful on you!

    1. Thank you! Magenta is a lovely one ;)

  2. I think I like the Urban Decay Anarchy the best. They all look great!

    1. Thanks! Anarchy is so vibrant--love it!

  3. Replies
    1. What can I say? Definitely must-haves in my book ;)

  4. All 3 of these are gorgeous on you! I think MAC More to Love is best :)

    1. Thank you! It is a really pretty one ;)

  5. Thanks for the comparison! They are all gorgeous on you! I think my fave is More to Love :)

  6. Oh I LOVE Magenta! Will be buying asap!

  7. Great comparison!! Now I need Anarchy! <3

    1. Thank you! You won't regret it if you do ;)

  8. They all look fabulous and I see the difference. Worth having all.


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