Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July! Independence Day Mani & Makeup Ideas

Some of the products in this post have been provided for review.

Happy 4th of July, lovely readers!!! And a big THANK YOU to all who serve. We have many friends and family that do or have served and we've seen the amazing sacrifices you've all made. Thank you :)

For the 4th I wanted to create something festive, but since I'm not a crazy nail artist this was the best I could come up with! And I was able to use one of butter LONDON's newly released fall colors--Giddy Kipper--which is a gorgeous "blurple" with delicate shimmer.

I used the following polishes:
  • Thumb: Giddy Kipper with Wet n Wild Hollywood Walk of Fame over it
  • Pointer and Ring: Zoya Sooki
  • Middle and Pinky: Cult Nails Tempest
This was my first time using butter LONDON Giddy Kipper and I love it! It was easy to work with and nearly opaque for me in 1 coat. It's incredibly pretty and I'll definitely be wearing it again.

4th of July Makeup Ideas

I think for the rest of my makeup I'll do my favorite red lip/fun falsies 50's inspired combo! MAKE Colour Scarlet is currently my all-time favorite matte red, though MAC RiRi Woo is also a good matte red and super popular at the moment. Here are some possibilities...

MAKE Colour Scarlet matte lippy

MAC RiRi Woo

Faux Lash Collete are my favorite falsies, but these are probably best for those that like "dolly" style lashes--like me!

My other falsies favorite are Faux Lash Chloe. These are much more natural looking. Unfortunately, they've been sold out for a little while, but hopefully they'll be back soon!

For those new to falsies, the Faux Lash Priscilla falsies are literally the most wispy, delicate falsies I've ever used/worn in my life! And I've worn a lot. These are definitely great for a falsies newbie or someone that wants something more subtle. The length is long, but they're so thing. I wore them in this previous look HERE

What are you wearing for 4th of July?

Note: Some of the products in this review were sent by PR/the brand for review. All opinions stated above are my own and have not been influenced by PR/the brand.


  1. Happy 4th! Loving the simple yet effective mani :-)

    1. Thank you! Happy 4th to you as well ;)

  2. Love the nails. Totally cute. I need Ririwoo, I'm tired of the oppression. Lol..
    Happy 4th of July.

    1. LOL I hope you get your hands on it ;)

  3. Love the nails- so cute!

    I've not worn false eyelashes in a long time and want to pick up some. I may have to try the dolly style ones for something different! :D

    1. Faux has my all-time favorites (I'm a frequent falsie wearer obviously lol) and their Colettes are my FAVORITE!

  4. I think this is so cute. Do you think Giddy Kipper is a must-have?!

    1. Hmmmm well I don't have another "blurple" quite like it, which is kind of surprising, so if you like that kind of color (I do) then I'd say yes! The shimmer is incredibly pretty in it and the base is pretty unique ;)

  5. Fab picks as always! Love your nail look!


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