Thursday, July 18, 2013

Big Sigma Sale Coming Up! Get the Exclusive Promo Code!

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It's official! Sigma is having a sale next week! If you know anything about Sigma, you know they rarely have spontaneous sales on everything (unlike so many other makeup brush companies). Sorry Sigma, but it's true!

If you've been eyeing a brush or set now is the time to take advantage because who knows when they'll do it again!

Now on to the exclusive promo code that will give you 20% off your entire order...

Promo: SBAP20

Dates: July 22-29


Good luck! If you grab anything let me know! I think I may pick up a couple things ;)

And don't forget! I'm currently holding a giveaway for a fabulous line of Bain de Terre hair products that I had the pleasure of reviewing. Head on over and enter! 


  1. That's an amazing deal. What do you recommend?

    1. It definitely depends on what you're looking for, but the sets are your best bang for your buck! The Mrs or Mr Bunny sets are super popular and have a nice range if you like cruelty-free brushes. The Essential Kit is also good if you want a full range of brushes. If you want individuals, is there anything specific that you need?

  2. Awesome! I'll be using this code! Thanks for sharing!


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