Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Recap: Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation Review

Note: I used this foundation in a prior look I posted, but was asked to do a full review on it. You can see the original look below.

I've been looking for the perfect foundations to add to my kit for a while now and Youngblood happened to be one of the companies on my "to try" list. I'd heard amazing things prior to testing out this foundation--great ingredients, great performance, blends well into complexions, etc. I always test foundations on myself and friends/family when possible because I like to see how they wear, feel, and blend first-hand. Since I have such an uncommon skin tone that is very hard to match, I feel as though it's almost the ultimate challenge when looking for good products.

Color Matching to Skin Tone

I received some small samples to try out the mineral liquid foundation line in a few shades (fair and medium shades) and found that both medium shades could blend into my complexion with ease, but between Golden Tan and Sun Kissed I found Golden Tan was a slight better fit for summer. In all fairness I really could wear either. I have a medium olive complexion with yellow in my skin and cool to neutral undertones. I'm not quite sure how they do it, but Youngblood's mineral liquid foundations are possibly some of the most complementary to existing skin tones I've ever seen. Typically with foundation I often see some variance between my color and the shade (even when I mix), but for some reason these melted directly into my skin and matched perfectly. I thought it might be a fluke so my sister tried a fair shade (she's much lighter than I am) and the same could be said for use on her skin. For whatever reason, these complement the skin tones they correspond to so incredibly well.


I applied this fairly liberally to my face and got medium coverage. On my sisters skin it was applied with a light hand and provided sheer coverage (you can attain sheer/light coverage with a medium to heavy foundation depending on how you apply it!). I would recommend using a finishing powder if you have oily skin or if you prefer to have a more matte finish. I did use a primer underneath (Algenist Pore Correcting Anti-Aging Primer, which I previous reviewed HERE).


These have a typical liquid foundation consistency to me. They're not insanely watery and not super thick either. They blended easily into the skin using a foundation brush.


This wore pretty well for me. I wore this for an event during which we were in insane heat and humidity (close to 90 degrees with nearly 100% humidity) and my face didn't melt off. I have dry skin most of the time so I chose not to use a finishing powder to see how it did, but given how hot it was I would in the future when not testing it to prevent any shine. I did notice a tiny bit of oxidation on some of the dry skin in the underside of my nose and by the end of the day there was some creasing around the crease of my nose/face, but this is something that should be able to be avoided with a little extra care and some products during application. All in all I was very happy with its wear and it didn't upset my super sensitive skin--huge plus!

Photogenic Factor

This foundation photographs like a dream! Literally airbrush-esque! I am still reeling over how well this photographed. To me this would make an excellent foundation if you're doing bridal or even possibly editorial work--as well as daily wear of course!

Final Thoughts

I'm pretty impressed with this and while it will require a little extra care for those with really dry or really oily skin, I don't find that to be much different from other high-end foundations I like. And the finish, especially in photographs as well as in person, is phenomenally impressive. I also think it happens to blend very well into a variety of skin tones (fair to medium at least). I highly recommend checking it out. Youngblood does say it is best for those with dry skin or mature skin, but can work fine for those with oily skin if you finish it with a complementary loose mineral foundation powder or finishing powder. 

This photograph has NOT been photoshopped (only cropped and watermarked) and was taken after over 3 hours of extreme heat and humidity! You can view the original post I did on this look HERE.

What do you think? Will you be giving Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation a try?
I'm going to test the Natural Mineral Foundation, Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting loose setting powder as well as the Mineral Radiance Creme Powder foundation in the future. I've heard good things about all of them and want to see how they compare. I'm going to try/review the primer as well as I've tried quite a few primers, but like what I've heard about this one.


  1. I'm just now getting into foundation/powder and this was a helpful post! Thanks for being so detailed! :)

    1. Sure thing! It can be really hard to find foundations for girls with ethnic complexions like ours (not typical fair or typical medium skin tones), but this surprised me in a good way!

  2. I've never even heard of this brand before! Thanks for the great review!

    1. Absolutely! Definitely worth a peek ;)

  3. I haven't heard of this brand either. I have such foundation issues. Thanks for the review! Did you use a primer?

    1. I did! I'll mention it above as well, but I used Algenist pore corrector anti-aging primer--which so far my skin hasn't had an issue with. I did a review of the primer here a little while ago, but obviously you can use anything (I am going to try Youngblood's primer as I've heard good things): /2013/04/algenist-pore-corrector-anti-aging.html

  4. I love this make up. I bought it in chemco pharmacy in celbridge. Gives great coverage and flawless finish. Also easy to use and the girls there were very helpful in matching me up and showing me a few tips. defo my favourite foundation ever!!! Amazing cant say enough about it

    1. I am still quite impressed with it myself! ;) Glad you had such a great experience!


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