Friday, June 21, 2013

Mac Cosmetics RiRi Hearts Mac Hit My Mailbox Today!

I talked at length about my torn feelings regarding the RiRi Hearts Mac collection that recently launched, which you can read HERE.

Well, I decided to try ordering and after having my original order cancelled I nearly gave up, but then a friend got her order to go through so I thought--what the heck? And gave it a shot. I actually got my order to go through after a lot of waiting and ironically it shipped fairly fast, arriving today!

Here's a quick snapshot I shared on instagram: 

I'm not sure whether or not I'm going to do swatches of this collection--though you know how much I love to swatch lipsticks. I bought it for my personal collection and not with the specific intention to swatch, especially because they're so limited (though oddly still on sale though back-ordered on Mac's site).

Did you purchase from the recent RiRi Hearts launch? I feel like everyone was swelling bullets that day thinking, "What the heck am I thinking putting myself through this?!"

Do you have a MAC RiRi Hearts ordering horror story? Share it below! Please refrain from going nuts on the whole situation though--keep it light ;)


  1. I didn't try to order that day. I am glad you got them though!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it was definitely a mess and I saw quite a few people have horrific times!

  2. Oh you are so lucky you got yours! Enjoy and can't wait to see/hear your thoughts!

    1. I was surprised they came given how many were back-ordered!


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