Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fantastic Favs: Sugarpill

Note: There are affiliate links below.

Is it no secret I'm a huge Sugarpill fan! I remember when I made my first purchase back in 2011 I had heard such amazing things and when I finally got my hands on my first items (a palette) I was in cosmetic-heaven! Since then I have continued to be impressed by the products Sugarpill has put out and am waiting anxious for some of the upcoming products I've seen sneak peeked through blogs at trade shows. I have bought everything from the lashes to loose chromalusts to pressed shadows. So far nothing has let me down and the customer service has been fantastic.

I've recently been itching to add to my chromalust collection. I can't seem to find my Goldilux anywhere (I'm sure it'll turn up eventually but I'd like to have it now and since it's super gorgeous I won't mind having a backup) and somehow I've never purchased Tiara and Stella, so I think that will be my next purchase.

Have you tried sugarpill? What's on your wishlist and what are your favorite products you've tried so far?

I'd say my all-time favorites have been Lumi followed by all of the other chromalusts I own (how fun is absinthe?) and the rainbow individual lashes--so fun! The pressed shadows are fabulous as well and bulletproof is one of my favorite black pressed shadows.

Sugarpill can be purchased through the site HERE (affil).


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