Face Atelier Swatches & Review - Zero Minus, #2 Ivory, #4 Sand, #6 Honey, Ultra Sheer Pearl, Ultra Sheer Peach

Product provided by PR/brand for review.

I was recently given the opportunity by Face Atelier to sample some of their foundations and face products. For those that aren't familiar with Face Atelier, they are a Canadian cosmetic company that specializes in silicone-based foundations and other products. They offer both standard size and pro size bottles of their foundations and Ultra Sheers, which I think is fabulous if you want to or need to conserve space in your kit or personal collection.

Before I get into it, I want to let you know that Face Atelier actually sells samples of just about all of their products on their site! This is a fabulous way to try them yourself and I love that they do this. Simply go to the product pages of the items you want to try and click on the "buy sample" buttons under the descriptions. I found that usually the sample buttons are only featured on the standard product pages not the pro product pages, but since the only difference is the packaging, you can order the same colors regardless of whether you intend to buy standard or pro sizes down the road. Such a fabulous option!

These are the 6 products I'll be reviewing today. I'll describe what Zero Minus, Ultra Sheer Opal, and Ultra Sheer Peach can be used for below.

Here's a closer shot of the 2 Ultra Sheers I'm reviewing. 

Face Atelier Foundation Swatches

These swatches were done int he same order the jars were placed in above. These were done on the underside of my arm as it tends to be the fairest part of my arm and it makes it easiest to swatch colors a bit more accurately. 

I found it difficult to capture Ultra Sheer Pearl in group shots, but you can see it a bit better here. It's essentially a translucent (but mostly sheer) base with a gorgeous subtle pink luster. Ultra Sheer Peach is a peachy-gold luster.

Face Atelier Foundation Review


I found the shade range to be yellow-leanin, which was mentioned to me when I was speaking with Face Atelier. Keep in mind, Face Atelier shades can be mixed to color-match your complexion or your clients' complexions. I chose shades #2 Ivory, #4 Sand, and #6 Honey. #2 Ivory was definitely not quite as light as I would have expected given the name "ivory", but it is a fairly light shade. With the addition of Zero Minus, I think it could potentially work well for fairer complexions, though #1 Porcelain would probably be most appropriate for those that are super fair (and even then you may want to mix in some Zero Minus depending on exactly how fair you are). 


This applied well, but as it's a medium- to full-coverage foundation you need to make sure you apply evenly and blend well as it won't be quite as forgiving as a liquid foundation with less coverage. That being said, I had no issues applying and blending this into my face. The consistency is typical of most liquid foundations. It's not super thick nor super thin. 


This has a dewy finish when dry. It's not incredibly shiny, but it is definitely dewy. If you like that kind of finish (I tend to when it's not super hot out) then you'll love Face Atelier's natural finish. If you prefer a more matte finish, you'll want to mattify it.


I found this wore very well and as Face Atelier states you don't have to wear a primer with it, I didn't! I did find that it oxidized a tiny bit on the driest part of my nose (which is not something I've ever been able to completely avoid with any foundation to my recollection no matter what I do ahead of time), but not super noticeably compared to other foundations I've used. It was really only noticeable up super close and since most people won't be 2 inches from your face, I think it's safe to say it will go completely unnoticed if you have this issue. Keep in mind, this is a consistent trouble spot for me, so for someone that doesn't have dryness on their nose, this may not be a problem at all. This did not irritate my sensitive skin and it did provide very good coverage. I did get the teeniest bit of creasing under my eyes before the foundation set (I have a crease under each eye so this is something that always happens for me), but I quickly patted it down and it stayed uncreased after setting. 

People often ask if I can feel whatever foundation I'm reviewing at the time on my face. The answer for me is almost always yes because I have sensitive skin, but the question really should be whether or not it is heavy or uncomfortable feeling. Face Atelier foundation was not heavy on my face by any means, nor did it feeling dehydrating or tight. For a medium- to full-coverage foundation, I was surprised by how incredibly comfortable it was to wear--even for picky me!

Standard Size vs. Pro Size Pumps

I'm sure many of you are curious as to how the standard and pro size pumps differ. The standard size pumps hold 1 oz/30 ml and cost $48 retail ($1.60 per ml), while the pro size pumps hold .68 oz/20 ml and cost $34 ($1.7 per ml). As you can see, the cost of the product is actually $.10 more per ml for the pro bottle than the standard. I'm not sure how I feel about this only because if you're a pro you're typically buying more than 1 shade, but for the convenience, perhaps it's worth the slightly elevated price. The pro pumps are lightweight and supposed to be unbreakable. They are also slim tube-style pumps as opposed to the more typical foundation bottle of the standard pumps.  

My Thoughts

I am really impressed by this formula! I'm going to get into it further below, but I am definitely feeling good about these foundations.

All Face Atelier Foundation can be seen HERE

Face Atelier Zero Minus Review 

What's it for?

The first question on most people's minds is probably--what is Zero Minus for? It's actually a somewhat versatile white liquid product with the same consistency as the Face Atelier foundations. Here are the 2 most common uses I've found:

  • The first use would be mixing it with foundations to lighten them without muddying them. Whether you have difficulty finding your perfect color-match or you're assembling your kit, this is definitely a great addition. Face Atelier also offers Zero Plus (brown), Zero Plus Plus (super deep brown-almost-black), and Heat (a reddish-color that adds warmth to shades). This is great for those that tend to get some color in the summer, then lighten in the winter. I'd love to try the other 3 shade adjusters and will be sure to review them if I do.

  • The second use would be using Zero Minus to highlight and then using the deeper shades (either Zero Plus or Zero Plus Plus) to contour. If I get my hands on Zero Plus and Zero Plus Plus I'll be sure to review them for highlighting and contouring specifically!

Ease of Use for Mixing

I did find Zero Minus very easy to work with for mixing to lighten shades. I actually did not match any of the colors I had for review perfectly, so I mixed in Zero Plus with #6 Honey and #4 Sand and matched it that way. If you're new to mixing foundations then add 1 or 2 drops at a time and then mix and compare over and over until you get the right shade. Keep in mind, many foundations dry a bit lighter than they look wet, so I find it easiest to play around with the foundations I use first so that I know what to expect, making it easier to color-match for myself and others later. 

Standard Size vs. Pro Size Pumps

The standard size pumps hold 1 oz/30 ml and cost $48 retail ($1.60 per ml), while the pro size pumps hold .68 oz/20 ml and cost $34 ($1.7 per ml). As you can see, the cost of the product is actually $.10 more per ml for the pro bottle than the standard. The pro pumps are lightweight and supposed to be unbreakable. They are also slim tube-style pumps as opposed to the more typical foundation bottle of the standard pumps. 

My Opinion

I really like Zero Minus and have actually recently purchased a pro-sized bottle of it. I'm sure if I get the chance to try Zero Plus and Zero Plus Plus that those will also become a permanent part of my personal collection and kit as well.

All Face Atelier Foundation can be seen HERE

Face Atelier Ultra Sheer Review

What are they for?

As with Zero Plus, I'm sure the Ultra Sheers are a bit of a mystery as well. These are versatile luster-filled liquids that can be used multiple ways. Here are 2 of the most common uses I've found and tried:

  • The first use would be adding them into your foundation to impart a subtle luster, giving the wearer a teeny bit of a glow. I added a bit of Ultra Sheer Peach to my mixed foundation and didn't find it gave me a synthetic sheen, just a life-like complexion. Granted I only used a drop or two, it's easy to adjust them to get the kind of finished look you want to accomplish.
  • The second use would be using them as highlighters over your foundation. I actually used Ultra Sheer Opal as a subtle highlighter on my cheek bones, cupid's bow, and around the perimeter of my mouth. It is incredibly subtle and not at all hyper-shimmery--which I love! It's far more subtle than comparable liquid highlighters I've tried such as Benefit High Beam or (discontinued) Moon Beam. 

Standard Size vs. Pro Size Pumps

The standard size pumps hold 1 oz/30 ml and cost $48 retail ($1.60 per ml), while the pro size pumps hold .68 oz/20 ml and cost $34 ($1.7 per ml). As you can see, the cost of the product is actually $.10 more per ml for the pro bottle than the standard. They are also slim tube-style pumps as opposed to the more typical foundation bottle of the standard pumps. 

My Opinion

I think that the 2 Ultra Sheers I tried were fabulous. I love how customizable it makes any foundation and I did find using them both to mix and to highlight to be super lovely and simple. I'm eager to try Bronze and Champagne (the other 2 Ultra Sheer shades) as well!

All Face Atelier Ultra Sheers can be seen HERE

Of course I couldn't go without showing you how lovely Face Atelier photographed! As usual with foundation review pics, this is not photoshopped, just cropped and watermarked. I left my makeup super simple so you could really see the foundation all over my face. I'm only wearing liner, Too Faced Better than False Lashes, blush, and a little contour. I actually didn't fill my brows (which I normally always do) because I wanted as natural of a look as possible so focus wasn't taken from the foundation. 

You can see in this picture how easily I was able to color-match to my unusual complexion by mixing #6 Honey and #4 Sand with a couple drops of Zero Plus and a drop or two of Ultra Sheer Peach. This really does provide amazing coverage and a picture-perfect finish!

My Final Thoughts

I am very impressed with all of the products I tried by Face Atelier and have been on the hunt for a long time for new liquid foundations to add to my kit--I think these just may be a new addition! I'm really impressed by the coverage these provide, given how light-weight the formula feels compared to other full-coverage foundations I've tried. These photograph extremely well, which to me is very important, and look lovely in person, too. I found it easy to color-match to my complexion and absolutely loved playing around with Zero Minus and both Ultra Sheers. I'm still not sure what I think about the slight price difference per volume between the standard and pro pumps, but given how much more slender the pro pumps are I'd probably still recommend those for pros. If you intend to make Face Atelier your personal daily foundation of choice, you're probably better off with the standard size bottle because you'll likely go through it faster and need more volume anyway.  

All in all, I would recommend this to anyone looking for nice coverage liquid foundations for themselves or for their kits. It's really quite impressive and I'm glad Face Atelier gave me the chance to give everything a whirl. I look forward to trying other Face Atelier products in the future!

Where to Buy

These can all be purchased through Face Atelier's site HERE

What do you think? Will you be giving Face Atelier a try?

Note: These products were provided by PR/the brand for review. All opinions above are my own based on my personal experience and have not been influenced by PR/the brand. 


  1. Thanks so much for the detailed review! I've never heard of this brand, but it looks phenomenal on you, and sounds like you really love it!

    1. You're welcome! I think it's more popular in the U.S. with pro makeup artists, but it really needs to become a must-have for individuals as well because it is that good!

  2. I hate you. Ok not really, but your skin makes me so jealous!! Gorgeous as usual, and an amazing review!

    1. Thank you LOL! Well, you'll be happy to know that while I normally never get more than 1 or 2 blemishes on occasion that my skin totally freaked out last week and has finally calmed down! I had a whole little patch of blemishes near my chin and let me tell you ... I may have freaked out a little ;) Probably hormones, but if it keeps happening I'm not sure I'll be able to handle it. It's already so sensitive I have to watch what I use. I don't think I'd handle constant blemishes well on top of it.

      But the Face Atelier coverage is really amazing! You can't even tell I have some slight pigmentation where the patch was!

  3. This looks great on you! Your skin is flawless!

  4. You are gorgeous /swoon! Such a great informative review!!

    1. Sarah, you're so sweet! And thank you :) I try to anticipate all the possible questions!

  5. Fantastic review!! And your skin is perfect!!

    1. Thank you! I wish it was perfect ;)

  6. This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for... a foundation that can be customized and do it all! Thank you for the GREAT review.


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