Thursday, June 6, 2013

Face Atelier on Hautelook! If you only get 1 thing...

I just noticed that Face Atelier is on Hautelook! If you're not familiar they have a fairly wide range of foundations and they offer a "pro" version which essentially comes in a slightly smaller, more easily transported pump.

While you may be on the hunt for a new foundation and decide this is a good opportunity to try one out for $20 or so, I also recommend trying out the Ultra Foundation Por - Zero Minus. This is not meant to be used on its own, but rather to lighten existing foundations! This is great if you're the type that can rarely find the perfect shade--I'm with you on that!

This is supposed to lighten without altering the tone. Super handy!

If you'd rather try your hand at one of the shades they offer without mixing, you may be able to find a good match from those being offered by Hautelook.

You can find Zero Minus along with regular foundation shades as well as darkeners (same concept as Zero Minus, but darkens rather than lightens) on Hautelook HERE (referral link) under the beauty section.

Are you planning to purchase? Let me know if you buy! I just grabbed Zero Minus for my kit ;)

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